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Name Meaning
Xamak Twinkle; Shimmer; Shine
Xami Everything Known; Praised
Xander Splendid; Defender of Mankind
Xara Softness; Princess
Xavi Protector of Mankind; Key
Xavier Bright; Splendid; The Helper;
XayadVirah Victorious over Enemies
Xeassi Clock
Xeavi New House
Xerxes Famous Egyptian King;
Xhiva Lord Shiva
Xin Beautiful; New
Xipu Skill
Xiti Beautiful
Xitij The Earth and the Sky Meets
Xolani Peace; Tree
Xolika Scented Ion
Xperia Predictable
Xundari Beautiful
Xylem A Root of Tree
Xylon From the Forest; Wood or Forest