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Name Meaning
Aabel breath
Aadrian A man from hadria
Aaidyn A fiery young man
Abner the father of light
Abraham father of a multitude
Aldred Old, wise counselor
Angel Fairy
Annot Light
Avital Father of Dew
Bara To Choose
Barnab Son of consolation
Bertina Bright, Shining
Beryl dazzling jewel
Bevis Shining One
Brighton the one who is loved
Carmela Golden
Carol Strong
Carrick Rock
Chasse A hunts- man
Chava Beloved
Christopher Holds Christ's Faith
Christy Follower Of Christ
Colman Peaceful
Colson Son of nicholas
Coral Small Stone
Daaron A great man, a gift from god
Denil Creator
Dinah Judgment
Dixon Powerful Ruler
Edlred Wise counse
Edria Mighty
Edward Prosperous
Einstein Stone Worker
Elinor Light, Variant Of Helen
Elizabeth The Oath Or Fullness Of God
Etana Dedication, Strength
Ezio Friend, lover
Fane Joyful, glad
Farah Happiness, Cheerfulness, Beautiful, Joyful
Fidel Faithful
Gavrila God Is My Strength
Gideon A Cutter Of Trees, Logger, Woodsman
Haig Enclosed With Hedges
Hanne Gracious
Honey Nectar
Hoshaiah The Salvation Of The Lord
Jaason God Is My Salvation A Healer- In Mythology , The Leader Of The Argonauts
Jariath Tributary Lord
Jaydden One Who Is Thankful To God , God Has Heard Form
Karena Beloved
Kerena Horn(ofananimal)
Kyler A Form Of Kyle
Kylie Aboriginal; Slender
Lazaro God Has Helped
Luther Warrior
Malikk Master , Angel , King
Mariasha Perfect One
Martha Who Becomes Bitter, Provoking
Massimo The Greatest
Maynard Powerful, Brave
Melisaa Resembling A Honeybee, A Nymph
Montee From Gomeric
Naamah Pleasant
Naysa Miracle Of God
Neal Leader, Champion
Nehemiah Consoled By God Boy
Nizana Flower Bud
Ormond Bear Mountain; Spear Protector
Orpah The Neck Or Skull
Philémon Only Friend
Queenie Queen
Raaina A Queenly Woman
Radwan Delight
Rawnie A Noble-born Woman, A Lady
Rylan Land Where Rye Is Grown
Safford Willow River Crossing
Sanborn Sandy Brook
Sara, Saraa Princess
Sarah Princess, Pure, Excellent, Pleasant
Searle Armor
Sheldon Farm On The Ledge
Theodoros Gift Of God
Tirzah Delight
Trumble Strong And Bold
Udell Upper Forest
Ulrica Ruler Of All
Urit Bright
Uthman Best
Vashti Beautiful
Victor Victory, Victor
Waldron Ruler
Walt Ruler Of The Army
Walter People Of Power; Powerful Warrior
Watkins Son Of Walter
Waylon Land By The Road
Wyn Friend
Yarkona Green
Yotam God Is Perfect
Ziba Aplant
Zola Uncertain
Christian Baby Names

In Christianity, baby christening is a widely celebrated ceremony to name a newborn baby. Family and friends of the newly blessed couple gather around to bless the newborn baby with health and wealth throughout their lives. Of, course the major part of the ceremony would be to name the newborn baby.

If you have been looking far and wide for a suitable baby name for your newborn boy or girl, search no more! The Christian baby names section of Boldsky will help you with a list of apt Christian names for boys, as well as popular Christian baby names for girls.

Did you know that the name which you end up choosing for your baby, often is a reflection of your own personality and will largely influence your baby’s personality in the future? Therefore, it is important to zero in on a name which is quite neutral or with positive traits.

The Holy Book of the Christians, the Bible, is often referred to when it comes to naming your baby. If you looking for biblical names for just born baby boys or girls, scrolling in on the Biblical names for boys and girls on Boldsky will give you many suggestions as well. You can then choose a name with a suitable meaning.

If you want your baby to have a unique and Christian name, you now know where to go.