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Name Meaning
Abe Father of a multitude
Abish My Father Is A Wanderer; Father Of Error
Abner the father of light
Adriel Fock Of God
Aizza Life
Armon castle
Becky Bound
Bekkie She Is The God's Servant
Ben Son of
Carmel Woodland
Cassidie Precious One, Princess, Light Of God
Cayla Crown Of Laurel
Cephas pebbles
Christina Follower Of Christ
Claudius lame
Daisey Day's Eye, A Flower Name
Delora Sorrows
Denil Creator
Domenic Lord
Earwyn Friend Of The Sea
Ebin Rock
Edrea Powerful
Edwina Wealthy Friend, Rich In Friendship
Fabian The Sky
Filip Lover of horses
Flaminia Priest, Roman Priest
Fleta Swift, Fast
Gavrila God Is My Strength
Gitel Good
Hachilah My Hope Is In Her
Hadden Heather-covered Hill
Halbert Shining Hero
Hanley High Meadow
Ideh Praise
Irving Sea Friend
Jamaari A Hand- Some Man
Janna Flourishing
Jariath Tributary Lord
Jaronn A Song Of Rejoicing
Jeb Beloved Friend
Jezebel Follower Of Idols
Jodie Grace Of God
Kalysta Most Beautiful
Karena Beloved
Keen A Warrior One Who Is Sharp
Kehelahath A Whole, A Congregation
Kyle A Narrow Piece Of Land
Latimer Interpreter
Libby Consecreted To God
Magdalene A Tower
Mandy Worthy Of Love
Marco From The God Mars
Marquiss Nobleman
Marvel Wonder
Mary Bitter
Matthew Gift Of God
Mayon The Black God
Meira Light
Montel Little Mountain
Nathaniel Gift Of God
Neill The Champion
Neviah Grace
Newton New Town
Quartus Fourth
Quill Descendant Of Coll
Quinn Signifies Queen
Radley Red Meadow,meadow Of Reeds
Radwan Delight
Raphaela Divine Healer
Renato Reborn
Roisin Little Rose
Ronli Joy Is Mine
Rose A Rose
Rosie A Familiar Form Of Rosalind
Salome Peace
Salton Manor Town, Willow Town
Sarahi Princess
Sedgely Sword Meadow
Serah The Morning Star
Stancil Beam
Sylvia Lumber
Taft River
Tova Good
Tyrannus A Prince, One That Reigns
Uberto Bright Mind
Udeh Praise
Ulrica Ruler Of All
Ursella Littleshe-bear
Vincente Conquering
Walden Wooded Valley
Waldron Ruler
Walt Ruler Of The Army
Walter People Of Power; Powerful Warrior
Warick Town Hero
Wayde A Form Of Wade
Waynne One Who Builds Wagons
Weslee A Form Of Wesley
Xaviour Another Name Of Jesus Christ
Xerxes Chief
Xing-Fu Happy
Christian Baby Names

In Christianity, baby christening is a widely celebrated ceremony to name a newborn baby. Family and friends of the newly blessed couple gather around to bless the newborn baby with health and wealth throughout their lives. Of, course the major part of the ceremony would be to name the newborn baby.

If you have been looking far and wide for a suitable baby name for your newborn boy or girl, search no more! The Christian baby names section of Boldsky will help you with a list of apt Christian names for boys, as well as popular Christian baby names for girls.

Did you know that the name which you end up choosing for your baby, often is a reflection of your own personality and will largely influence your baby’s personality in the future? Therefore, it is important to zero in on a name which is quite neutral or with positive traits.

The Holy Book of the Christians, the Bible, is often referred to when it comes to naming your baby. If you looking for biblical names for just born baby boys or girls, scrolling in on the Biblical names for boys and girls on Boldsky will give you many suggestions as well. You can then choose a name with a suitable meaning.

If you want your baby to have a unique and Christian name, you now know where to go.