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Name Meaning
Alana Valuable, Precious,Wonderful Light, Beautiful
Annie Blessed With Grace
Ardon bronze
Arella Angel Messenger
Aurel Golden Angel
Barron Fighter
Bevis Shining One
Cald wellNear a ColdWell
Casper King of the Treasure
Cherise Cherry
Christina Follower Of Christ
Clara Bright
Clifford Brave
Danny God is My Judge
Darius Strong
Dava Beloved One
Deborah A Bee, To Speak Kind Words
Delma Beautiful Daughter, Noble Protector
Drusilla Watered By The Dew
Edlred Wise counse
Edmund Prosperous
Edric Prosperous
Egbert Brilliant, Strong Bright
Elizabeth The Oath Or Fullness Of God
Elnathan God’s gift
Evan Young Warrior
Evangelin Angel
Ewan Warrior
Fallon A supreme person
Fane Joyful, glad
Gabai Delight, Adornment
Gapson Laughing
Gardenia A Sweet
Gilana Joy
Gilbert Brilliant Pledge
Haig Enclosed With Hedges
Haile A Form Of Hayley
Hanley High Meadow
Herschel Deer Hiram - Exalted
Humita Shelled Corn
Ingram Angel
Ireene A Peaceful Woman
Irene Greek Peace
Jackson Son Of Jack
Jarad Descendant
Jedediah Friend Of God
Jedidiah Beloved Of The Lord
Jehosheba God's Oath
Jessica God's Grace
Kara Legend Graceful,Beautiful,Pure,Friend
Karissa Filled Wih Grace And Kindess, Very Dear
Ketzia Surface
Lachlan Fighter
Malikk Master , Angel , King
Maxwell Great Well
Miriam Bitter
Monalisa Noble
Murty Sea Warrior
Nahum Comforter
Nicholas Victory Of The People
Oachim God Will Establish
Ohawna God's Gracious Gift
Olive Fruitfulness, Beauty, Dignity
Ormond Bear Mountain; Spear Protector
Osric Divine Ruler
Oswalda God's Power
Pagiel Sworshipping God
Pattrick A Noble- Man
Pius Pious
Quenna A Form Of Queen
Quinella The Fifth
Quon Bright
Raphaela Divine Healer
Regina Queen
Ronli Joy Is Mine
Ryan Little King
Sachiel Angel Of Water
Sara, Saraa Princess
Shaine Beautiful
Sherlock Light Haired
Tabor Choice, Purity, Bruising
Tapanga Sweet, Unpredictable
Theophilos Friend Of God
Ursa Form Of Ursula
Ursulla Little Female Bear
Valentino Healthy
Vinson Son Of Vincent
Wasila Healtly
Wilona Desired
Xaviour Another Name Of Jesus Christ
Xylon Woods
Yaffa Beautiful
Yagil Celebrate
Yaron Singing
Yemena Right Hand
Yovela Rejoicing
Zaccheo The One God Remembers
Zebulun Habitation, Dwelling
Zerubbabel Dispersion Of Confusion
Zipporah Beauty
Christian Baby Names

In Christianity, baby christening is a widely celebrated ceremony to name a newborn baby. Family and friends of the newly blessed couple gather around to bless the newborn baby with health and wealth throughout their lives. Of, course the major part of the ceremony would be to name the newborn baby.

If you have been looking far and wide for a suitable baby name for your newborn boy or girl, search no more! The Christian baby names section of Boldsky will help you with a list of apt Christian names for boys, as well as popular Christian baby names for girls.

Did you know that the name which you end up choosing for your baby, often is a reflection of your own personality and will largely influence your baby’s personality in the future? Therefore, it is important to zero in on a name which is quite neutral or with positive traits.

The Holy Book of the Christians, the Bible, is often referred to when it comes to naming your baby. If you looking for biblical names for just born baby boys or girls, scrolling in on the Biblical names for boys and girls on Boldsky will give you many suggestions as well. You can then choose a name with a suitable meaning.

If you want your baby to have a unique and Christian name, you now know where to go.