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Name Meaning
Aaliyah High Exalted, To Ascend
Aariana Resembling Silver
Aaric Rule with mercy
Abigail Father's Joy
Agnes Pure
Aldred Old, wise counselor
Ann Gracious
Athalia The Lord Is Mighty
Aubert Ruler
Badrick Axe ruler
Barren Leader
Beau Handsome
Benaiah son of the Lord
Benjamin Son of My Right Hand
Benton Moor Dweller
Beryl dazzling jewel
Betsy Consecrated To God
Boaz Swift, Strong
Boris Warrior
Brighton the one who is loved
Camren Crooked nose
Clarissa Famous
Deverell Riverbank
Devorah Honey Bee
Earwyn Friend Of The Sea
Efrosini A Fawn Or A Bird
Eleora The Lord Is My Light
Eve Life
Ewan Warrior
Falito A familiar form of rafael
Fleta Swift, Fast
Genty Snow
Gladwin Cheerful
Gwendolyn Fair Bow, Blessed Ring
Hardwin Brave Friend
Hava Life
Hommer The Name Of The Epic Greek Poet
Iris Greek Rainbow
Isaac He Will Laugh
Isaias God Is Salvation
Izzy He Will Laugh
Jallen Calm Or Serenity
Jeb Beloved Friend
Jessica God's Grace
Katriel God Is My Crown
Keene Smart
Keeshawn Filled Wih Happiness
Kehelahath A Whole, A Congregation
Lancy Light To The World
Laurel Laurel
Ledah Birth
Leo Lion
Mahola Dance
Malka Queen
Marquiss Nobleman
Mary Bitter
Maxwell Great Well
Merry Joyful, Lighthearted
Micol Queen
Nasiir Protector
Nasir Protector; Helper
Nasya Miracle
Nelson Literally Son Of Neil
Newton New Town
Ophrah Dust
Orpah The Neck Or Skull
Osmar Divine; Wonderful
Pagiel Sworshipping God
Quella Quiet
Quint The Fifth
Raaina A Queenly Woman
Raegann Born Into Royalty, The Little Ruler
Roysten Royse's Stone
Semarias God Guarded Him
Shobi Glorious
Sonel Lily
Stephen Crown, Crowned
Tabor Choice, Purity, Bruising
Tina, Tinna River, An Instrument, Christ's Follower
Tirzah Delight
Tyrannus A Prince, One That Reigns
Udell Upper Forest
Ursala Little Bear
Uzi My Strength
Vered Rose Victor - Winner
Verronica Displaying Her True Image
Viatrix Voyager Through Life
Vincent To Occupy
Waynne One Who Builds Wagons
Wynton Winston
Xerxes Chief
Xing-Fu Happy
Yaffa Beautiful
Yakira Precious
Yarkona Green
Yitro Plenty
Yonah From The Name JONAH
Zabel Leading Light Of The People
Zebadiah Portion Of The Lord
Zohra Blossom
Christian Baby Names

In Christianity, baby christening is a widely celebrated ceremony to name a newborn baby. Family and friends of the newly blessed couple gather around to bless the newborn baby with health and wealth throughout their lives. Of, course the major part of the ceremony would be to name the newborn baby.

If you have been looking far and wide for a suitable baby name for your newborn boy or girl, search no more! The Christian baby names section of Boldsky will help you with a list of apt Christian names for boys, as well as popular Christian baby names for girls.

Did you know that the name which you end up choosing for your baby, often is a reflection of your own personality and will largely influence your baby’s personality in the future? Therefore, it is important to zero in on a name which is quite neutral or with positive traits.

The Holy Book of the Christians, the Bible, is often referred to when it comes to naming your baby. If you looking for biblical names for just born baby boys or girls, scrolling in on the Biblical names for boys and girls on Boldsky will give you many suggestions as well. You can then choose a name with a suitable meaning.

If you want your baby to have a unique and Christian name, you now know where to go.