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Name Meaning
Abish My Father Is A Wanderer; Father Of Error
Absalom Father Of Peace
Adiba Cultured, polite
Aleric Ruler of All; Powerful
Ariel Lioness Of God
Astera Flower Name
Beck Dweller near the brook
Belah Destroying
Blair Man of Flatlands
Calvin Bald
Carmel Woodland
Carroll Champion
Casimir Peace
Clarissa Famous
Dustin Strong-hearted leader
Egbert Brilliant, Strong Bright
Elysia Sweetly Blissful, Lightning Struck
Ephraim fruitful
Evan Young Warrior
Ezimma The True Beauty
Fabiana Bean
Farin Wise, Intelligent
Feivel God Assists
fredderick a peaceful ruler
Fulva Name Of Flower
Gabai Delight, Adornment
Gideon A Cutter Of Trees, Logger, Woodsman
Gig Horse-drawn Carriage
Gunner A Bold Warrior
Harim Destroyed, Dedicated To God
Hedva Joy
Henry Lord
Hilen A Window, Grief
Holmes River Islands
Huy Shining
Ilana Sunshine
Inu Attractive
Irving Sea Friend
Ivria From The Other Side Of The River
Jaaron A Song Of Rejoicing
Jamaar A Hand- Some Man
Jamil Handsome; Beautiful
Jedd One Who Is Loved By God
Jevan Soul; Life
Jordan To Descend, To Flow
Joseph He Will Enlarge
Josh Happiness
Jovan A Variation Of John
Justin He Who Is Upright, Just
Kadisha Holy
Kandahl A Form Of Kendall
Karmina Song
Karyn, Karynn Pure
Keene Smart
Lazarus God Has Helped
Ledyard Protector
Leeo Form Of Leo, Lion, Brave
Lemuela Dedicated To God
Lilly A Flower Symbolic Of Innocence, Purity, And Beauty
Lyman Meadow
Mahola Dance
Mareen Star Of The Sea
Margaret Jewel
Maribel Mary The Beautiful
Marquiss Nobleman
Maynard Powerful, Brave
Meghan Pearl
Milagros Miracles
Natalie Christmas Day
Nediva Nobleand Generous
Nelson Literally Son Of Neil
Nicky Victory Of The People
Odelia Little Wealthy One
Osborne Soldier Of God
Oxford Place Where Oxen Cross The River
Polion The Powerful Lord Who Protects
Priscilla Ancient
Queenie Queen
Quisilla Lovely, Pretty
Ribeca Tied; Joined
Sabrena A Form Of Sabrina
Sarea Name Of An Angel
Selah The End,A Pause
Sheldon Farm On The Ledge
Sheylla A Gift From God
Shobi Glorious
Siméon Listening
Stalin Steel Body
Sylvia Lumber
Thor Thunder God
Timotheus Honor Of God, Valued Of God
Trumble Strong And Bold
Unwin Nonfriend
Uriel Light Of God
Vinny A Familiar Form Of Vincent, Calvin
Waldron Ruler
Wenda Signifies Fair
Whoopi Happy, Excited
Yoel The Lord Is God
Zipporah Beauty
Christian Baby Names

In Christianity, baby christening is a widely celebrated ceremony to name a newborn baby. Family and friends of the newly blessed couple gather around to bless the newborn baby with health and wealth throughout their lives. Of, course the major part of the ceremony would be to name the newborn baby.

If you have been looking far and wide for a suitable baby name for your newborn boy or girl, search no more! The Christian baby names section of Boldsky will help you with a list of apt Christian names for boys, as well as popular Christian baby names for girls.

Did you know that the name which you end up choosing for your baby, often is a reflection of your own personality and will largely influence your baby’s personality in the future? Therefore, it is important to zero in on a name which is quite neutral or with positive traits.

The Holy Book of the Christians, the Bible, is often referred to when it comes to naming your baby. If you looking for biblical names for just born baby boys or girls, scrolling in on the Biblical names for boys and girls on Boldsky will give you many suggestions as well. You can then choose a name with a suitable meaning.

If you want your baby to have a unique and Christian name, you now know where to go.