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Name Meaning
Akshainie Goddess Parvati, Akshan - An Eye, To See
Ananshi Goddess Parvati
Anuritha Essence Of Ceremonial Rite
Anwita Goddess Durga, Who Bridges The Gap, Followed Or Attended By, Overpowered By
Araina Pure
Arin Full Of Joy, Mountain Strength, Ireland, Peace, Sunray (Celebrity Name: Madhuri Dixit)
Arni The Sun
Ashsri Glorious
Ashwaghosh Name Of A Buddhist Philosopher
Atharvan The First Vedas, Lord Ganesh, Knower Of The Arthara Vedas
Atmajyothi Light Of Soul
Bahulya Plentiful
Bhuvaneswari Goddess Of Earth, Goddess Name
Brishti Rain
Budhadev Lord Sri Buddha
Champakali A Bud Of Champa
Charantej Light Of Lords Feet
Chedi Which Cut And Break, Leader, Charming, Wise, King And Founder Of The Chedi Dynasty
Chintav Lamp
Dadhija Daughter Of Milk
Dashanan Ten Headed King Of Lanka A.k.a. Ravana (Ten Headed King Of Lanka A.k.a. Ravana)
Desiha Happy, Lemon
Devkumar Son Of God
Dhairyya Patience
Dharnendra Yaksha Of Lord Parshwnath
Divyaraj Brilliant, Extraordinary
Drithi Patience, Bold
Dwan Voice
Gana Lord Shiva, Flock, Troop, Multitude, Number, Tribe, Series Or Class
Harit Plowman, Green, Ploughman, Cultivator
Harjit Victorious' Href='Boy-Names-for-Meaning-Victorious.aspx'>Victorious, Victor
Hryday Heart
Jasvee Hero Of Fame, Victorious
Jeevani Life, Auto Biography
Jheel Silent Lake
Jivi Life, Immortal
Kach One Who Is Empty, Hollow, Vain, Hair, Splendour, Attractiveness, Cloud
Kal Hans Swan
Kamana Desire
Kiaan Grace Of God, Ancient Or Distant (Celebrity Name: Karishma Kapoor)
Kishna Lord Krishna, Black, Dark-skinned
Lakhith Lord Vishnu
Lathangi A Creeper, Slim Girl
Lingapandi Lord Shiva
Logesh Name Of A God
Maalin One Who Makes Garlands, Wearing A Garland, Crowned, Gardener
Manoranjan One Who Pleases The Mind
Milan Union, To Meet
Mohit Ensnarled By Beauty, Attracted, Infatuated, Bewildered
Mridu Gentle
Naganath Snake, The King Of Serpents, A Serpent Chief
Neetu Beautiful
Nihith God Gift, Inherent, Inscribed Into Something, Within Something
Nishwanth The Great
Niyana Obedient
Paatala Goddess Durga, Red In Color
Padmavasa One Who Resided In Lotus
Parityaj To Sacrifice
Parnad A Brahmin In The Epics
Parshad Gracious Gift, Sacrament, Purity, Offering
Pavan Kumar Lord Hanuman, Son Of The Wind
Poorna Complete
Pragun Straight, Honest
Pravish To Enter
Priyanka Beautiful, Lovable Act, Symbol, Body
Pugazhal One Who Is Famous Among Men
Purnanada Complete Joy
Rajeshree Royality
Ram Sewak Sewak Of Lord Rama
Rolee Sindoor, The Red Powder Used In Tika During A Holy Ceremony, Famous Land
Rudraksha Eyes Of Lord Shiva, Eyes Like Rudra
Sadgata Who Moves In The Right Direction
Sagun Omen, Luck, Fortunate, Auspicious Moment
Sambhavan Respect, Honour, Possibility, Fitness, Affection
Samgram Host
Sampriya Completely Pleased, Satisfied
Satatya Never Ending
Senaany One Of The Kauravas
Shankarshan Brother Of Lord Krishna
Shitikant Lord Shiva, The Blue-necked
Shrabana Name Of A Hindu Month, Name Of A Star, A Character In Ramayana, A Devoted Son, Listening Or Hearing, Monsoon Season
Shreyansh Fame Giver And Lucky, Wealthy
Simant Margin, Limit, Light
Snigdha Affectionate, Smooth, Tender
Souparno Jewel Of Jewels
Souravi Sunray
Sowmitha Studious
Srivani Little Fire
Stavit Praised
Tanima Beautiful, Slenderness
Thimma Lord Venkateswara
Thrishna Thirst
Utpal Water Lily, Fleshless, Lotus Blossom, Blossoming
Vansh Cane, Bamboo, Backbone, Lineage, Coming Generation Of Father
Vartika Lamp
Vishnahpu Lord Vishnu, As Pure As Vishnu
Vishwamithra Sages Name, Friend Of The Universe
Vitark Opinion, Imagination
Xipu Skill
Yansh God Name
Tamil Baby Names

Some parents want to reflect their regional pride even when it comes to naming your baby. For all those who are proud of their Tamilian culture and heritage, here’s a list exclusively for Tamil baby names.

The “Totthil" is the traditional naming ceremony of the newborn baby where family and relatives rejoice the arrival of the new member in the family. The astrologer is duly consulted before choosing an apt name for the baby.

Be it modern or traditional, if you want an authentic sounding Tamil name for the new member of your family, the Tamil baby names section on Boldsky is sure to satisfy your needs.

Based on the Vedic Puranas and perfectly reflecting Tamil culture, the list of Tamil baby names with meaning will provide you with a variety of options to choose from. Tamilian names are known to be hugely influenced by nature, music and other elements of life which are known to be the gifts to humans from the Almighty. Thus you will find a variety of names with these influences.

Tamilians also lay a heavy importance to the meaning of their baby names, which also should be a Vedic derivation. Therefore, it is very important to choose a name which is free from any negative derivation. If you are looking for Vedic names for your baby boy, Boldksy is your ultimate saviour.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many Tamil names which have a wonderful meaning with a contemporary sound. The names do not have to sound dated or too difficult to pronounce.

If you want to learn about Tamil names which sound quite modern, The Tamil baby names section on Boldsky will give you many suggestions. Along with the exact meaning of the names, it will sure make your baby name hunting a lot easier.