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Name Meaning
Aabhas Feeling, Virtual
Aadarsh Ideal, The Sun, Principle, Belief, Excellence
Aadhavan The Sun
Aadijith First Victory
Aantika Older Sister
Aarythy Daughter Of Aarya
Abhimaan Proud, Self-importance
Anadhi Lord Krishna, Who Does Not Have Any End, Without Beginning
Anarva Sea
Anveeksha Meditation
Anwitha Goddess Durga, Who Bridges The Gap, Followed Or Attended By, Overpowered By
Apra Materialistic Knowledge, Top Level Of Intelligence, Limitless, Unique, Godly
Arini Adventoureous
Arish First Ray Of Sun, Sky
Arja Divine
Avyaansh Offering, Name Of Lord Vishnu
Bhavitha Name Of Goddess Durga
Bhupen King
Bidur Wise, A Friend Of Lord Krishna
Bijoy Victory. In Synonym As Vijay
Bilvani Goddess Saraswati
Bini Modest
Biraj Born Of Moon, To Have A Presence, To Know Ones Self
Chuman Curious
Devakanya Celestial Maiden, Divine Damsel
Devna Godly
Dhamendra Dharm Dev
Dharun Supporting, Another Name For Brahma, Upholding
Dhlriti Courage, Morale
Gaganadipika The Lamp Of The Sky
Gaurvi Proud
Gautham Lord Buddha, Remover Of Darkness, Name Of Buddha, One Of The Seven Rishis (Celebrity Name: Namrata Shirodkar And Mahesh Babu)
Geetanjali Collection Of Pomes In Song, Tagores Poems Which Got Nobel Prize, An Offering Of Songs, Devotional Offering Of Musical Praise
Girijapathi Lord Shiva, Consort Of Girija
Gururaja Shri Raghavendra Prabhu, Mantralaya
Hari Prasad Blessed By Lord Krishna
Harteij Radiance Of Lord
Humisha Goddess Saraswati
Ichchha Desire
Janahvi The Flow Of River Ganga
Janish Lord Of Men Leader, Master Of Men
Jhenkar Musical Note
Kalicharan Devotee Of Goddess Kali
Kalidaas Great Poet, Devotee Of Goddess Kali
Kallaicone Kallaicone Name Means Kong Of The Arts
Kamalasanan The Lord Brahma
Kunjika Of The Forest
Kunti Consort Of Pandu And Mother Of Pandavas (The Pandavas' Mother. She Was The Sister Of Vasudeva, Krishna's Father. Her Own Father, Surasena, Had Given Her As A Baby To His Close Friend King Kuntibhoja)
Kushyanth Happiness
Laksit Distinguished, Regarded
Likhitha Writing
Mahaveer Most Courageous Among Men, Most Courageous Among Men
Mahubala Sweet Girl
Mandeep Light Of The Mind, Light Of Sages
Mankan A Part Of The Mind
Manuni Respectable
Mishi Sugarcane
Mishri Sweet
Mrudu Soft
Namia Bowed Down, Modest, Polite, Venerable, Night
Natesh Lord Shiva, Lord Of Natas Dancers
Padmapani Lord Brahma, Lotus-handed
Palakshi White
Pampa River
Parimitaa A Moderate Woman
Parnavi Bird
Pattaambaraparidhaana Wearing A Dress Made Of Leather
Praket Intelligence, Understanding
Prantika End
Prasarm Pure, Clear, Brilliant, Peaceful, Pleasant
Raagav Lord Of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God
Ratnanidhi Lord Vishnu, Ratna - Jewel + Nidhi - A Treasure, Store, The Ocean, A Man Endowed With Many Good Qualities, An Epithet Of Vishnu And Shiva, A Divine Treasure Belonging To Kuber
Reeth Tradition, Culture
Renu Atom, Dust, Sand, Pollen
Ritvik Priest, Timely
Rohaan A River In Paradise, Ascending, Blossom, Another Name For Vishnu, Finest Indian Steel, Rising
Savyashachee Ambidextrous While Shooting
Sharmistha Beauty And Intelligent (Wife Of Yayat)
Shloke Hymns Of Lord, Verse, Hindu Mantra Or Verse Of Praise
Shreegopal Lord Krishna, A Protector Of The Earth, A King, An Epithet Of Krishna, An Epithet Of Shiva, Name Of A Nag
Simoni To Listen, Obedient
Skandapurvaja Elder Brother Of Skand (Lord Kartik)
Snehan Affectionate
Soumiya Beautiful, Gentle, Soft
Suchi Pure, Bright, Holy, Worthy
Tejasvi Lustrous, Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant
Tirthraj Holy Place
Udarchis Lord Shiva, Shining Or Blazing Upwards, Luminous, A Name Of Shiva, A Name Of Kandarp, A Name Of Fire
Vaidat Knowledgable
Vallav Cowherd
Vamnayi Goddess Of Speech, Another Name For Goddess Saraswati
Varadh God Of Fire, Ganapati
Varasya Request, Desire
Vedviyan Sacred Knowledge
Veerbhadra The Ashwamedha Horse
Venumadhav Sum Of The Vedas
Yadhu An Ancient King
Yadukrishna Lord Krishna, Krishna, Descendent Of Yadu
Yujya Related, Connected, Allied, Equal In Power, Capable
Yuktasri Brilliant, Naughty
Tamil Baby Names

Some parents want to reflect their regional pride even when it comes to naming your baby. For all those who are proud of their Tamilian culture and heritage, here’s a list exclusively for Tamil baby names.

The “Totthil" is the traditional naming ceremony of the newborn baby where family and relatives rejoice the arrival of the new member in the family. The astrologer is duly consulted before choosing an apt name for the baby.

Be it modern or traditional, if you want an authentic sounding Tamil name for the new member of your family, the Tamil baby names section on Boldsky is sure to satisfy your needs.

Based on the Vedic Puranas and perfectly reflecting Tamil culture, the list of Tamil baby names with meaning will provide you with a variety of options to choose from. Tamilian names are known to be hugely influenced by nature, music and other elements of life which are known to be the gifts to humans from the Almighty. Thus you will find a variety of names with these influences.

Tamilians also lay a heavy importance to the meaning of their baby names, which also should be a Vedic derivation. Therefore, it is very important to choose a name which is free from any negative derivation. If you are looking for Vedic names for your baby boy, Boldksy is your ultimate saviour.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many Tamil names which have a wonderful meaning with a contemporary sound. The names do not have to sound dated or too difficult to pronounce.

If you want to learn about Tamil names which sound quite modern, The Tamil baby names section on Boldsky will give you many suggestions. Along with the exact meaning of the names, it will sure make your baby name hunting a lot easier.