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Name Meaning
Aarathana Soft And Beautiful
Aashalatha Creeper Of Hope
Aashirya From The Land Of God
Adhamya Difficult
Adhil Honerable Juduge, Justice
Adwik Unique
Akash The Sky, Open Mindedness
Ambhini Water Born
Anamaya Another Name Of Lord Shiva
Anubhavi Experience
Anvie Goddess Durga's ‘s Name
Ashlesh Embrace
Atmajyothi Light Of Soul
Avhnitanaya Daughter Of The Earth, Seetha
Ayuktha Sun
Bandhul Pleasing, Charming
Bharathi Goddess Saraswati, India
Bhaskara The Sun
Bhoomika Earth, Base, Introduction
Brahmistha The Form Of Absolute
Brijabala Daughter Of Nature
Chamanlal Garden
Daakshya Cleverness, Honesty, Brilliance, Efficient
Debashis Benediction Of God, Pleased By The Gods
Deepan Lighting Up, Brilliant, Invigorating, Passion, One Who Lights Lamps
Devalekha Celestial Beauty
Diganth Horizon
Dinisha God Of Wine
Diva Gift Of God, Powerful Women, Through Heaven, Daytime
Duti Splendor, Luster, Glow, Light
Dvisha Direction
Dyuthi Light, Sunshine
Ekanth Alone; Solitary
Eshwaritha Beloved to Lord Shiva
Gaish Tempest, Commotion
Girinath Lord Krishna
Gourav Honor, Pride, Respect, Glory, Dignity
Gyanvi Knowledgable Person
Hemaadri Mountain Of Gold
Hruthik Name Of An Old Sage, Lord Of Heart
Ibhan Lord Ganesh, The God Having Mouth Of Elephant
Idhayan Joy Of Heart
Iri Another Name Of Lord Hanuman (, Son Of Wind God)
Jagatpal One Who Takes Care The Universe, Caretaker Of The World God
Jeevnee Life, Auto Biography
Kallol Large Waves, Gurgling Of Water
Kaviraj Poet Of The Kingdom, King Of Poet
Keyur Armlet
Khadir Heavenly Celestial Or Moon, The Acacia Tree, The Moon, Another Name For Indra
Kovida Wise
Krutarth Obliged
Kshyanika Momentary
Lavana Brilliant, Handsome, Beauty
Laveena Purity, Woman Of Rome
Lokshita Pray For World
Madhumalati Name Of A Raga, A Flowering Creeper
Mahatej Lord Shiva, Most Brilliant, Powerful, Having Energy Or Vigor, Name Of Shiva, Vishnu, Epithet Of Agni
Mayawati Full Of Illusion
Megana Clouds
Mela Religious Gathering
Miteelai Friendly
Niruktha Expressed
Noshi Sweet
Palanisami Another Name Of Lord Murugan
Parampurush Supreme Personality
Paromita Name Of A Flower
Prachethi Name Of A Sage
Pratul Plenty
Presha Talent Given By God, Beloved, Loving, Gods Gift
Purushottam Lord Vishnu, Best Among Men
Pushpesh Lord Of Flowers
Ragunanthan Brave
Raika Pure, Clear, Tranquil, Serene, Beautiful
Rajhansa Swan
Rajivalochana Lotus Eyed, Lord Rama
Rasmeen Well-established; Well-founded; Stable; Steady; Queen;
Revitha Star, Prosperity
Saadhvi Religious Women, Courteous, Polite, Simple, Loyal, Decent, Worthy, Chaste, Devout Worthy
Sagari Of The Ocean
Samridhhi Good Luck, Perfection, Wealth, Accomplishment, Welfare
Sanay Ancient, One That Will Last Forever
Sanghita Music
Sankram Transition, Change, Progress, Bridge, A Shooting Star
Shyamalima Dusky
Sowmitha Studious
Surani River In Heaven
Sushmita Beautiful Smile, Good Smile
Tanmai Engrossed
Tanvitha Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Sarasvati
Tarala Honeybee, Nectar
Tikesh Sweet; Lovable; Decent
Tiyasa Thirsty, Silver
Trisanu An Ancient King
Unnathi Progress, High Point, Wealth, Success
Vararoha Ready To Offer Boons
Vardhit Increased, Developed
Vimridh Lord Indra, Averter Of Enemies, Another Name For Indra
Vinsh Twentieth, The Number Twenty
Yaju Yajur Veda
Yatudhani Same As Gayatri
Telugu Baby Names

Telugu baby names are said to have some of the most unique meanings and sounds. So, you want to carry on the Telugu legacy that your parents pass on to you and contemplating on giving Telugu names for your newborn baby, we are here to help you with a list of authentic Telugu names with their meanings.

One of the most widely spoken south Indian languages, Telugu has its roots in the Vedas as well. Therefore you will find a lot of Vedic names on the list as well. Also, mentioned are the meanings of each name, making it easier or you to choose the one that you thinks fits right for your new bundle of joy.

There are a lot of rules to follow when it comes to naming your baby according to the Telugu tradition. The family profession or the name of the home town plays an important role when it comes to baby names.

Traditional Telugu baby names start with the family name, followed by the father's name and then the newborn’s name. Therefore you have to keep in mind that the name that is given to your newborn is in sync with the first two names.For a list of authentic names that will match the patronyms tradition followed by the Telugu community, Boldsky will help you with numerous options to choose from. Be it traditional but unique, you will find names that will suit your requirement and help give a perfect name to your newborn.