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Name Meaning
Aaditya Aditis Son, The Sun, Sun God
Abhisheik Ritual, Purification, Shower Of Milk, Water Over An Idol, Anoint, Bathing To God
Agrim Leader, First
Anniruddha Uncrolled (son Of Pradyummna)
Anugrah Divine Blessing
Anusha Beautiful Morning, A Star
Araina Pure
Aravindh Love, Avatar, Lotus, Auspicious, Handsome
Asner Cute
Athini River
Bhagirat The One Who Brought Ganga To Earth, With Glorious Chariot
Bhasker Lord Surya The Sun)
Bhavesh Lord Of Sentiment, Lord Of Existence, Lord Of The Universe, Lord Shiva
Birajini Brilliant, Queen
Chandrama The Moon
Deshani Queen Of The Country
Devipriya Name Of A Raga
Dhanajit Wealth
Dhananjay One Who Wins Wealth
Dhavlashree Lotus Petals
Digant Horizon
Eeshwar God
Gunvant Virtuous
Hanshita Swan
Hanu Lord Hanuman, Cheek
Harendra Lord Shiva, A Tree
Hari Kant Dear To Lord Indra
Hayagriv One Of Lord Krishna's Incarnations. Specific To Education
Heema Gold, Snow
Hemlta Golden Creeper
Hradini Lightening
Hrishikesh One Who Controls Senses
Hurditya Joyous
Jayan Victory, Good Character, Causing Victory
Jeval Life Giving, Full Of Life
Joly Cheerful
Kalimohan A Devotee Of Goddess Kali
Kamalaa Perfect, Goddess, Flower
Kashin Brilliant, Lord Of Kashi Varanasi Or Lord Shiva
Kiaan Grace Of God, Ancient Or Distant (Celebrity Name: Karishma Kapoor)
Kinnary Shore, Musical Instrument, Goddess Of Wealth
Krishnendu Lord Krishna, Prince Of Earth
Kuru Ancient King And Founder Of The Kuru Dynasty. Due To His Performance Of Sacrifice And Asceticism At The Site (Ancient King And Founder Of The Kuru Dynasty. Due To His Performance Of Sacrifice And Asceticism At The Site)
Litika Cute And Perfect
Liya I Am With God
Makar Blessed
Manikanta Lord Ayyappa
Marisa Of The Sea, Bitterness
Miha Love
Mitalee A Bond Between Friendship And Love
Mithin Governor, Moment In Time
Mithresh Peace-lover, Warm, Mediator
Moha God Krishna
Mrunmay Earthly
Nandini A Holy Cow, Bestowed Of Joy, In Hindu Mythology, The Name Refers To Goddess Ganga And Goddess Durga.nandini Also Means Adhishakti, Daughter, Happy, Pleasing
Parinut Famous, Praised
Parthi Queen
Patanjali Famous Yoga Philosopher, The Author Of Yoga Sutras
Pemal Awesome
Poornathva Perfection
Pragun Straight, Honest
Pranayaa Leader
Prosmita Quite Girl
Punyah Supremely Pure
Pushpendu Lord Of Flowers
Ria Rich Or From Hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer
Richak Wish, Created By A Hymn, Desire
Rishaan Lord Shiva, Good Human Being, Strong, Good
Riyanshu First Ray Of Sunlight
Rohaan A River In Paradise, Ascending, Blossom, Another Name For Vishnu, Finest Indian Steel, Rising
Rudraunsh Like Rudra I.e. Lord Hanuman, Shree Ganesh
Saavant Employer
Sabarishri Lord Ayyappa
Sachi Beloved, Grace, Truth, Following, Companion, Another Name For Agni
Sahjanand Lord Swami Narayan
Sahrudee Kind Hearted
Sanhata Conciseness
Sanjeeta Triumphant, Flute
Sarathi Charioteer Of Partha, Lord Krishna
Sarman Joy, Delight, Shelter, Happiness, Protection
Saumitr Good Friend
Shashibala The Moon
Shrikari Another Name Of Goddess Durga
Souravi Sunray
Suryakantam Brightness Of The Sun, Loved By The Sun
Trilochan One With Three Eyes, Lord Shiva
Upasan Worship
Ushnik It Is A Vedic Meter
Utalika Wave
Vanajaksh Lotus Eyed
Vanamalin Lord Krishna, One Wearing A Sylvan Garland
Vardham Lord Mahavir
Vati Nature
Vatsalya Love That A Mother Feels For A Child
Viswanath God Of Universe, Worlds Owner Or Rich
Vyomang Part Of The Sky
Yashneil Famous, Glorious, Successful
Yashodev Lord Of Fame
Yuktha Attentive, Skilful, Yoked, United, Clever, Proper Skilful, Prosperous
Zwalaki Firing Star; Meteor
Telugu Baby Names

Telugu baby names are said to have some of the most unique meanings and sounds. So, you want to carry on the Telugu legacy that your parents pass on to you and contemplating on giving Telugu names for your newborn baby, we are here to help you with a list of authentic Telugu names with their meanings.

One of the most widely spoken south Indian languages, Telugu has its roots in the Vedas as well. Therefore you will find a lot of Vedic names on the list as well. Also, mentioned are the meanings of each name, making it easier or you to choose the one that you thinks fits right for your new bundle of joy.

There are a lot of rules to follow when it comes to naming your baby according to the Telugu tradition. The family profession or the name of the home town plays an important role when it comes to baby names.

Traditional Telugu baby names start with the family name, followed by the father's name and then the newborn’s name. Therefore you have to keep in mind that the name that is given to your newborn is in sync with the first two names.For a list of authentic names that will match the patronyms tradition followed by the Telugu community, Boldsky will help you with numerous options to choose from. Be it traditional but unique, you will find names that will suit your requirement and help give a perfect name to your newborn.