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Name Meaning
Aathi Arranger, Adjuster
Abilashini Desire, Aspiration, Desirability
Aeshna Desire, Wish
Antar Famous Warrior, Intimate, Security, Soul, Heart
Apexa Expectation
Ayushmaan Blessed With Long Life
Bhuvi Heaven
Bijal Lightning
Bodh Awakening, Perception, Knowledge, Intelligence, Enlightenment
Bulbul Nightingale, Lover
Chakor A Bird Enamored Of The Moon
Chithraamga One Of The Kauravas
Daitya A Non Aryan
Deepika A Small Lamp, Light
Deeptika A Beam Of Light
Devanshi Divine, Part Of God
Devmani Divine Gift
Dharmishta Lord Of Dharma, Wants Religion
Dhruven It Is Derived From Dhruv Meaning Constant Or Polestar
Dimpi Determined And Stubborn
Dipjyoti The Light Of The Lamp
Gaganvihari One Who Stays In Heaven
Gangavar Goddess Gangas Boon
Gavya Garden Of God
Geetu Variant Of Sanskrit Word Geet Meaning Song
Ghulika Pearl
Govind Cowherd, Lord Krishna
Gunwant Virtuous
Hahn A Rooster, Snow, Made Of Gold, The Himalaya Mountain Range, Another Name For Shiva
Harekrishna Lord Krishna, Everything That Exists
Harijatha Fair Haired
Hasita Happy Or Full Of Laughter, Always Smiling, Delightful
Hetu Vanquisher Of All Evils, Vices & Sins
Hitaishi Well Wisher
Hithaishin One Who Wishes Good
Jaanvhi The River Ganga
Jagadguru Preceptor Of The Universe
Jeevanprakash Light Of Life
Kalpagam Goddess Name
Kaveer A Famous Historical Prince, The Sun
Kurinjvendan Lord Murugan, Consort Of Kurinji (Velli)
Laghun Quick
Lalit Kumar Beautiful
Lekya Mathematician
Mohanraj Charming, Fascinating, Lord Krishna
Munikrishna Sage
Murlidhar Lord Krishna, The One Who Bears The Flute
Mythilli Goddess Sita, An Epithet Of Seeta, Daughter Of Janak, The King Of Mithila
Naishitha Inteligent
Naseen Cool Breeze
Navijeet The New Invincible Winner
Nikil Victorious People
Nishkama Selfless
Paavan Pure, Sacred, Fire, Incense, Pious
Palash A Flowery Tree, Greenery, Horse
Parijaat Divine Tree, A Celestial Flower
Parishi Like A Fairy, Beautiful, Like A An Angel
Parsva Weaponed Soldier, Jain God, Short Form Of Parshvanath, 23rd Tirthankara In Jainism
Prathibha Light, Keen Intellect
Premal Full Of Love
Purvi A Classical Melody, From The East
Pushpambhu A Person Sweet As A Honey Or A Nectar
Rakshaa Protection
Ramadeep Lord Rama, One Who Is Absorbed In The Light Of Lords Love
Rashi The Sign Of The Zodiac, Collection
Rudranath Lord Shiva, Lord Of Rudras
Saadri Chief Or Leader Or Judge, Conqueror
Sakasham Capable To Do Anything
Sammath Agreed, Consented, Respected
Samprathy To Trust In, Believe Firmly
Sarita River, Stream
Sarvang Lord Shiva, The Whole Body, All The Angas Or Vedaangas Collectively, Epithet Of Shiva, Covering All Aspects
Saubal Mighty
Shathvika Goddess Durga, Calm
Shradhani Ever Wealthy
Shreyashi Good, One Who Is Most Beautiful
Shubhashis Blessing
Sindhura Responsibility; Charming; Goddess Parvati
Sinduja Goddess Lakshmi, Born Of The Ocean
Sowbhagya Lucky Girl
Sugandhi One That Has Nice Fragrance
Suneeta Young Sun
Thanushree Beauty
Tharunika Young Girl
Toya Water
Tripurajit Lord Shiva, Conqueror Of The Three Worlds
Udbala Strong
Udvah Continuing, The Best, Son, Descendent
Vaahila Name Of Air
Vaibudh Belonging To The Gods, Divine
Vallabha Lover, Beloved
Vangmayee Good Speaker
Vardhan Blessing, Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Increasing Prosperity
Varnit Praised, Drawn, Described, Narrated
Venba Poem
Vikach Brilliant, Hairless, Shaven, Open
Vishaka Star, With Many Branches, A Nakshatra Or Constellation
Viviksha Intelligent; Smile; Something Special
Yajvin Religious
Yrishi Surprising
Hindi Baby Names

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The Hindi baby names list on Boldsky will give you countless suggestions for each letter, which will help you choose the right word for your newborn.

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