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Name Meaning
Aahana Inner Light, Immortal, Born During The Day, First Rise Of The Sun
Aashcharya Surprise
Ahilya Maiden
Amrish Lord Indra, One Of The Many Names Of Lord Indra, King Of Sky
Angada An Ornament, Bracelet
Anit Joyful Unending, Calmness, Leader, Artless, Simple
Anshin Sharer Or Heir
Apala Most Beautiful
Araha Guiding Star (Son Of Sun)
Ashavari A Raga In Hindustani Classical Music, Melody
Banmala Garland Of Forests, Wildflower Garland
Basil King, Basil The Herb
Belli Silver In Kannada And Tamil, Silver, A Companion
Bharathi Goddess Saraswati, India
Bhaswath Never Ending, Eternal
Champak A Flower
Chanchari Bird, Vortex Of Water
Chhaya Shadow
Chinmayananda Blissful, Supreme Consciousness
Chithraaksha One Of The Kauravas
Chithrakundhala One Of The Kauravas
Dayal Kind Hearted
Devagya With Knowledge Of God
Dhanisha Full Of Hope; Creating Money
Dhwanit Voice
Gurjodh Gurjit Collaborated With Two Words Guru And Jodh. Guru Means Master Or Lord And Jodh Means Varios. So Gurjit Means Warior Of Guru.
Herish Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, The Person Who Feels That What He Is Doing Is Actually Gods Wish
Ishta Beloved, Another Name Of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi And A Name Given To Karmic Yoga
Jai Conqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious
Janis Lord Of Men Leader, Master Of Men
Jensi God Has Blessed
Keia (Celebrity Name: Madhoo (Roja))
Kitra Flow
Lokini Goddess Who Cares All
Lovepal Love To God
Malka Queen
Manjeera Musical Instrument, Ankle Bells, Anklet
Mehan Suddh; Pure
Mohanwant Sturdy And Durable Grinding Factory
Moumita Sweet Friend
Nagadhar Who Keeps Snake As Pets
Nagu A Gentle Person, A Simple One
Nalesh King Of Flowers
Namanarayani Name Of A Raga
Namprem The Love Of The Name
Neethu Beautiful
Niket Home, Lord Of All, Residence
Ninny Flowery.blossam, Pure, Brilliant
Nirjala A Type Of Fast Without Water
Nishipal The Protector Of Night
Pamela Honey
Parasuram Sixth Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu
Parikshit Name Of An Ancient King, Tested One Or Proven (Posthumous Son Of Abhimanyu, Heir Of The Pandavas. Pariksit Means 'the Examiner', As The Brahmins Said He Would Come To Examine All Men In His Search For The Supreme Lord)
Pavan Adithya Wind & The Sun
Prafool Blooming, Happy, Expansive, Playful
Pratikshya To Wait, Expectation
Pritham Lover
Privrata Son Of Satarupa
Punyacharitraya Keertana Subject For Hymns Sung In His Adulations
Purvang Prakashit
Rakshita Who Protect
Ramakali Name Of A Raga
Ridika Successful, Love Of Lord Krishna: Radha
Rikin Powerful, Glory
Rudra Kumar Goddess Parvati, Consort Of Lord Shiva, Crying
Rupa Look, Blessed With Beauty, Shape, Beauty, The Earth, Silver
Rupendra Lord Of The Form
Rupin Embodied Beauty
Rutvi Name Of An Angel Meaning Season, Love And Saint, Speech
Rutwa A Heavenlty Hindi Being
Sada Always
Salaj Water Which Flows From Melted Ice From Mountain, Water Born
Samanwitha One Who Possess All Good Qualities
Sarvabhanu Name Of The Sun
Shanthi Peace
Shar Habit, Custom, Name Of Lord Ayyappa, Arrow
Shatadru Name Of A River
Shivakari Source Of Auspicious Things
Simanta Parting Line Of Hair
Siraaj Lamp, Light
Soumya Peace, Handsome
Srestha The Best In Number & Quality, Most Happy Or Prosperous
Sri Pranav The Sacred Syllable Om, Originator Of The Syllable Of Om, The Mystic Syllable Om
Suchi Pure, Bright, Holy, Worthy
Sumiksha Close Inspection, A Review, Analysis
Tanishi Goddess Durga, Serpent Lady, Fairy Queen, Goddess Durga
Toshika Alert Child, Clever Child
Tvarita Goddess Durga, Quick, Swift, A Form Of Durga, A Magical Formula Called After Her
Uchimakali One Of The Hindu God
Udaya Kumar Dawn
Umarani Queen Of Queen
Varam Boon
Vibhat Dawn, Ascending, Brilliant
Vidhut Electricity
Vihana Early Morning
Vindya Knowledge
Vinisha Knowledge
Vruddhi Growth
Yashita Fame
Yauva Young, Teenager, Vigorous
Hindi Baby Names

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Hindi is a common language which is spoken widely in northern India. Though the customs and traditions vary from region to region, the one thing that seems to be constant is the baby naming ceremonies. Immediately after the baby is born, a personalised natal chart is prepared and the priest suggests an auspicious first letter for the baby. Thus begins the search for the perfect baby name.

The Hindi baby names list on Boldsky will give you countless suggestions for each letter, which will help you choose the right word for your newborn.

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