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Name Meaning
Aadinath The First Lord, Lord Vishnu
Aapt Reliable, Trustworthy, Successful, Logical
Aaranay Beginning, Starter
Abhirathi Pleasure
Adhira Lightning, Strong
Adshaya Indestructible, Immortal
Akshay Eternal, Immortal, Indestructible
Ambi Goddess Amba (Goddess Durga), Mother, Affectionate, Kind
Arasu Most Powerful Person Of The World
Arujas Free From Disease, Healthy, Active, Happy
Arul Kannan Gods Grace, Gods Blessing
Aryav Noble Person
Avara Youngest, Another Name For Paarvati
Basudev Father Of Lord Krishna, God Of Wealth
Boomi Dhara
Brihatbhasha Son Of Sage Agniras
Chainika Specially Selected, Chosen One
Chandru Moon
Chhayank The Moon
Daritree The Earth
Dayaa Kindness, Goddess, Mercy, Favour, Compassion
Deebak Lamp
Dev Naren Lord Shiva, Lord Of Men
Devarishi Rishi Among The Gods
Dhamendra Dharm Dev
Dhanvantari Doctor Of The Gods
Ganesa Lord Ganesh, Lord Of The Army
Gangavathi Subramaniam
Gopan Protection
Hasu Laugh
Heemali Ice, Cold Like Ice, Golden Skinned
Himanish Lord Shiva, Lord Of Himani (Parvati)
Jaahnav Hindu Rishi Who Kept Ganga On His Legs
Jashikar Good Worker
Jasodhara Mother Of Lord Buddha (Mother Of Lord Buddha)
Jayna Victory, Good Character
Kaarunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Praiseworthy, Merciful, Kind
Kalnisha Eve Of Diwali
Karthikeyan Lord Murugan, Who Has Been Brought Up By Krittika
Kavina Remover Of Universal Agonies
Krina Beautiful
Kumara Vel Lord Murugan, Spear Of Murugan
Kuvira Courageous Woman
Marakatham A Gem; Attractive
Mayan Water Source, Indifferent To Wealth
Mayurika With Peacock Feathers
Mehanaz Moon's Glory
Mekhala Girdle
Methra The Dew Drops, Or The Droplets Of Dew
Mohul Attractive
Neelanjana Blue, One With Blue Eyes
Neisha Special, Lovely Flower
Neshwari Neshwari Is Another Name Of Goddess Gayatri
Nirat Pleased, Satisfied, The Souls Ability To See, Absorbed
Nithan A Person Of Story, Renowned
Padam Lotus
Panika A Small Leaf
Papiha A Sweet Singing Bird
Patmanjari A Raga
Prabodh Sound Advice, Awareness, Consciousness
Pradipta Glowing, Illuminated, Enlightened, Blazing
Pragun Straight, Honest
Prajakta Fragrant Flower
Pundalik Lotus
Purab East
Rahi Traveler
Rakendu Whose Face Is Glowing Like Moon
Ranvir Hero Of The Battle, Winner
Revat Brilliant, Wealthy, Attractive
Ridh Krishna
Rishvi Female Saint
Ritul Truth Seeking, Talented
Roonhi Gods Obligation, Gift
Rupali Pretty, Beautiful, Shapely
Rupika Shapely, Gold Or Silver Coin
Samapti Wealth
Sameeksha Analysis
Sarasija Lotus
Sarmistha Beauty And Intelligent (a Daughter Of Vrsaparvan)
Satyashill Truthful
Sehej Calm
Shalang Emperor
Shaligram Lord Vishnu, Refers To A Fossilized Shell
Shalvee Beautiful, Intelligent
Shrihansu Lord Vishnu
Sidhu Punjabi Cast
Spruha Desire
Sriha Flower
Suhaila Smooth, Soft Ground, Fluent, Flowing Style
Sureshi Goddess Durga, Supreme Goddess, Name Of Durga
Trishna Thirst
Udaya Kumar Dawn
Ujagar Famous, Renowned Person, Bright
Varana A River
Vardan Blessing, Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Increasing Prosperity
Vartanu Beautiful
Vihal Laugh Out Loud
Vrishabhanu Father Of Radha (Father Of Radha)
Yaachan Prayer, Entreaty
Yagnakaya Acceptor Of All Sacred & Sacrificial Offerings
Hindi Baby Names

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The Hindi baby names list on Boldsky will give you countless suggestions for each letter, which will help you choose the right word for your newborn.

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