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Name Meaning
Aalhad Joy, Happiness
Abhijita Victorious Woman
Abhisri To Enlighten, Brilliant, Powerful, Surrounded By Glory, Shining
Abrik Precious Like God
Adenya First
Akhyath Famous
Amaya Night Rain, Immeasurable, Without Limit
Anand Joy, Happiness, Delight
Anima He Power Of Becoming Small
Aniskha Young Lady, Maiden
Anudhya Thinking, Wishing Well Of
Anupallavi Part Of A Song
Anupama Incomparable, Precious, Unique
Arunita Bright Like Rays Of The Sun
Ashlesh Embrace
Balaja Jasmine, Beautiful, Born Of Strength, The Earth
Bandana Salute, Bright Star, Worship, Praise
Bansidhar Lord Krishna, The Bearer Of The Flute
Bhanuja River Yamuna, Born Of The Sun
Bhashwini Meaningful
Bhoopendra King Of The Earth
Bhupathi Lord Of The Earth, The Hero Of Stunts
Chakrapani Name Of Lord Vishnu
Chitramala Series Of Pictures
Chunni A Star
Dasharatha A Man Whose Power Is Equal To The Power Of Ten Maharathis. Rathi Means Chariot Fighter (Rama's Father And King Of Kosala)
Dattey Lord Indra, Name Of Indra
Dhvanil Sound Of Wind
Droneshwar Dronacharya & Lord Shiva
Gavy White Falcon, A Forest In Kerala
Gnaneshwari Intelligent, Name Of Goddess Lakshmi
Harmesh Gods
Harshill Joyful, Kings Of The Hills, Kind Hearted A Sweet, Delighted
Ishwarya Gods Prosperity
Isyutha Loveable
Jaanya Life, Born, Lovable, Father, Friend
Jaigath Victorious
Jalpa Discussion
Jalpan To Eat, Drink Something
Jigyansh Full Of Curiosity, Eager To Know Something
Jyesh Victor
Kaashwi Shining, Bright, Glowing
Kartavya Responsibilities, Duty
Kashni Flower, Special Girl, Goddess Lakshmi
Madhesh Lord Shiva, Lord Of Intoxication, Name Of Shiva
Magesh Usha
Mahakaya Gigantic, Lord Hanuman
Mahek Sweet Odor, Sweet Smell, Aura, Fragrance
Mookesh Lord Of The Dumb, Another Name For Lord Shiva, To Liberate
Nageswara Lord Shiva, God Of Serpents
Netraranjana Something That Makes The Eyes Prettier.
Pavani Honey, Lord Hanuman, True, Holy
Pragnyan Wisdom
Pragyan Greater Knowledge, Wisdom
Praneeth Praneeth Is The Name Derived From The Sanskrit Word Praneetham Which Means Calmness
Priyanshi Lovable, Dear, Loving
Priyaranjan Beloved
Purab East
Pushparaj King Of Flowers
Sakhyam Capable To Do Anything
Sambha Rising, Shining
Samreen A Lovely Quite Girl
Sandesha Message
Satya Akshaj Lord Vishnu, Satya - True
Shakyasinha Lord Buddha, The Lion Of The Sakya
Shankaran Sinkam
Sharvari Night, Twilight
Shashi Kumar Lord Chandra (Moon)
Shashmith Ever Smiling
Shreeda Giver Of Beauty, Lord Kuber, Bestowed By Lakshmi, Auspicious, Bringing Fortune
Shresht The Best, Ultimate, Another Name For Lord Vishnu, Foremost, First, Perfection, Best Of All
Shriyansh Fame Giver And Lucky, Wealthy
Shukra Resplendent, The Venus Planet, Friday, Bright, Pure, White, Another Name For Agin
Shukti Pearl Oyster
Siddhant Rule, Principals
Soniya Golden, Lovely, Wisdom
Srushti Creation, Nature Or Earth
Subhaga A Fortunate Person
Sulakshmi Goddess Lakshmi, Divine Lakshmi
Tamoha The Moon
Tara Star, The Pupil Of The Eye, Meteor, Fragance
Tarlika Goddess Durga, Same As Gayatri
Tayodhi Sea
Thavanesh Lord Shiva
Thilang Name Of A Raga
Tinku A Very Common Nick Name Of Boys In In India
Treya Walking In Three Paths, Young Woman, Liar, Tu-huhr, Enlightening
Trijal Lord Shiva
Tript Contentment, Satisfied
Udayraj Rising King, Lord Of Stars
Variya Excellent One
Venkatesha God Venkateswara
Vidhaath Creator
Vidhyadhar Full Of Knowledge
Vidyanand One Who Is Happy With Knowledge
Vighnarajendra Lord Of All Obstacles
Vijayasree Conqueror, Victorious
Vikhyath Popular Or Famous, Fame
Vishvachi Universal, An Apsara Or Celestial
Yoshith Young, Boy, Quiet
Bengali Baby Names

Just like the delicacies served in the state, Bengali names are quite sweet sounding.

Also, the extensive worship of various gods and goddesses worshipped in the state have a high influence on naming their babies as Bengalis often name their babies based on gods, goddesses or other characters from the Puranas.

If you have a Bengali lineage and want your newborn to carry the same tradition forward, you may contemplate giving them a Bengali name. If so, you have certainly come to the right place to look for inspiration.

The names that you give to your baby will go a long way in shaping their characteristics in the future. Therefore, you want to make sure that you get this right. Though there are many chances of you going wrong with a name that has a positive connotation for your baby, you may want to rely on authentic sources such as the Bengali baby names list on Boldsky.

Be it Bengali boys’ names or a list baby girls’ names in Bengali, we have it all. Your efforts to find that perfect Bengali names for your newborn has finally come to an end.