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Name Meaning
Abhas Feeling, Virtual
Abhijata Well Born Woman
Abhinav Innovative, Young, Modern, Fresh, Novel, A Sakta Notable For His Great Leaning And Spiritual Attainment, New
Abhyan Literal Meaning Of ‘abhyan’ Is To Start A Movement, A Campaign Or A Firm Resolution Of An Idea Or Belief
Abinandha Ever Wishing Person
Alpa Little
Ambalika Mother, One Who Is Sensitive, Insightful (The King Of Kashi's Youngest Daughter. She Was Abducted By Bhishma Along With Her Sisters And Married Vichitravirya.)
Anokha Rare, Unique
Anuttara Unanswered
Aravindh Love, Avatar, Lotus, Auspicious, Handsome
Aravinth Lotus
Argha Reddish Purple
Arunya Merciful, Compassionate
Ashwathy An Angel
Athreya Name Of A Sage, Clever, Receptacle Of Glory
Bhakthipriya Goddess Durga, She Who Likes Devotion To Her
Bhanudas A Devotee Of The Sun
Bharani Accomplished, High Achiever, Celestial Star
Bhashwini Meaningful
Bilvanilaya Reside Under Bilva Tree
Biplav Drifting About, Revolution
Chiti Love
Daeven Little Black One
Dekshna Great; To See
Devachandra Moon Among The Gods
Dharmi Religious
Dipu Flame, Light, Shinning
Divik God's Rays
Drusti Eye
Durgesh Lord Of Forts
Dushyanta A King From The Epic Mahabharata
Garv Proud
Gomya Nice And Graceful
Gunagrahin Acceptor Of Gunas
Indeevar Blue Lotus
Ishana Rich, Ruler, Another Name For Durga
Jagjivan Worldly Life
Jeethika Jewess, Woman Of Judea
Kajal Muscara Surma, Eyeliner, Kohl, Decoration For Womens Eyes
Kalyanin Virtuous, Happy, Lucky, Propitious, Wealthy, Worthy, Eminent Wealthy
Kamalapati Lord Vishnu, Consort Of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi)
Kanakaprabha The Name Means Bright As The Gold
Kirin Poet, Writer, Orator
Konika Related To Bird Koyal
Kousika Silk
Kumudavathi Another Name Of The City Ujjain
Kunjan Forest Girl, Living In Greenery
Lalitamohana Attractive, Beautiful
Lilavati Goddess Durga, Amusing, Charming, Graceful
Lingaraja Lord Of The Lingas
Lohitaksh Lord Vishnu, Red-eyed
Mandar A Flower, Heavenly, Large, Firm, Slow
Manohar One Who Wins Over Mind, Loveble, Charming, Another Name For Lord Krishna
Maurima Dark Skinned, Moor
Meeresh Hindu God
Moneesha Intelligent, Lord Krishna, Beautiful, Solitary
Moorthi An Idol, All Auspicious Lord, Lord Vishnu, Statue
Mridhu Gentle
Nimeya Destiny, A Known Quantity, Understood
Nishikar Moon (Lord Of Night
Paramatmika Omnipresence
Parokshi Mysterious, Invisible, Out Of Sight
Prathvi Goddess Sita, Princess
Pritwish The Best And The Greatest Love Of All
Pushpraj King Of Flowers
Rama Krishna Lord Rama And Lord Krishna
Rohant Ascending
Roudri A Woman Who Is Like A Sun Ray
Sailaja A River, Daughter Of Mountains, Name Of Goddess Parvati, Wife Of Shiva
Sannath Lord Brahma, Eternal, Accompanied By A Protector
Sanyog Coincidence
Sheshan Name Of A Sage
Shikar Moon, Lord Of Night
Shraavan Name Of A Hindu Month, Name Of A Star, A Character In Ramayana, A Devoted Son, Listening Or Hearing, Monsoon Season
Shrestajna Top Knowledge
Shrijay Lord Ganesh, Victorious Or Winner Of Lakshmi I.e., Vishnu
Shrutaly Lyrics, Musical Notes
Sikhar Mountain Peak, Peak, Ultimate
Simant Margin, Limit, Light
Soumik Powerful Like Fire; Beautiful
Sovhona One Who Posesses True Beauty
Subhangi A Beautiful Lady
Subodhini A Learned Lady
Sudeeksha Another Name For Goddess Laxmi, Good Start, Beautiful, Offering
Sudheeksha Another Name For Goddess Laxmi, Good Start
Suvidha Facility
Swadha Lovely, White, Clearness
Tatva Element
Vashista Name Of A Sage
Vaydeesh God Of The Vedas
Vind Auspicious Mahurat, Moment Especially For Performing Rituals, Time When Things Are Recovered
Vinu To Spread In Different Directions
Vipasa A River, Limitless, A River Now Known As The Beas
Vishvakarma Architect Of The Universe
Yatharth Proper, Possibility
Yayati Wanderer, Traveler
Yudhajith Victor In War, A Hero, Soldier, Of A King Of The Kekayas And Maternal Uncle Of Bharata
Yugant Ever Lasting
Yukasri Fragrant, Friendly Blossom
Yuvati Young Lady
Bengali Baby Names

Just like the delicacies served in the state, Bengali names are quite sweet sounding.

Also, the extensive worship of various gods and goddesses worshipped in the state have a high influence on naming their babies as Bengalis often name their babies based on gods, goddesses or other characters from the Puranas.

If you have a Bengali lineage and want your newborn to carry the same tradition forward, you may contemplate giving them a Bengali name. If so, you have certainly come to the right place to look for inspiration.

The names that you give to your baby will go a long way in shaping their characteristics in the future. Therefore, you want to make sure that you get this right. Though there are many chances of you going wrong with a name that has a positive connotation for your baby, you may want to rely on authentic sources such as the Bengali baby names list on Boldsky.

Be it Bengali boys’ names or a list baby girls’ names in Bengali, we have it all. Your efforts to find that perfect Bengali names for your newborn has finally come to an end.