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Name Meaning
Aaloka The Name Aaloka Means Lustrous Or The One Very Beautiful
Abhipuj To Adorn, Worship
Abhisoka Passionate, Loving
Aishwarya Wealth, Success, Fame
Anukanksha Desire, Hope
Aparaa Materialistic Knowledge, Top Level Of Intelligence, Limitless, Unique, Godly
Armav Ocean, Waves
Aryan Raj Illustrious, Noble, Spiritual
Ashmit Trustworthy Friend, Pride, Ever Smiling, Devine Smile
Ayushya Life Span
Balgovind Lord Krishna, Young Cowherd, Name Of Krishna
Bilvanilaya Reside Under Bilva Tree
Chandika Diminutive Of Chandana
Chapala Restless, Lighting
Chayanika The Chosen One
Chintak Thinker
Chiti Love
Dadhichi Name Of A Sage
Debashree Goddess Lakshmi, Divine Beauty
Dhanvantari Doctor Of The Gods
Dharmishtha Lord Of Dharma, Wants Religion
Elavarasan Beauty; Son of King; Prince
Galav To Worship, Ebony, Strong, A Sage
Gnya Famous, Scholar
Gurusaran Refuge At The Guru
Hari The Sun, Man, Green, Light, Moon, Another Name For Indra, Brahma Vishnu And Shiva
Hemasaranga Name Of A Raga
Hemlta Golden Creeper
Herak Glory Of Hera, Divine Glory
Hrehaan Gods Chosen One (Celebrity Name: Hritik Roshan)
Jasvir Get Victory, Hero Of Fame, Famous Personality
Jivraj Lord Of Life
Kaamada Generous
Kabilan Lord Ganesh, Name Of Saint
Kahkashan Stars
Keshi A Woman With Beautiful Hair
Ketit Invited, Called
Khushant Happy
Madhavi A Creeper With Beautiful Flowers, Springtime
Mahabala Having Immense Strength, Great Strength, Enormously Strong Lord
Mahanthi Goddess
Manaka According To The Mind, Affectionate
Manditha Decorated, Adorned
Marsh Steward, Patience, Deliberation
Meshva Goddess Of Desire, Goddess Parvati
Monalisa Noble
Mudil Moonshine
Navadurga All Nine Forms Of Goddess Durga
Navamani Nine Crystal
Nidhip Treasure Lord
Nityasundar Ever Good Looking
Nivritti Nonattachment
Phanibhusan Lord Shiva, The One Who Wears A Serpent As An Ornament
Pingalaksha Pink Eyed
Poojit Worshipped, Respected
Pranita Promoted, Led, Created, Grown, Holy Water, A Cup Used In Rituals
Puja Idol Worship
Raaz Secret
Rajaram King Of Rama
Rajinder Spontaneous
Rajoaba To Make Raj
Rajrita Prince Of Living
Rakshavanara Sangathine Saviour Of Boars And Monkeys
Risheek Lord Shiva, An Ascetic, A Sage
Rukmnin Wearing Gold
Sadhri Chief Or Leader Or Judge, Conqueror
Salaj Water Which Flows From Melted Ice From Mountain, Water Born
Samrudhi Goddess Lakshmi, Great Prosperity Or Success, Exuberance, Happiness, Good Fortune, Wealth, Power, Supremacy
Saptatala Prabhenthachha Rid The Curse Of The Seven Tale Trees
Sathya Raj Truth
Satvari Night
Sesu Snake, Venkateswara
Shakuntla Brought Up By Birds, The Heroine Of Shakunthalam
Shaman Jasmine, Soothing, Purifying, Hymn, Prosperous, Universal Plentiful
Shambari Illusion
Shanvitha Goddess Lakshmi, Peace-loving
Sharvi Divine
Shashanth Name Of Lord Vishnu
Shekhar Lord Shiva, A Crest, Diadem, A Peak, The Chief Or Head Of Anything
Sheshdhar One Who Holds Snake
Shibijyoti Ray Of Lord Shiva
Shrikirti Lustrous Fame
Siddhant Rule, Principals
Siddu Lord Shiva, One Who Has Achieved
Sowmitha Studious
Srish Flower
Sumangali Married Woman
Taluni Young
Tapish Strong Warmth Of Sun
Tejaswita Brightness
Thanavi Attractive, Slender
Thevan Godly
Tripuri Goddess Parvati, Three Cities
Ujjanini An Ancient City
Vaatika Garden
Varun Lord Of The Waters, Neptune, All Enveloping Sky, A Vedic God Regarded As The Supreme Deity, He Is Seen As Upholding Heaven And Earth And Guarding Immortality
Vihani Early Morning
Vikarnan Son Of Dhritarastra (Son Of Dhritrashtra)
Vimlesh Vimal Meaning Pure And Ish Meaning God . - The Pure Lord
Yathartha Truth
Bengali Baby Names

Just like the delicacies served in the state, Bengali names are quite sweet sounding.

Also, the extensive worship of various gods and goddesses worshipped in the state have a high influence on naming their babies as Bengalis often name their babies based on gods, goddesses or other characters from the Puranas.

If you have a Bengali lineage and want your newborn to carry the same tradition forward, you may contemplate giving them a Bengali name. If so, you have certainly come to the right place to look for inspiration.

The names that you give to your baby will go a long way in shaping their characteristics in the future. Therefore, you want to make sure that you get this right. Though there are many chances of you going wrong with a name that has a positive connotation for your baby, you may want to rely on authentic sources such as the Bengali baby names list on Boldsky.

Be it Bengali boys’ names or a list baby girls’ names in Bengali, we have it all. Your efforts to find that perfect Bengali names for your newborn has finally come to an end.