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Name Meaning
Aanush Beautiful Morning, Star, Following Desire
Aapeksha Passion, Being Passionate
Aarul Grace Of God, Blessing Of God
Aashtha Faith, Belief
Ainitosh Happy
Ajala The Earth
Anoohya Little Sister, Unpredictable
Ansil Smart
Anu Keerthi Atom
Anusheela Full Of Goodness
Anuttara Unanswered
Architha One Who Is Worshipped
Arin Full Of Joy, Mountain Strength, Ireland, Peace, Sunray (Celebrity Name: Madhuri Dixit)
Arunika Early Morning The Sunlight, Passionate, Fertile, Illuminating, Red
Avinandita Idiotic
Bavita Person Who Knows Future, Oracle, Bhagyavidhata
Bhandhavi Who Loves Friends & Family Members, Friendship, Relationship
Bhanusri Rays Of Laxmidevi
Chandrapushpa Star, Moon Light
Dakshata Skill
Daskh God
Deepa Laxmi Light
Deepamshu Part Of Light
Devadhipa Lord Of The God
Devappa Father Of King
Dhanishtha A Star
Dhrishnu Bold, Courageous
Dipayan Light Of A Lamp
Divya Deep Divine, Divine Luster, Heavenly
Durjaneeya Difficult To Be Known
Ganadhakshya Lord Of All Ganas Gods
Gatita A River
Gita Holy Book Of The Hindus, Song, Poem, The Bhagvad Gita, The Renowned Hindu Religious Treatise On Philosophy And Morality
Gunav Goon Ka Adhikari
Hirwa One Of The Four Vedas, Blessing
Iditri One Who Praises, Complimentary
Jagapathi Lord Of Universe
Jagrati Awakening
Jal Water
Jayantah Conqueror Of All Enemies
Jithendriyan The One Who Wins Over Senses
Jubin Honorable, Righteous
Kaali Night, Destroyer, Goddess Durga's In Her Terrifying Form, Blackness
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu, Consort Of Kamala
Kanakapriya One Who Loves Gold
Kapi Monkey, The Sun
Karnik Judge
Kiranmayi Full Of Rays
Koundinya Sage
Kritya Action
Limisha Twinkling Of An Eye
Madhumalati Name Of A Raga, A Flowering Creeper
Mahiransh Its Part Of Mahi Milk Prod
Manank Affectionate, Kind
Manorama Attractive, Beautiful, Pleasant
Manurai Founder Father Of Human Beings
Mayon The Black God
Naagavalli The Betel Leaf
Natabhairavi Name Of A Raga
Naubahar Spring
Navanya Beautiful
Parineeta Expert, Complete, Knowledge, Married
Prakriti Original, Nature, The Personification Of Brahman Or The Supreme Spirit
Prasidhhi Famous
Pratusha Saisudha, Early Morning, Dawn
Prenitha A Gift From God
Purvi A Classical Melody, From The East
Raahul Son Of Buddha, Conqueror Of All Miseries, Competent, Efficient (Son Of Buddha)
Retheesh Lord Of Seasons, Lord Of Truth
Rishank Devotee Of Lord Shiva
Rosy Deep Pink
Sanaya Eminent, Distinguished, Born On Saturday, First Ray Of The Sun
Sanraj To Regin Universally, Supreme Rule, Ruler
Sarjan Creative, Creation
Sasikala Phases Of Moon
Shanmuk God
Sharang A Musical Instrument, Distinguished, Brilliance, Light, Jewel, Gold Light, The Earth, A Musical Raag Another Name For The Love God Kaama And Shiva
Sharath A Season, Autumn, Breeze, Cloud
Sharmadha Making Prosperous, Shy
Shidh Lord Krishna
Shuk A Parrot, Bright
Smeet Devine Smile
Sphuritha Shining
Srinika Goddess Lakshmi Or Lotus Which Is In The Heart Of Lord Vishnu
Sumaira Successful, Celebrated, A Famous Woman
Swarnaprabha Golden Light
Teerthankar A Jain Saint, Lord Vishnu
Timothy Name Of A Saint
Toshin Satisfied
Trilokesh Lord Shiva, Lord Of The Three Worlds
Tushara Ice, Snow
Udichi One Who Grows With Prosperity
Upachithra One Of The Kauravas
Vaishwanar Omnipresent
Vaneesha Queen Of The Universe
Veenapani Goddess Saraswati, The One Who Bears The Veena
Vijendra Victorious
Vishnuvakshah Residing In Chest Of Lord Vishnu
Vyhaan Morning, Dawn
Yavan The Ionians, Quick, Mingling, Keeping Aloof
Bengali Baby Names

Just like the delicacies served in the state, Bengali names are quite sweet sounding.

Also, the extensive worship of various gods and goddesses worshipped in the state have a high influence on naming their babies as Bengalis often name their babies based on gods, goddesses or other characters from the Puranas.

If you have a Bengali lineage and want your newborn to carry the same tradition forward, you may contemplate giving them a Bengali name. If so, you have certainly come to the right place to look for inspiration.

The names that you give to your baby will go a long way in shaping their characteristics in the future. Therefore, you want to make sure that you get this right. Though there are many chances of you going wrong with a name that has a positive connotation for your baby, you may want to rely on authentic sources such as the Bengali baby names list on Boldsky.

Be it Bengali boys’ names or a list baby girls’ names in Bengali, we have it all. Your efforts to find that perfect Bengali names for your newborn has finally come to an end.