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Name Meaning
Abhirathi Pleasure
Aditha First Root
Agrata Leadership
Ahlad Bubbling With Delight,Source Of Happiness,Happy Mood,Delighted
Alishba Pretty
Amisha Beautiful
Anna Sustenance, Big Brother
Antra Middle Part Of A Song
Anuprabha Brightness
Archa Worship
Arwa Female Mountain Goat
Asriyah Modernist
Avanija Goddess Parvati
Baidehi Sita, Wife Of Lord Rama
Beenish Genius, Intelligent
Benazair Incomparable
Carita Love
Chanda Moon, Cool Like The Moon, Goddess Laxmi
Chiti Love
Darshana Observation, Seeing
Dhanadhanyaki Bestower Of Wealth And Food Grains
Dinarah Gold Coin
Dwani Voice
Esha'al Protected By God
Eshana Wish, Desire, Search
Eshmaal Bunch Of Red Roses
Gayatri Mother Of The Vedas, Goddess Saraswati
Gunita Virtuous
Haripriya Consort Of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi
Hayat Life
Hridya Heart
Humaila Golden Necklace
Ikshitha Visible
Inaya Concern
Iris Greek Rainbow
Jaimathi Victorious Mind
Jalpa Discussion
Jivika Source Of Life
Kanakabati Fairy Tale
Kanishka Small
Kavita Poem
Lail Night
Lali Darling, Blushing
Lavenia Purified
Ledah Birth
Leem Peace
Ma'isah Walking Proudly
Malarvili Beautiful Eyes Like A Flower
Mandara Large, Firm, Mythical Tree
Mangala Auspicious, Bliss, Goddess Parvati
Manimekhala Girdle Of Gems
Marya Mark, Limit
Milika Desiring Union
Minna Love, Mother
Misri Mixed, Sweet
Mrinalika Lotus Stem
Nabhi Centre Of Body, An Ancient King
Naganandini Mountain Born
Nasha Perfume
Neeti Good Behavior
Nilashri Blue Beauty
Nisi Emblem
Nupura Anklet
Owaiza Replacement
Pankajadharini Lotus Holder
Panna Emerald, Jewel
Parvati Goddess, Wife Of Lord Shiva, Durga
Pragyawati Wise Woman
Punam Full Moon
Rabab White Cloud
Radha Beloved Of Lord Krishna, Prosperity, Success
Ratnabala Jeweled
Rodarah Beautiful
Rokhamah Marble
Rudekah Decorate
Rufah Kind People
Rupashri Beautiful
Sabooha Pure
Sammathi Agreement
Satviki Goddess Durga
Selina Star In The Sky
Shaine Beautiful
Shalaka Goddess Parvati
Shanta Peaceful, Durga, Very Calm
Sheena God's Gift
Sowjanya Freely Available, Tender
Subarna Color Of Gold
Sudha Nectar, Amrit, Earth, Daughter
Tanushri Beautiful
Tarkeshwari Goddess Parvati
Ujwala Bright, Lustrous, Splendorous
Urshita Firm
Varsha Rain
Vedika Consciousness, Altar, Name Of A River In India
Vishwa Earth, World, Universe
Wadida Loving, Affectionate
Yatra Journey
Yousha Young Girl
Ziva Bright, Radiant
Zordena To Give Strength
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