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Name Meaning
Aaral Flower
Adrika Celestial
Aesha Love
Akula Goddess Parvati
Anasooya Friend Of Shakuntala, Wife Of The Sage 'Atri'
Anbar Perfume
Aparaa Materialistic Knowledge
Asalah Purity
Avaapya Achieving
Bareea Innocent, Blameless, Excelling, Originator
Chandrakin Peacock
Daisey Day's Eye, A Flower Name
Deepitha Illuminated
Devorah Honey Bee
Dhanalakshmi Goddess Of Wealth
Efrosini A Fawn Or A Bird
Eileen Friendly, Lovable
Elakshi A Woman With Bright Eyes
Farida Turquoise
Farkhandah Lucky
Flavia Golden Or Blond, From The Roman Family Name Flavius
Ghaya End Goal, Ultimate Goal
Gomti Name Of A River
Grhitha Understood And Accepted
Hemashri One With Golden Body
Hira Diamond
Ikshitha Visible
Iyalisai Music
Jahida She Who Is Striving
Kadisha Holy
Kaishori Goddess Parvati
Kamal Lotus
Kanishka Small
Kriti Work Of Art
Kshiraja Goddess Laxmi
Labeebah Wise
Lajvanti Touch Me Not - Plant
Lily Flower
Lochan Bright Eyes
Madri Wife Of Pandu
Mahbubah Beloved
Mamatha Pretty
Manoritha Of The Mind
Manthika Thoughtful
Mawahib Talents
Mayoora Pichhavalaya Wearer Of Peacock Feathered Bangles
Meghavini Intelligence
Mehvish Bright Star
Mrinali Lotus Stem
Orva Brave Friend
Padmagriha One Who Resides In Lotus
Padmashri Divine Lotus
Pal Moment
Pallavini New Leaves, Bud
Parina Fairy
Pragnya Famous, Scholar
Pranjali Honest And Soft, Dignified, Simple
Prasana Rising
Prima First
Pulak A Gem, Smile, Joy, Ecstasy, Rapture, Joy
Purtab Powerful
Rabica Neat
Ramaa Goddess Lakshmi
Raphaela Divine Healer
Rubina Blessed With Love
Rudrapriya Goddess Durga
Rupeshwari Goddess Of Beauty
Saddie A Princess, Lady
Salsabil A Spring In Paradise
Sanskriti Culture
Sanvali Dusky
Saura Celestial
Sharvani Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati
Shashini Lord Chandra (Moon)
Shayna Beautiful
Shridevi Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Of Wealth
Shweta Fair Complexioned
Shyamalika Dusky
Sreeya Goddess Laxmi
Sristi Creation, Nature
Suchita Beautiful, Auspicious
Sudeepta Bright
Sunjana Nothing
Suryani Wife Of Sun
Suvarna Golden, Good Complexioned
Talikha Nightingale
Tarai Star
Thankam Gold In Tamil
Turanya Swift
Unseea Love
Usra First Light
Vani Speech, Goddess Saraswati
Vanmalli Wild Flower, An Epithet Of Lord Krishna
Vanshi Flute
Varshitha Beautiful
Vimala Pure, Clean
Vistarini A Goddess
Yaschita Famous
Yashashvita Blessed; Glorious; Famous;
Yashasvi Successful; Famous; Giving Joy;
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