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Name Meaning
Ahanti Gift
Aneesha Friendly, Good Company, Supreme, Continuous
Anima Small
Anvi One Of Devi's Names
Archana Worship
Aruna Dawn, Sunrise
Bracha A Blessing
Chalama Goddess Parvati
Charulekha Beautiful, Picture Like
Charumati Intelligent, Wise, Beautiful Lady
Darshwana Pure Of Heart
Devani Shining, Celestial, Goddess
Devyani Like A Goddess
Dwipavati River
Fahhama Very Intelligent, Learned
Farihah Brisk
Farqad Name Of A Star
Fulki Spark
Hradini Lightening
Hubab Love
Hzim Strength, Care
Idalah The Hand Of Slander Or Of Cursing
Ilmeeyat Knowledge
Isiri Ishwary
Jael One That Ascends
Judith The Praise Of The Lord, Confession
Kanaklata Golden Creeper
Kanasu Dream
Kanmani Precious Like An Eye
Katyayani Goddess Parvati
Khadgaketaka Dharini Holder Of Sword And Shield
Kumkum Vermilion, Sacred Powder (red)
Lalaa Shine, Glimmer, Shimmer
Lashirah Very Intelligent
Lekha Shree Writing Of Goddess Laxmi
Madira Nectar
Mahalia Affection
Manjusri Goddess Saraswati
Mann Gift
Manshree Wish
Mantra Hymns, Holy Chants
Mayurika Peacock Feathers, Baby Peahen
Meghavini Intelligence
Mruthula Soft Natured
Naja Sucess
Nashitah Active
Natasha Child Of Christmas, Birthday
Navika New
Neepa A Flower
Nushi Sweet
Onsiyah One Who Brings Calm And Gladness To The Heart
Parameshwari Goddess Durga
Paridhi Realm, Limit
Pival Tree
Pusha Nourishing
Quartilla Fourth
Rachna Creation, Construction, Arrangement
Ramzia Gift
Rasika Sugarcane Juice, Connoisseur
Ratnali Jeweled
Rekha Line, Limit
Roma Goddess Laxmi
Roopa Blessed With Beauty
Ruchira Beautiful, Saffron, Tasty
Rupika Gold Coin
Sadhya Perfection
Sakhiya Generous
Sameena Happy
Satyaki One Who Is Truthful
Sharmistha Wife Of Yayati
Sherine From Sharon
Shivani Wife Of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati
Shreyanshi Superior, Fame
Shruthika Lord Parvati
Shwet Lovable; White; Fair Complexioned
Siya Sita
Sona Gold, Moon Light
Sumedha Wise, Intelligent
Sumia The One Who Listens
Sunayana Women With A Beautiful Eyes
Suraksha Protection
Susan Kinship
Tanmayi Ecstasy
Tehzeeb Elegance
Ujhala Light
Unni Lead
Usha Morning, Dawn, Sun Rise
Vaidhrithi Well Adjusted
Varalakshmi The Consort Of Lord Vishnu, Mahalakshmi
Vasatika Morning Light
Waahibah Generous
Yagnya Sacred Fire Ritual; Goddess Durga;
Yaksha Sister Of Daksha, A Demi God
Yalini Melodious
Yalisai Melodious
Yashawini Victorious, Glorious, Famous, Successful
Yashi Glory; Victory; Fame; Righteous;
Yonita Lady, Women, Girl
Yuthika Like a Flower; Multitude;
Zameena Holy River, Intelligent, Intellectual, Progressive, Productive
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