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Name Meaning
Aasmaa Excellent
Achala Constant, Stable, Steady
Agrata Leadership
Amina Honest
Anasuya Friend Of Shakuntala, Wife Of The Sage 'Atri'
Andalib Nightingale
Anuradha Bright Star
Aranya Forest
Archini Ray Of Light
Arub Loving
Ashu Quick
Ayushi Long Lived
Az-zahra Excellent, Smart
Baijayanti Prize, Garland Of Lord Vishnu
Bala A Young Girl
Bazilah Clever, Intelligent
Bhavani Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga
Briti Strength
Carol Strong
Chimayi Blissful
Deshna Gift
Devasree Divine Beauty
Dhanapriya Loved By Wealth
Edha Sacred
Eilessa A Pretty Flower
Gajagamini Majestic Like An Elephant Walk
Gandha Fragrant, Sweet Scent, Fragrance Of Flowers
Gemini Twins
Gitel Good
Gowri Bright, Goddess Parvati
Harimanti Born In The Season Of Hemanta
Helez Armed, Set Free
Hoor-ul-aen Bright Eyes
Induprabha Moon Rays
Indusheetala Cool Like The Moon
Ishi Goddess Durga
Ishwarya God's Prosperity
Jarul Flower Queen
Jovita Joy
Kadisha Holy
Kalidah Forever
Kalpita Imagined, Creative
Kameshvari Goddess Parvati, Goddess Of Desires
Karimah Noble
Katyayani Goddess Parvati
Kaumudi Moon Light
Kavin Beautiful
Keertana Hymn, Song In Praise Of God
Kimaya Divine
Kokila Cuckoo, Nightingale
Kriti Work Of Art
Kusum Flower
Lajjawati A Sensitive Plant, Touch Me Not Plant, Modest Woman
Lanika The Best
Mahajabeen Beautiful
Mahfuzah The Protected One
Mamta Motherly Love, Affection
Manasvi Intelligent
Manjira Ankle Bells
Masoomah Innocent
Mayuri Peahen
Miskeenah Humble
Mukunda Lord Krishna, Precious Stone, Freedom Giver
Nayana One With Attractive Eyes
Neera Amrit, Nectar, Pure Water
Nirvi Bliss
Omana A Woman
Padmakshi One With Lotus Like Eyes
Pampa River
Parveen Star
Pinky Pinkish
Qirat Beautiful Recitation
Rageswari Goddess Of Melody, Master Of Melodic Modes
Rageswari Goddess Of Melody, Master Of Melodic Modes
Ramana Enchanting
Rashmika Ray Of Light, Sun Rays
Raufah Rainfall
Rayna Pure
Ridhima Full Of Love
Rihab Vast
Roshen Bright
Rupinder Beautiful
Satyaki One Who Is Truthful
Sheena God's Gift
Shinjini Ankle Bells
Shrimayi Fortunate
Somya Soft Natured
Sujaya Victory
Sukanya Beautiful Girl, Comely
Suma Flower
Suvarnmala Golden Necklace
Talisha A Form Of Talisa
Unnati Progress
Uthami Honest
Vidisha Name Of A River
Vritee Nature, Behavior
Waheebah One Who Gives, Giver, Donor
Winona Eldest Daughter
Yashashvita Blessed; Glorious; Famous;
Yuvadhika Extremely Youthful
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