Astrology Predictions And Remedies, Horoscope, Zodiac Traits And More...

Astrology is a powerful science which studies the movement of the stars and planets to predict the future. It has always been a part of the traditions in our country. It is so deeply rooted in our culture and daily lives that most of us do not start our day without going through our daily horoscope. If you have any astrology-related queries, your answers are right here. Boldsky astrology will provide you with everything you need to know about your astrology predictions and horoscope.

Astrology is a science with many branches. Though, basically, the position of the stars and planets are used to make predictions, the other branches of astrology such as numerology, use numbers such as your birth date to predict your lucky dates and years. In Boldsky astrology, you will find numerous articles regarding numerology and your lucky/unlucky numbers.

Palmistry is another extremely popular method of predicting the future. Boldsky astrology will provide you with a wide range of articles which will help you study the lines of your palms and understand their meaning.

Life is always not a bed of roses. If you feel that things in your life are not going your way, certain remedies based on your planetary positions will be quite helpful for you. The Boldsky astrology will help you with astrological remedies tailor-made for your zodiac signs.

Every article in the Boldsky astrology section is curated by the best of astrologers, numerologists and palm readers. Therefore, for any astrology-related queries, be it predictions, numerology or palmistry, Boldsky astrology will fulfil all your astrological needs.

Have Questions About Future? Get Your Answers Here...

The placements of the planets in your birth chart influence your life from the time you are born. And with Boldsky to help, you can now know the exact arrangement of the heavenly elements affecting your life each moment. You get your daily horoscope and weekly horoscope along with the information regarding the precautions you need to take, in all spheres of life. Not just that, catch your monthly as well as yearly horoscope and be aware of the things you can expect throughout the year. In this section, we give you all the updates and predictions regarding career, love life, health, wealth, occupation and many more just to help you arrive at the best decisions of your life.

Looking For Astrological Remedies? Find The Best Here...

Tired of those unfavourable placements of the planets in your horoscope? Want to know how to maximise the positive impacts of the positioning of the Sun, Moon, Saturn and all the other planets in your birth chart? Or are you seeking remedies for the negative effects occurring due to the unfavourable placement of a planet in the horoscope? Here is the one-stop solution for all kinds of astrological problems in life. Boldsky presents do it yourself astrology remedies for different problems in life. From the list, you can choose the best astrological remedies for wealth, career, marriage and health problems as per the planets and your birth details.

Know Your Personality, Success And Love Life Based On Your Zodiac

Be it those qualities that set you apart from others or the flaws you often see in others, everything depends on your zodiac sign. Whether it is your hobbies or your expertise in a job, you can know everything about those unique as well as the common traits in your personality through numerous articles on moods, looks, success etc., of each sign by Boldsky on this page. Based on both the Sun and the Moon Signs, you can get the complete information about those traits of your zodiac which give you a distinct personality. Explore not just yours, but also the complete list of 12 zodiac signs w.r.t. dates, meanings, symbols and compatibility.

Learn Palmistry, Know Your Future

The science of reading palms and learning a person's personality and future by analysing hands, palm lines, fingers and fingernails is known as palmistry. Understanding the lines on your palm not onlyhelps you to learn about the person's identity but it also gives an insight into the individual's life, love and their emotions. This will not only help you analyse the person's past and future but also their potential being. Learning to read the palm lines gets interesting once you master the basic palm reading skills. You don't have to be an expert to find out things about your personality. All you have to do is look at your hands for answers. In this section of Boldsky, you will find answers to all your palmistry related queries.

Find Out Your Lucky Number, Unlock Your Future!

Numerology is the study of numbers and how they influence your life. The numbers that you see in your everyday life could be trying to tell you something. Your date of birth, phone number, or address can predict several things about you, in fact, they could be the key to your future. To help you understand your future, Boldsky here gives you free numerology predictions. Find out your lucky number and its significance through our numerology based articles as they can help you to see the strengths and weaknesses you are born with.






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