14 Simple And Effective Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Weight gain is common during pregnancy. The weight gained during pregnancy is linked to your pre-pregnancy body mass index (BMI). BMI is a measure...

It doesn’t matter whether you are a woman about to give birth to your first child or have a few children already, Boldsky Pregnancy & Parenting will help you get through your trying 9 months and the years beyond that by answering all your burning questions on the subject of pregnancy and parenting.

Pregnancy and Parenting Tips – Let’s face it: Every pregnancy has its challenges. And every parent faces moments of absolute cluelessness as they raise their child(ren). So if you are looking for good tips and how-tos to navigate these trying times, we have got your back.

Prenatal Information – Prenatal refers to the period before your child is born. And this period is fraught with perils, ranging from the risk of miscarriage to debilitating diseases like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. The articles in this category caters to all those queries so you are better informed and less likely to get the bad end of the stick.

Pregnancy Basics – From teaching you how to sleep at night to what you should eat during your pregnancy, this section will teach you all the basics of pregnancy, if it is your first time.

Postnatal Care – Postnatal refers to the period immediately after birth. And this period is a dangerous time for your child because they are very prone to infections and other illnesses during this period. Also, this is the period when you will be breastfeeding your child. So if you are not sure how to get your child to clamp on or how to protect him or her from pneumonia, then this section is the one for you.

How to Take Care of Your Baby – We have articles that will teach you how to bathe your baby, how to hold him or her when you breastfeed, how to swaddle them in blankets, how to change a diaper, and more.

Parenting Tips – From handling your child’s terrible twos to managing the mood swings of a hormonal teenager, we have articles that will give you parenting tips so you don’t feel stranded in the middle of nowhere during these trying times.

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