Divorce and Modern India: Expert Opinion On 3 Reasons Why Divorce Rates Are Increasing In The Country

Zarina is a Delhi-based lawyer. She is a single parent to a child with special needs. In 2015, she got a divorce from her husband. It was not an...

Human beings are social creatures. We thrive when our relationships with others are good, and falter and become depressed when they are not. Boldsky Relationship will help you navigate these important relationships in your life.

Relationship Advice – Whether you are starting out in your first relationship or have been going steady for quite some time now, this section will answer your deepest queries when it comes to keeping a relationship alive and reaching your relationship goals.

Relationship Problems – It’s baffling how we desire deep, authentic relationships but are afraid of it when it comes our way. This fear is most often the reason behind the commonest relationship problems ranging from intense jealousy and possessiveness to disrespectful behavior and oppression. This section aims to help you understand why these problems crop up in good relationships and what you can do to make it better. After all, the only person you can truly change is yourself!

Relationship Status – Wondering what it means when a boy stares at you all the time but never comes over to strike up a conversation? Or why your girlfriend is so afraid of making your relationship status public? We will answer all these and more in this section of Boldsky Relationship.

Dating Tips and Advice – From what to wear on your first date to what to do when you want to make it official, our dating tips and advice will help you out with the most pressing queries that every person faces when they are wading in the dating market.

Friendship and Family – While our romantic relationships often become the most important relationship in our life, we should never forget about the other people who helped shape us into who we are. Namely, our family and our friends. And this sections will from time to time answer all your queries related to this, like what to do when your mother-in-law is being unreasonable to how to celebrate your deepest friendships.

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