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Name Meaning
Aamod Pleasure
Aarth Meaning
Acaryatanaya Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Aswatthama
Alem Wise Man
Amitiyoti Limitless Brightness
Anjaneya Son Of Anjani, Name Of Hanuman
Ardon bronze
Ashis Benediction
Baqar Star
Bhagavaan The Lord, God
Birendra King Of Warriors
Boaz Swift, Strong
Celicia Not Found
Chandranath Lord Chandra (Moon)
Chandrashekar Lord Shiva
Chapal Swift, Lightning, Clever, Restless
Dalbert Bright, Shining
Dawson Son Of David
Eldon Sacred Hill
Faiq Outstanding
Ganaka An Astrologer, Mathematician
Gangesh Lord Shiva, Lord Of The Ganges River
Garud The King Of Bird, Falcon, A Large Mythical Bird
Gilboa Bubbling Water Of A Spring, A Pouring Out (of Joy)
Gulal Color Red
Hansraj King Of Swans
Hanuman Monkey God Of Ramayana, Devotee Of Lord Ram, Son Of Wind
Harikanth Dear To Lord Indra
Hemanshu Not Found
Himachal Himalayas
Iaan God Is Gracious- In The Bible, One Of The Apostles
Ilamporai Prince
Indrajeet Conqueror
Indrarjun Bright And Brave Lord Indra
Isaias God Is Salvation
Izat Respect
Jakarious Peaceful Friend
Jarlath A Tributary Lord
Jedidiah Beloved Of The Lord
Joshi Lord Vishnu
Kadar Powerful
Kandarp Lord Of Love
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna
Kearney Victor, Winner
Laavanya Beauty
Lalchand Red Moon
Lankesh Ravana
Ledyard Protector
Maandhata An Ancient King
Mahakram Lord Vishnu
Manjuprasad Snow, Dew Drops, Beautiful, Pleasant
Manth Thought
Mridul Tender, Delicate
Munir Shining
Musikvahana One Who Has Mouse As Charioteer
Nagdhar One Who Wears Cobra, Lord Shiva
Nalinikant Lord Of Lotus, Sun
Nasir Protector; Helper
Nathaniel Gift Of God
Nithilan Brilliant Like A Pearl
Onkar God
Ormazd Divinity Of Wisdom
Parindra Lion, Brave
Paritosh Contentment, Satisfaction
Parmaarth Highest Truth, Salvation
Patralika New Leaves
Pradnesh Lord Of Wisdom
Pratap Bravery, Dignity, Majesty, Vigor
Qaaid Leader
Rajan King
Sadavir Ever Courageous
Sadru Lord Vishnu
Safal Succeed
Saffar Coppersmith
Samudra Sea
Sandy Protector Of Humanity
Sanjay Victorious, Dhritarashtra's Charioteer, Triumphant
Saransh In Brief, In Short
Sarvadev Lord Shiva
Sarvanavel Lord Murugan
Shakunt Blue Jay
Shatjit Conqueror Of Hundreds
Shreedhar Husband Of Goddess Laxmi
Snehin Friend
Sopan Stairs, Steps
Suchit Person With A Sound Mind
Sugriva One With Graceful Neck
Sulekh Beautifully Written
Swapan Dream
Timothy Name Of A Saint
Vaikunth-Nath Master Of Heavens
Vasumitra Krishna's Friend
Vatradhara Practicing Penance, Lord Rama
Ved Vyaas Name Of A Saint
Vishanu Lord Vishnu
Vishvas Faith, Trust
Yaseen Leader
Yati Goddess Durga
Zehab Gold
Zuhayr Small Blossom
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