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Name Meaning
Aakaar Shape
Abhin Different
Acharya Teacher
Adityavardhana Augmented By Glory
Aganveer God Of Law, Sikh Origin
Aghosh Quiet, Soundless
Al-Hakim The Wise
Aman Peace
Amrit Nectar, Spiritual Holy Water, Immortality
Anunay Supplication, Consolation
Arijit Conquering Enemies, Son Of Lord Krishna And Subhadra
Atraiu Great Warrior
Avadhesh King Dasaratha
Bansi Flute, Instrument Played By Lord Krishna
Beau Handsome
Bhavesh Lord Of The Universe, Lord Shiva
Bhoj Name Of A Poet King, Meal
Chaddrick One who is warlike
Chandak Moon
Chetak Rana Pratap's Horse
Chirayu Immortal
Chitragupta Secret Picture
Chitraksh Beautiful Eyed
Dakhil Stranger
Dalpati Commander Of Group
Dhanaraj Lord Of Wealth, Lord Kuber
Dharmaveer Protector Of Religion
Divaakar The Sun
Duraimurugan Lord Murugan
Eekalabya A Pupil Of Dronaachaary
Gandhik Fragrant
Gran Dear, Beloved
Granthik Astrologer, Narrator
Izat Respect
Jaishankar Victory Of Lord Shiva
Jalendra Lord Of Water
Jarlath A Tributary Lord
Kamukh Passionate
Kapoor Saffron
Ketu Lord Shiva
Khaleed Immortal
Kirtan Songs Of Worship
Lian Honest, Soft
Luvya Loveable
Malin Strong
Marin Not Found
Mathi Moon
Mishael Who Is Asked For Or Lent
Musheer Advice
Nadim Friend
Nakul Name Of One Of The Pandavas, Twin Brother Of Sahdev
Narsimha Lion Among Men, Brave
Nelson Literally Son Of Neil
Newton New Town
Nilakantha The One With A Blue Throat
Nityanta Lord Vishnu
Omprakash Light Of Om, Sacred Light
Omswarup Manifestation Of Divinity
Pachaimuthu Youthful, Resourceful
Padmalochan Lotus Eyed
Palashranjan Beautiful Like A Palash
Pinak Bow Of Lord Shiva
Pingalaksha Pink Eyed
Prakat Manifested
Praket Intelligence
Prasannatman Cheerful
Putnam Dweller By The Pond
Qaasim One Who Distributes
Qadeem Ancient
Rafeek Friend
Rakesh Lord Chandra (Moon), Lord Of The Night
Ramprasad Offering Of Lord Rama
Rangith Well Colored
Ravikeerti One Whose Fame Is Like Sun
Saagar Ocean
Sagiv Mighty, With Strength
Sambhddha Wise
Sarmad Eternal,Everlasting
Satyaki One Who Is Truthful
Searle Armor
Shadi Singer
Shashish Lord Shiva
Shivank Mark Of Lord
Shyamak Lord Krishna
Sikandar Name Of A Famous Sovereign
Sudhith Kind
Surarihan Lord Shiva
Suresh The Ruler Of The Gods, Lord Indra
Swayambhu Self Manifested, Self Existent, Lord Shiva
Udayan Rising, Name Of King Of Avanti
Ujjwal Bright, Clear, Splendorous
Vaikunth Heaven, Abode Of Lord Vishnu
Varahamihir Ancient Astronomer
Variya Excellent
Vayya Friend
Vedamohan Lord Krishna
Xolani Peace; Tree
Yadunand Lord Krishna
Yatish Lord Of Devotees
Yunus A Prophet’s Name
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