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Name Meaning
Abhiram Pleasing
Aftaab Sun
Ananmaya One Who Cannot Be Broken
Anantram Eternal God
Arivanandhan Person Having Wisdom And Happy
Ashank Faith
Atma Soul
Balaganapati Beloved And Lovable Child
Balraj Mighty, Powerful, Strong
Bandhu Friend
Bhaaswar Glorious, Luminous
Bhupal King
Birju Nice Singer
Brijesh Lord Of Braj Land
Champak Fragrant Flower
Daitya Non Aryan
Darpad Lord Shiva
Deenanath Lord Of Poor
Devilal Son Of Goddess
Dhakaa Deep Insight, Sharpness Of Mind
Divit Immortal
Egaiarasu King Of Charity
Ekaaksh One Eyed, Lord Shiva
Ekachakra Son Of Kashyapa
Emam Leader
Fannar warrior, army
Gaganvihari One Who Stays In Heaven
Gangesh Lord Shiva, Lord Of The Ganges River
Gautama The Name Of The Buddha
Hemraj King Of Gold, King Of Wealth
Indrasuta Son Of Indra
Ishit One Who Desires To Rule
Jagadev Lord Of World
Jauhar Pearl
Jiya Ram Lord Rama's Heart
Jonny God Has Given; Gift Of God
Karnajeet Conqueror Of Karna (Arjun)
Keevin A Beloved And Handsome Man
Khemprakash Welfare
Kurinjvendan Lord Murugan
Layak Capable
Leo Lion
Lukka Light
Maandhata An Ancient King
Maharth Very Truthful
Nicky Victory Of The People
Olin Holly
Osaze Favoured By God
Ozzy God's Divine Power
Palashranjan Beautiful Like A Palash
Pallab New Leaves
Pankajeet Eagle, Garuda
Pavankumar Son Of The Wind, Bhim, Hanuman
Phanibhusan Lord Shiva
Pradhyot Ray Of Light
Pransu High, Tall
Prasenjit A King In The Epics
Praveen Expert, Skilled
Quinto Home Ruler
Rameshwar Lord Shiva
Ranjeet The Delighted One, Victorious, One Who Is Entertained
Rupeshwar Lord Of Form, Lord Of Beauty
Sahdev A Pandava Princes
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu
Samuel His Name Is God
Sarvotham The Best
Selvakumaran Prosperous
Shadab Fresh
Shagun Auspicious
Shalin Modest
Shan Pride
Shankara Giver Of Joy
Shishupal Son Of Subhadra
Shivadev Lord Of Prosperity
Shivakumaran Lord Murugan
Shivanath Lord Shiva
Sholk Hymn, Prayer
Shorya Brave
Shrikrishna Lord Krishna
Someshwara Lord Of All Gods
Suhayl Star
Sujat Belonging To A Good Clan
Sukhamay Pleasurable
Suram Beautiful
Susheel Good Character Man, Well-behaved
Swapnil Dream Like, Seen In A Dream, Dreamy
Swaroop Lover Of Beauty
Taraknath Lord Shiva
Tatya Lord Shiva
Turag Thought
Vairaj Spiritual Glory
Vanmali Wild Flower, An Epithet Of Lord Krishna
Vasav An Epithet Of Lord Indra
Venkateswara Lord Venkateswara
Vidit Lord Indra
Vidyaranya Forest Of Knowledge
Vimal Pure
Vimlesh The Pure Lord,Lord Shiva
Vrisini Lord Shiva
Yashaskaram Bestower Of Fame And Fortune
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