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Name Meaning
Aabish Lucky (Daughter Of A King, Queen Of Iran)
Abba Leader, Father
Adeeba Polite
Al-'Afuw Pardonor
Al-Fatir The Creator
Al-Muhainim The Protector
Ameen Faithful; Trustworthy
Amra Princess
Arfa Greatness
Arij Sweet Smell
Arisha Highness
Arzu Hope, Wish
Ateefa Affection, Sympathy
Awah Precious Stones; Jewels,Glances,Talents
Aymen Brave
Bakr Camel, First Born
Banujah Active Mind (Daughter Of Al Mahdi)
Buruj Signs Of The Zodiac
Cala Castle
Chaviv Loved One
Derneneh Heart
Dhakir One Who Praises Allah (Dikr)
Dhakiyah Bright
Dsaeed Admirable, Excellent
Ehan Full Moon
Einas Feel At Peace
Eshmaal Bunch Of Red Roses
Faaiz Successful
Faizal One Who Is Decisive
Fareeha Joyful, Happy
Farhan Happy
Fathima, Fatima Daughter Of Prophet
Fatir Creator
Ghania Beautiful
Ghashia Guidance
Ghasna Bud; Blossom
Ghuncha Bunch Of Flowers
Haaziq Intelligent
Habibah Beloved, Sweetheart
Hamim Close Friend
Hatifeh Grasp
Hijas Believer Of God
Hilal Moon, Crescent
Hilel Cheerful
Hilmi Gentle, Calm
Husn Beauty
Ibn Son
Izzah Powerful
Jabari A Valiant Man
Janisa Similar
Kaifiya Ecstatic, Mirghful
Kas Glass
Khayrah Good
Laal Ruby
Latifa Gentle, Kind
Leem Peace
Lukman Wise
Madaniyah Cultured
MahJabin Forehead, Moon
Malak Angel
Mas Diamond
Massoud Fortunate
Mishal Torch
Moiz One Who Gives Protection, Protected
Mukhlisah Devoted
Naazira Like, Equal, Matching, Observer, Supervisor
Nausheen Sweet
Nawar Flower
Neeshad Cheerful
Noorjahan Light Of The World
Onays Friendly
Onik Soldier
Owaiza Replacement
Pakeezah Pure
Qasmaa Beautiful, Gorgeous
Qurban Offering, Sacrifice
Rish Good Human Being
Riyad Gardens
Rizwana Beautiful
Rueya Dream
Saameyah Pure
Sabah Morning
Safiya Pure
Sajila Determined
Saqiba Sharp
Siddiq Righteous, Very Truthful
Sofia Beautiful
Taufeeq Courage
Thami Peaceful
Tooba Good News
Ubaidullah Lowly Servant Of The Allah
Umaiza Beautiful
Uwais Sage
Vikharath Messenger Of Allah, Great
Xavierra Bright, Owner Of A New Home
Yeften Loved
Yusma Beloved
Zaib Beauty
Zeeshah Respected
Zion Sign, Sunny, Parched Place, Homeland, Heaven, Monument
Muslim Baby Names

The religion of Islam celebrates the birth of a baby in a grand way.

Giving a suitable name to the baby is said to be the foremost and important duty of the new parents. This is because the name given to the baby at birth, will journey throughout its lifetime and also beyond.

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