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Name Meaning
Aaqil Intelligent
Aatifa Affection, Sympathy
Adeena Good Luck
Akbar Powerful
Amra Princess
Aqsa The Mosque Name
Badai Marvel
Bahar Spring
Basimah Smiling
Bazala Generous Woman
Buhjah Joy, Delight
Busr Star
Dastagir Brave
Dastgeer Helper, Supporter
Demleh Drop
Derafshan Spread-out Pearls
Desheya Good Day
Dhuha Forenoon
Dihyat A Companion Of Prophet Muhammed
Dil Aaram Sweetheart
Dil Ruba Lightness
Dureh, Durrah Pearl
Ebrahim Father Of Gratitude
Ehsaas Feel
Eikram Honor
Emaad Awesome
Emran Progress, Achievement
Eraj Morning Light
Fadiyah Redeemer, Self Sacrificing
Faeq Surpassing, Excellent
Faghira Jasmine Flower
Faizah Successful
Forhana Happy
Fozia Successful
Gharab Gold
Habwat Gift
Hatim King
Hayud A Mountain
Himam Destiny
Iba Pride
Imam Leader
Isma’il Name Of A Prophet In The Quran
Izzudeen Might Of The Faith
Jahida She Who Is Striving
Jammana Pearl
Jaza Reward
Kaazim One Who Refrains From Anger
Kadar Powerful
Kadin Friend, Companion
Kaleem Speaker, Talker
Kaliq Creative
Laiq Worthy, Deserving, Capable, Decent
Lina Tender
Lukman Wise
Ma'isah Walking Proudly
Maimoona Blessed
Massoud Fortunate
Maysam Beautiful
Mukhtar Chosen
Mysha Gracious
Nabhan Alert
Nabila Happiness
Nadeem Friend
Nadyne Flower
Nafees Precious
Naheed Honorable
Nayyab Very Rare
Nejat Freedom
Nyla Winner
Onik Soldier
Ozza A Baby Fawn, Young Female
Parbeen Clever
Peyman Promise
Qaisah Firmness, Strength
Qazi Judge, Justice
Radhia Well-satisfied
Raifa Kind, Softhearted
Rania Qhueen
Rawdah Paradise
Rebteh Unite Strongly
Rifsheh Broad
Rohaan A River In Paradise
Saat Moment
Sabir Patient
Saira Happy
Sajida Worship
Saleh Good
Sameere Jovial, Companion
Shireen Sweet
Tayyib Generous
Ubaydullah Servant Of Allah
Ulfah Frindship
Vasfia Character, Virtue
Vazir Minister
Wadida Loving, Affectionate
Xalvadora Savior
Zaafir Victorious
Zahar Sparkle
Zia Light
Zuhayr Small Blossom
Muslim Baby Names

The religion of Islam celebrates the birth of a baby in a grand way.

Giving a suitable name to the baby is said to be the foremost and important duty of the new parents. This is because the name given to the baby at birth, will journey throughout its lifetime and also beyond.

In fact, there is a set of names which are known to be permissible in Islam. Instead of going through the rules of naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions, you can simply browse through the list of Muslim baby names in our Boldsky section.

While there are a lot of Muslim baby names for boys and girls, it is important to understand the meaning and the derivation of the particular name when naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions. Therefore, it is always better to rely on trusted sources. At Boldsky, you will come across a wide list of Muslim baby names for girls and boys with their exact meanings.

Quran is the sacred book of the Muslims. It is said that every good name should be based on the Quran. If you are in search of Arabic names for girls and boys from Quran, Boldsky is the answer to all your needs.

However, some Arabic names sound very exotic but may not have a suitable meaning. If you are nursing a doubt regarding the meaning of a particular Arabic name that you have chosen for your little one, you can always refer to the Muslim baby names section on Boldsky for your queries.