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Name Meaning
Aadil Just
Afsar Best
Akleema Beautiful
Amaya Night Rain
Amna Peace
Ana Prestige
Anam Blessing, Grace, Reward
Ar-Ra'uf The Compassionate
Arfa Greatness
Arij Sweet Smell
Arzu Hope, Wish
Ateefa Affection, Sympathy
Ayan Luck
Aziz Powerful
Basilah Brave
Budat Prince
Calah Favourable
Charmi Beautiful
Chaviv Loved One
Daeymah Immortality
Daghfal Name Of First Islamic Geologist
Dakan Obedient
Daliyah Grape-wine
Dam-saz Friend
Dhakirah One Who Remembers God Frequently
Dur-Afshan Scattered Pearls, Beads
Dur-dana Pearl
Eikram Honor
Farhan Happy
Farih Happy,Brisk; Swift
Fazzilet Blessings Of Allah
Fikriya Wise
Fuwad Heart, Mind, Soul
Gadiel Fortune
Ghanim Successful
Ghazir Comfortable
Gias Helping
Humaid One Who Glorifies God
Ibrisam Silk
Ifa Satisfying
Ilaaf Protection
Irshad Wisdom
Izzaldin Might Of The Faith, Glory Of Religion
Jaazbia Love
Jahlil Majestic, God-like
Jannat Heaven
Jasia God Is Gracious
Jawahir Jewels
Karimah Noble
Kas Glass
Kauser A Fountain In Heaven
Khatera Memory
Layali Nights
Luftana Kind
Mahdi Guided By God
Mahfuzah The Protected One
Maladh Protector
Manahil Spring Of Fresh Water
Manha Gift Of Allah
Masoomah Innocent
Mawahib Talents
Mishel Light
Munna Young Lovable Boy
Nadeen, Nadia Hope
Nagheen Pearl
Naheed Honorable
Nakia Pure
Nasheed Beautiful
Nazeem Arranger,adjuster
Nurjenna Light Of Paradise
Omeed Hope, Faith
Osman Tender Youth
Pejman Desire
Qaabeel Famous Son Of Adam
Qadriyyah Strong
Qarun A Man Rich In His Soul
Raajeh Hopeful
Rabiha Winner,Gainful
Reeha'a Free
Rizqin Good Fortune
Rubeena Face Reader
Rubiya Spring Season
Ruyah Dream
Saadiqa Sincere
Sabaa A Nice Wind
Scirocco Warm Wind
Shafaq Aurora
Shakir Thankful, Grateful
Shariqah Shining
Sumia The One Who Listens
Toqeer Respect
Udai To Rise
Vaski Brave
Waheebah One Who Gives, Giver, Donor
Yaseen Leader
Yawer Helper
Zahir Apparen
Zehn Ability, Ingenuity, Intellect, Wit
Zgard Without Fear
Zuhaib Star
Muslim Baby Names

The religion of Islam celebrates the birth of a baby in a grand way.

Giving a suitable name to the baby is said to be the foremost and important duty of the new parents. This is because the name given to the baby at birth, will journey throughout its lifetime and also beyond.

In fact, there is a set of names which are known to be permissible in Islam. Instead of going through the rules of naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions, you can simply browse through the list of Muslim baby names in our Boldsky section.

While there are a lot of Muslim baby names for boys and girls, it is important to understand the meaning and the derivation of the particular name when naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions. Therefore, it is always better to rely on trusted sources. At Boldsky, you will come across a wide list of Muslim baby names for girls and boys with their exact meanings.

Quran is the sacred book of the Muslims. It is said that every good name should be based on the Quran. If you are in search of Arabic names for girls and boys from Quran, Boldsky is the answer to all your needs.

However, some Arabic names sound very exotic but may not have a suitable meaning. If you are nursing a doubt regarding the meaning of a particular Arabic name that you have chosen for your little one, you can always refer to the Muslim baby names section on Boldsky for your queries.