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Name Meaning
Aadil Just
Aahil Good Health
Abdul Servant(indicating Religious Service And Devotion)
Ablaa Perfectly Formed
Adeena Good Luck
Alishba Pretty
Azriel God Is My Help
Baazigh Shining
Bajih Rejoice
Bakar Morning
Baseem Smiling
Bazriqa Great
Begum Queen
Birrah Good Deed
Bisma Smile
Caitlyn Pure Beauty
Cid Lord
Dafiya Narrator Of Hadith
Daghfal Name Of First Islamic Geologist
Daliya Beautiful Flower
Dam-saz Friend
Darkan Perceptive
Daulah Power
Dhamir Heart, Conscience
Dil Peezer Favourite
Ezzah Respect
Fakhir Excellent
Faseehah Eloquent
Gibran Reward
Hazimah A Female Companion Of The Prophet
Hibat Allah Gift Of God
Humera The Imaginary Bird Who Soars The Highest
Ibriz Pure Gold
Ibthaj Joy
Iltefat Kind
Imam Leader
Ismat Protecting
Izzaldin Might Of The Faith, Glory Of Religion
Jaasira Brave
Jaleesha Heart
JamaalUddeen Beauty Of The Faith
Jameelah Beautiful
Jasham Eagle
Jasrah She Was A Narrator Of Hadith
Jehfil Strong
Jemal Handsome
Jericho City Of Moon
Jibril Archangel Of Allah(gabriel)
Kafeel Responsible
Khalis Pure
Lamiah Shine
Latifa Gentle, Kind
Liban Successful
Liyana Softness
Luay Strong
Lujain, Lujaina Silver
Madaha Praiseworthy
Mahbubah Beloved
Mann Gift
Mariyah Fair Complextion
Mas Diamond
Massoud Fortunate
Mawara Superior
Minha Grant
Mishall Light; Beautiful
Nahal Small Plant
Nazira Onlooker
Nurjenna Light Of Paradise
Ojla Rich
Parvez Success
Parwez Victorious Peace
Qais Firm
Qudsia Sacredness, Glorious, Holiness
Radhwa Name Of A Mountain In Medina, Contentment
Rafi Exalted
Raifa Kind, Softhearted
Rajwaa Hope
Reyhana Sweet Smelling Flower Of Paradise
Robeena Bright Fame
Roshen Bright
Roshini Light
Saadat Blessing
Sabeeyah Baby Girl
Sadia Lucky
Shiza Gift
Sofia Beautiful
Suhayl Star
Tabby Gazelle
Tamjid Praise
Unaisa Sweetheart
Vakil Lawyer
Vaseem Graceful, Handsome, Innocent, Honest
Vikharath Messenger Of Allah, Great
Waafiyah Faithful, Loyal
Wafiyy Loyal
Wisaam Communion In Love
Xander Splendid, Defender Of Mankind
Zakira Remembering
Zeb Beauty, Decoration, Decorum
Zohran Sun
Muslim Baby Names

The religion of Islam celebrates the birth of a baby in a grand way.

Giving a suitable name to the baby is said to be the foremost and important duty of the new parents. This is because the name given to the baby at birth, will journey throughout its lifetime and also beyond.

In fact, there is a set of names which are known to be permissible in Islam. Instead of going through the rules of naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions, you can simply browse through the list of Muslim baby names in our Boldsky section.

While there are a lot of Muslim baby names for boys and girls, it is important to understand the meaning and the derivation of the particular name when naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions. Therefore, it is always better to rely on trusted sources. At Boldsky, you will come across a wide list of Muslim baby names for girls and boys with their exact meanings.

Quran is the sacred book of the Muslims. It is said that every good name should be based on the Quran. If you are in search of Arabic names for girls and boys from Quran, Boldsky is the answer to all your needs.

However, some Arabic names sound very exotic but may not have a suitable meaning. If you are nursing a doubt regarding the meaning of a particular Arabic name that you have chosen for your little one, you can always refer to the Muslim baby names section on Boldsky for your queries.