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Name Meaning
Aadil Just
Aalee Sublime, High
Aaqilah Intelligent
Aashif Courageous
Aasia Hope
Al-Hadi The Guide
Ambreen Sky
Amna Peace
Az-zahra Excellent, Smart
Badr Full Moon
Baki Balance
Barakah Blessing
Barkat Blessing
Cyra Moon
Daaiyyah Inviter To Truth
Dara, Dahra Compassionate
Derneneh Heart
Dhukaa Dawn, Morning, The Sun
Dina Love
Diyari A Gift, A Present
Djamel Beauty
Doaa Pray
Eikram Honor
Eileen Friendly, Lovable
Elyas Name Of A Prophet
Erum Heaven
Faizan Abundance
Faraj Cure
Faraza Success
Fariza Light
Fiza Wind
Gadiel Fortune
Gohar Diamond
Hajid One Who Prays Tahajjud
Haleef Confederate
Hawa Eve
Hessa Destiny
Humra Rose
Husaina Diminutive Of Husn, Beauty
Ifza Protective Angel
Ikram Honour,respect
Indela Like Nightingale
Inga Powerful
Izat Respect
Izzaldin Might Of The Faith, Glory Of Religion
Kahlil Friend
Khalilah Good Friend
Khurshid The Sun
Lamis Soft To The Touch, Pure Silk, Tender Woman
Lina Tender
Luftana Kind
Madyan Name Of A Holy Place In Saudi Arabia
Mahsub Measured
Maisarah Wealth
Mariyah Fair Complextion
Masoud Happy; Lucky
Misfar Brightest
Murjanah Small Pearl
Na'eemah Joyful
Nahida Elevated, Delightful
Nailah One Who Succeeds
Nazira Onlooker
Nimra Soft
Noorjahan Light Of The World
Nuha Intelligent
Ormazd Divinity Of Wisdom
Qabool Accepted
Qadeer Powerful
Rafa Happiness
Rasheed Wise
Rasil Messenger
Reham Raindrops
Rehmah Kindness
Riham Fine Rain
Rufah Kind People
Saadah Happiness
Saaleha Correct
Sabr Patience
Sadeeqa Friend
Sajila Determined
Sameere Jovial, Companion
Shakil Handsome
Sheen Beautiful
Syahlaa Blue Eyes
Taheem Pure
Tareq Path
Vaski Brave
Waahidah Unique
Wafeeqa Successful
Waliyah Princess
Wamiq Friendly
Yaameen Blessed, Auspicious
Yazdan Merciful
Zabarjad Emerald
Zahabia Golden
Zahi Glow
Zamir Heart, Mind
Zarina Golden
Zeke Strength Of God
Zohran Sun
Muslim Baby Names

The religion of Islam celebrates the birth of a baby in a grand way.

Giving a suitable name to the baby is said to be the foremost and important duty of the new parents. This is because the name given to the baby at birth, will journey throughout its lifetime and also beyond.

In fact, there is a set of names which are known to be permissible in Islam. Instead of going through the rules of naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions, you can simply browse through the list of Muslim baby names in our Boldsky section.

While there are a lot of Muslim baby names for boys and girls, it is important to understand the meaning and the derivation of the particular name when naming your baby according to the Islamic traditions. Therefore, it is always better to rely on trusted sources. At Boldsky, you will come across a wide list of Muslim baby names for girls and boys with their exact meanings.

Quran is the sacred book of the Muslims. It is said that every good name should be based on the Quran. If you are in search of Arabic names for girls and boys from Quran, Boldsky is the answer to all your needs.

However, some Arabic names sound very exotic but may not have a suitable meaning. If you are nursing a doubt regarding the meaning of a particular Arabic name that you have chosen for your little one, you can always refer to the Muslim baby names section on Boldsky for your queries.