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Name Meaning
Cairo Victorious
Caitlyn Pure Beauty
Cala Castle
Calah Favourable
Chaan Beloved
Chaand Garden
Chaker Thanking
Challita Cool
Chamis Sun
Chanan God Was Compassionate, Cloud
Chandra Moon
Changeez Name Of King
Changez Solid
Chantz Good Fortune
Charagh Light, The Sun
Charmi Beautiful
Chasheen Sweet
Chaviv Loved One
Chawki Pleasant
Cheena Pure White Marble
Cheherazad Funny
Chessy Peaceful
Chhavi Reflection
Chiragh Lamp, Light
Chishti Famous Saint Whose Dargah Is At Ajmer
Chrishan Awakened, Almighty Lord
Cid Lord
Cyra Moon