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Name Meaning
Zaaba Gold
Zaad Victory, Success
Zaafir Victorious
Zaahidah A Lady Who Renounces This World And Devotes Herself Fully To Allah
Zaahii Successful, Shiny
Zabar Strong
Zabarjad Emerald
Zabeen Fair And Beautiful
Zaeem The Leader
Zafar Victory
Zafir Victorious, Winner
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgeable
Zahabia Golden
Zahan Gift Of God; World
Zahar Sparkle
Zaheen Intelligent
Zaheer Helper, Supporter, Protector
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant
Zahi Glow
Zahia Great
Zahid Saint
Zahil Calm
Zahin Great; Intelligent; Clever
Zahir Apparen
Zaib Beauty
Zaim Leader
Zain Handsome
Zakar Handsome, Kind Hearted
Zakir Grateful
Zakira Remembering
Zakiuddin Pure Of The Religion
Zameena Holy River, Intelligent, Intellectual, Progressive, Productive
Zamir Heart, Mind
Zarina Golden
Zayan Beauty
Zayba Adornment, Beauty
Zeb Beauty, Decoration, Decorum
Zebadiyah Allahs Gift
Zeebaq Mercury, Silver
Zeeshah Respected
Zeeshan Pompous, A High Standard, High In Dignity, Splendid, Magnificent
Zehab Gold
Zehn Ability, Ingenuity, Intellect, Wit
Zeke Strength Of God
Zemar Lion
Zewar Zewar Is A Kurdish Name For Boys And Girls That Means Adornment, Beautification. It Is The Kurdish Variant Of The Persian Name Zivar
Zeyad Prince, The Honest And Kind. Peace And Truth
Zgard Without Fear
Zia Light
Ziad Enlarging, Super Abundance, Protector Of Light
Ziar Laborious
Zill Shadow
Zion Sign, Sunny, Parched Place, Homeland, Heaven, Monument
Zohaib Leader, King
Zohair Best Friend Of The Last Prophet Muhammed (SAW)
Zoheb Little Gold The Dimunitive Form Of Zahab
Zoheir Glare
Zohran Sun
Zoomeer Leader
Zubair Proper Name
Zubaria Blooming Flower
Zuhaib Star
Zuhayr Small Blossom
Zuka Dawn, Morning, The Sun
Zukr Another Name For God, Pile, Treasury
Zulfat Friendship
Zunairah Flower Found In Paradise
Zyad Abundance
Zynah Beautiful
Zyva Brightness