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Name Meaning
Iba Pride
Ibadah Worship
Ibn Son
Ibrisam Silk
Ibriz Pure Gold
Ibthaj Joy
Ibtihal Prayer
Ibtisam Smile
Idala Victory
Idhar Fluff
Ido Mighty
Idrak Intellect
Ifa Satisfying
Iffah Purity
Iffat-Ara Decorator Of Chastity
Ifra Giving Happiness
Ifran Identity
Iftikar Thought
Ifza Protective Angel
Ifzal Superiority
Ihab Gift
Ihsan Kindness
Ijabo Hope
Ijlal Respect
Ikhlaq Virtues
Ikhlas Sincerity
Ikram Honour,respect
Ilaaf Protection
Ilham Inspiration
Ilhan Precious
Ilmeeyat Knowledge
Iltefat Kind
Imad Support
Imam Leader
Imran A Prophet's Name
Imsaal Unique
Imthithal Polite
Imtiyaz Great King
In'am Kindness
Inaaya Gift Of Allah
Inaya Concern
Indela Like Nightingale
Inga Powerful
Inseya Mysterious, Challenging, Intelligent, Narrated Hadith
Insiya Someone Who Remembers
Intessar Victory
Iqmal White Soul
Iqra To Recite
Iram, Irem, Irum A Garden In Heaven
Irfana Believer
Irshad Wisdom
Isbah Light
Ishaal Heaven's Flower
Ishaaq A Prophet's Name
Ishmael God Listens
Isir Strong,Powerful
Isma Safeguarding
Isma’il Name Of A Prophet In The Quran
Ismat Protecting
Isra Rainbow
Istilah Agreement
Izaan Submission, Obedience, Acceptance
Izat Respect
Izdihar Blooming
Izma Higher Poistion, Esteemed Previledge And Honour
Izum Obedient, Sincere
Izza Respect
Izzah Powerful
Izzaldin Might Of The Faith, Glory Of Religion
Izzati Noble
Izzuddin Honour Of The Religion
Izzudeen Might Of The Faith