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Name Meaning
Oadira Powerful
Ohda Responsibility, Guardianship
Ojla Rich
Olka Country
Omaijid Noble
Omair Brilliant
Omais Love, Affection
Omar-faruk Braver, Intelligence
Omaran Era
Omeed Hope, Faith
Omera Great Personality
Omideh Hope, Hopeful
Omna Obedient
Omran Solid Structure
Onays Friendly
Onik Soldier
Onsiyah One Who Brings Calm And Gladness To The Heart
Onslow Hill Of The Passionate One
Oraiba Intelligent, Educated And Intellectual
Oreeda Beloved
Orkhan Great Leader, Supreme Leader
Ormazd Divinity Of Wisdom
Orzala Brightness Of Fire
Osaf A Well Dancer
Osamaa Lion
Oshna Fragrance
Osman Tender Youth
Othman Wealthy
Owaid Helper
Owais Fearless
Owaiza Replacement
Ozer-gul Gorgeous
Ozza A Baby Fawn, Young Female