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Name Meaning
Taabah Pure
Taadeel Equality
Taahid To Console, To Guard
Taahira Pure
Taair Bird
Taaliah Fortune
Taaqul Wise Thought
Taariq Morning Star
Taban Glittering
Tabani Light
Tabby Gazelle
Tabina Enlighten, Sparkling
Tabish Brilliancy
Tahar Virtuous
Taheem Pure
Taheer Pure,Clean
Tahib Careful, Watchful
Tahin Creative, Unique, Intelligent, Genius, Logical, Wise
Tahira Pure
Tahmina Powerful, Strong
Tahseen Ornament
Tahsin Adornment
Taif Vision, Spectre
Tajim Respect
Tali Rising
Tamim Complete, Strong
Tamir Rich
Tamjid Praise
Tamseel Example, Allegory, Parable
Tania Fairy Princess
Tanisha Happiness
Taqi Pious
Tareq Path
Taroob Merry
Tasbeeh Remembrance Of Allah
Taseefa Clever, Smart
Tasif Intelligent
Tasiyah Comfort
Taslima Greeting, Salutation
Taufeeq Courage
Tauqeer Respect
Tawfiqa Good Fortune
Tayyib Generous
Tazam Be Superior Or Elder
Tazeem Honor, Respect
Tazmeen One Having Good Qualities, Nature & Habits
Thami Peaceful
Tippu A King
Tipu Tiger
Tirana Song
Tohid Obedient
Toma Twin, Palm Tree
Tooba Good News
Toqeer Respect
Toshana Lover Of Life
Tosif Praise
Toti Parrot
Trana Song