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Name Meaning
Aanand Joy, Bliss
Acharyanandana Son Of The Teacher, Another Name For Aswatthama
Aditeya Another Name For The Sun, Son Of 'Aditi'
Akroor Kind, Gentle, A Yadava Chief, Krishna's Friend
Amaranaath Immortal God, Lord Shiva
Anandamayi Full Of Joy, Blissful
Ananta Without End
Anasuya Friend Of Shakuntala, Wife Of The Sage 'Atri'
Anjaneya Son Of Anjani, Name Of Hanuman
Atmanand Blissful Soul
Avantika Queen, Princess Of Ujjain
Baijayanti Prize, Garland Of Lord Vishnu
Balagovind Young Cow-herd, Infant Krishna
Balgopal Krishna, Baby Krishna
Bhagwati Lucky, Goddess Durga
Bhasvan Lustrous, Full Of Brightness
Bhoj Name Of A Poet King, Meal
Bhoopat Lord Of The Earth
Bhramar Black Bee
Brajendra Lord Of Braj Land
Chakravarti A Sovereign King
Chanda Moon, Great Goddess
Chandan Scented Wood, Sandalwood
Chandrabhaga River Chenab
Chandraketu Moon Banner
Chandrakin Peacock
Damodara Tied With A Rope Around The Belly, Krishna
Dayaananda One Who Takes Joy In Being Merciful
Dayaanidhi Kind, One Who Gives
Deeptimay Lustrous
Dhanpati Lord Of Wealth
Dipesh Lord Of Lights
Divjot Divine Light
Ekaaksh One Eyed
Ekadant Another Name Of Lord Ganesha
Eshana Wish, Desire, Search
Feshikha Princess
Gautam Lord Buddha
Gautami River Godavari, Wife A Sage Gautam
Geeta The Holy Book Of The Hindus
Giriraj King Of Mountains
Girish Lord Of Mountains, Shiva, Mahadev
Gopal Lord Krishna, Cowherd, Protector Of Cows
Hiranmaya Made Of Gold
Jagathi The Earth
Kalinda The Sea
Kanishka A King Of The Kushan Empire In South Asia Who Supported Buddhism, Small
Kartik Name Of A Month In The Hindu Calendar, Bestowing Courage And Pleasure
Kumari A Girl Or Daughter, Goddess Durga
Lakshmi Goddess Of Wealth, Fortunate, Wife Of Lord Vishnu
Leela Devine Play, Amusement
Lila Playful, Divine Drama
Maheswar God Shankar
Mangalya Auspicious
Mohan Beauteous, Attractive, Charming
Naveen New
Niranjan Lord Shiva
Prem Love
Queta Fortress; Tall
Radha The Beloved Of Lord Krishna, Prosperity, Success
Rajan King
Rajinder Variant Of 'Rajendra', King Indra
Rohan Ascending, Sandal Wood, Healing
Sameer Early Morning Fragrance, Breeze, Wind, Entertainer
Satyen Lord Of The Truth
Shantanu Whole, A King Of Hastinapura In The Epic Of 'Mahabharata', Father Of Bhishma, Peace Loving
Shanti Peace, The Tranquil One
Shashi Moon
Shashi Moon
Shiv God Shiva
Shreyashi Good
Somnath Lord Of The Moon, God Shiva
Sumitra Name Of The Mother Of Lakshmana, Good Friend
Suryakant Loved By The Sun, Glowing, Good Looking, A Jewel
Tejas Sharp, Luster, Brilliance
Triloki Nath Lord Shiva
Tushar Snow, Winter
Urmila Daughter Of King Janaka Of Mithila, Name Of Lakshman's Wife
Usha Morning, Dawn, Sun Rise
Vedang Part Of The Sacred Knowledge
Vedanga Part Of The Sacred Knowledge
Watika Garden
Waydika Variant of Vaidika; Full of Knowledge
Widit Famous; Knowledge; Lord Indra
Yadnik Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
Yadva Devotee of Lord Vishnu; Mind;
Yajnya Sacred Fire Ritual
Yama Restrainer
Yashaswitha Wealthy
Yatudhani Magician
Yog Concentration; Meditation
Yogeeta Goddess Parwati
Yogita One who can Concentrate
Yugandhara Bearing an Era
Yukta Idea; Latitude; Attentive;
Yukthi Trick; Power; Strategy;
Yuvanya Youthful; The Young One;
Yuvarupa Young Beautiful;
Zatin Variant of Jatin; Lord Shiva; Saint; Name of Lord Indra
Zivaa A Glow; Brillance; Brightness
Sanskrit Baby Names

Sanskrit is said to be the oldest language in the world. It is known to have originated in our country, In fact, most of the other languages of the world are widely based on Sanskrit.

Parents usually choose a sweet sounding name with a deep meaning and a positive connotation. Names most commonly based on the names of gods and goddesses have a high significance. If you are on a lookout for baby names in Sanskrit with meaning, Boldsky is the right place for you. Here you will find an extensive list of top Sanskrit boy names with meanings that will make things quite easier for you.

The Vedas and the Puranas have high regard in our country. If you want to stick to your roots and pass on the same level of respect and understanding of our culture and heritage to your next generation, giving them names with a good Vedic meaning will be apt. On Boldsky, you will find some unique Vedic baby names for boys.

The Sanskrit baby names section of Boldsky will help complete your search, whether it is Sanskrit baby boy names, or female Sanskrit names with meaning.