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Name Meaning
Aadi First
Aalok Brightness, Light, Cry Of Victory, A Man With Lovely Hair
Aanjaneya Son Of Anjani, Name Of Hanuman
Aatmaj Son
Agneya Son Of Agni, Son Of The Fire
Agnivesh Dhronacharya's Guru, Bright As The Fire
Ambar The Sky
Anurag Love
Arnesh Lord Of The Sea
Aryan Illustrious, Noble, Spiritual
Atmanand Blissful Soul
Bhaasvan Lustrous, Full Of Brightness
Bhaaswar Glorious, Luminous
Bhadraksh One With Beautiful Eyes, Whose Eyes Reflect Auspiciousness
Bhargava Lord Shiva, Archer, Preceptor
Bhima The Mighty One
Bhushan Ornament, Lord Vishnu
Brahmaanand The Supreme Joy
Brajesh Lord Of Braj Land
Chandraayan The Moon
Chandramani Moonstone, Jewel
Chandran Moon
Chidaatma Supreme Spirit
Chiranjeeve Lord Vishnu, Immortal
Chitrangada Name Of Arjun's Wife
Deepankar One Who Lights Lamps
Deependra Lord Of Lights
Dev Divinity, God
Devvrat Bhishma
Dhatri Earth, Goddess Parvati, A Solar Deity, Representative Of The Sun
Dhyanesh Meditative, Lord Of Contemplation
Divakar The Sun
Durga Goddess Durga, Parvati, Devi
Gajbaahu Who Has Strength Of An Elephant
Garud The King Of Bird, Falcon, A Large Mythical Bird
Gauraang A Fair One, Husband Of Gauri (Parvati), Lord Shiva
Ghanashyam Lord Krishna, Black Clouds Resembling A Beautiful Upcoming Evening
Giriraj King Of Mountains
Gitanjali Collection Of Poems Or Songs, Presenting Songs As An Offering
Goswami Master Of Cows
Gudakesa The Archer Arjuna
Hiranya A Precious Metal
Jagadisha God, Master Of The Universe
Jagathi The Earth
Jaimini Victory
Jay Victory
Kama The Golden One, Love
Kanchan Gold
Kannen A Form Of Lord Krishna
Lakshmi Goddess Of Wealth, Fortunate, Wife Of Lord Vishnu
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu
Lal Lovely, Beloved, Dear One, Red Color
Malati A Jasmine Flower
Mandakini An Indian River
Mangala Auspicious
Manik A Light Pink To Blood Red Gemstone
Manikya A Light Pink To Blood Red Gemstone
Mayoor Peacock
Mina Precious Blue Stone, With Beautiful Eyes Resembling A Fish
Mohinder The Great God Indra (the God Of The Sky)
Narendra King Of Men
Oormila Daughter Of King Janaka Of Mithila, Name Of Lakshman's Wife
Opalina Jewel
Preity Affection, Love
Pushti Possessor Of All Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi
Rajinder The Emperor, King Of Kings
Rajinder Variant Of 'Rajendra', King Indra
Rajiv Lotus Flower
Ranjeet The Delighted One, Victorious, One Who Is Entertained
Rati Consort Of Cupid, Love, Joy
Rita Brave, Honest
Sanjay Dhritarashtra's Charioteer, Triumphant
Sharda Goddess Saraswati
Shreyashi Good
Sitara Morning Star
Sloka Hymn
Somnath Lord Of The Moon, God Shiva
Sukanya Beautiful Girl, Comely
Sushma Beautiful Woman
Tej Light, Lustrous, Radiant
Vasudev Father Of Lord Krishna
Vedang Part Of The Sacred Knowledge
Vedanga Part Of The Sacred Knowledge
Widit Famous; Knowledge; Lord Indra
Xeena Woman of Hospitality
Yaathana Smile; Heaven
Yadni Kind Heart
Yaja Worshipper; Pries-tress;
Yamya Night
Yashashvita Blessed; Glorious; Famous;
Yasotha Beautiful; God Gifted; Friendly
Yeshaswini Successful
Yogamaya Goddess Durga;
Yogeeni Lord Krishna;
Yogesh Lord Krishna / Shiva
Yogeshwari Goddess Durga
Yoginder God Of Yoga (Lord Shiva)
Yukthi Trick; Power; Strategy;
Yuvashree Young Princess; Beautiful; Angel
Zishya Scholar
Sanskrit Baby Names

Sanskrit is said to be the oldest language in the world. It is known to have originated in our country, In fact, most of the other languages of the world are widely based on Sanskrit.

Parents usually choose a sweet sounding name with a deep meaning and a positive connotation. Names most commonly based on the names of gods and goddesses have a high significance. If you are on a lookout for baby names in Sanskrit with meaning, Boldsky is the right place for you. Here you will find an extensive list of top Sanskrit boy names with meanings that will make things quite easier for you.

The Vedas and the Puranas have high regard in our country. If you want to stick to your roots and pass on the same level of respect and understanding of our culture and heritage to your next generation, giving them names with a good Vedic meaning will be apt. On Boldsky, you will find some unique Vedic baby names for boys.

The Sanskrit baby names section of Boldsky will help complete your search, whether it is Sanskrit baby boy names, or female Sanskrit names with meaning.