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Name Meaning
Aabha Glow
Abhinava New, Young, Fresh, Modern
Abhinay Expression
Abhinit Acted
Abhira Cowherd
Aftab, Aftaab The Sun
Anandani Joyful
Angamuthu Made Of Pearls
Anubhuti Experience
Apala Most Beautiful
Aseelah From Noble Family
Augadh One Who Revels All The Time
Avdhut Lord Dutta
Ayushi Long Lived
Bahuliya Lord Kartikeya
Bhanan Elephant Faced
Bhuvi Heaven
Chandrabha Moon Light
Charulata Beautiful, Creeper Like
Deenath Lord Vishnu
Devarya Divine Belief
Dhevaneyan Pious
Dilber Lover, Beloved
Divyanga Divine Body
Gatik Speed, Fast, Progressive
Girvaan Language Of God
Gorakhanatha A Famous Medieval Hindu Yogi, Mastered His Senses
Hamsini One Who Rides A Swan, Goddess Saraswati
Hemadri Golden Hills, Mountain Of Gold
Hemdev Lord Of Wealth
Heramb Lord Ganesh, Respected And Calm Person
Iyalisai Music
Jai Conqueror, Defeater, Victorious
Jatan Nurturing
Jaya Sai Not Found
Jiya Sweet Heart
Kamalesh The Preserver, Lord Vishnu
Kananbala Nymph Of The Forest
Kanira Grain
Koshin Delicate Bud
Kotijit Conquering Millions
Krishna Dark Complexioned, Lord Krishna, Name Of A River
Kuval Wisdom
Leela Playful, Divine Drama, Amusement
Lily Flower
Loknaath Lord Of The Universe
Mahaveer A Jain Prophet, One With Super Courage
Mandakranta A Sanskrit Metre
Mandeep Light Of Mind
Martanda Lord Surya (Sun)
Minnoli Brilliant Like Lightning
Mruda Goddess Parvati, Affectionate
Mukut Crown
Nabhith Fearless
Nalin Lotus, Water
Padmapriya Lover Of Lotus, Goddess Laxmi
Panchal Lord Shiva
Paramartha Highest Truth, Divine Truth
Parin Lord Ganesh
Pathik Traveler
Pinakin Lord Shiva
Piyush Milk, Amrit, Elixir, Drink That Makes One Immortal
Prajesh Lord Brahma
Preetish Lord Of Love
Rajanikant Sun
Rajarshi King's Sage
Ranjit The Delighted One, Victorious, One Who Is Entertained
Rupashri Beautiful
Sahiba Lady
Sahitha Being Near
Samanvi One Who Poses All Best Qualities
Samarendra Lord Of War, Lord Vishnu
Sanam Beloved
Santhosh Satisfaction, Happiness
Sarvaraidu Ruler Of Entire Universe
Satyam Honesty
Savitashri Luster Of The Sun
Shambhavi Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati
Sharda Goddess Saraswati
Shejali Fruit
Somprakash Moon Light
Subhag Fortunate
Sunita One With Good Morals, Well Behaved
Suprakash Manifested
Svitra White
Tejal Lustrous, Bright, Radiant
Teju Full Of Light
Thangamani Golden
Thulasi Holy Plant With Sweet Fragrance (Basil)
Tripurajit Lord Shiva
Umaprasad Blessing Of Goddess Parvati
Vaidehi Goddess Sita, Wife Of Lord Rama
Vaikunth Heaven, Abode Of Lord Vishnu
Vaisak Season
Varindra Lord Of Ocean, Lord Of All
Vashisht Guru
Vedanth Ultimate Wisdom, Conclusions Of The Vedas
Vedashri Goddess Saraswati, One Who Knows All Vedas
Virali Priceless, Valuable, Rare, Precious
Yaudhavir Lord Krishna
Hindu Baby Names

Our country is unique in its culture and heritage, which is passed on from generation to generation. You can always take this tradition forward by giving your newborn baby a traditional name in accordance with the Hindu customs. Boldsky will certainly help you in this endeavour by providing you with a list of unique Hindu baby names which will reflect your culture and pride.

Choosing a perfect name for your newborn is an art. While you want the name to sound sweet but can be easily pronounced with a good meaning, finding all these characteristics in one name can be quite challenging. But what if you have hundreds of options to choose from? At Boldsky, you will get just that. With so many baby names suggestions, you can certainly find that one right name for your precious one.

Some parents would want their baby names to be quite modern, to keep up with the times. If you are looking for a unique or rare baby name for your little bundle of joy, Boldsky has a wide array of suggestions just for you.

Often, the characters on the Vedas, Puranas and the Bhagvat Geeta are searched for a suitable baby name. At Boldsky, the extensive array of names is in accordance with these ancient books, giving you many options for naming your baby boy/girl according to Hindu traditions.