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Name Meaning
Abhijeet One Who Is Victorious
Abhiruc The Sun
Aboli Name Of A Flower
Agamya Knowledge, Wisdom
Agha Pre Eminent
Akroor Kind, Gentle, A Yadava Chief, Krishna's Friend
Anandi Always Happy, Joyful, Unending
Angaj Son
Aniha Indifferent
Antim Last
Apeksha Expected
Arhan Tirthankara
Arulchelvan Blessed
Arvan One Of The Moon's Horses
Asha Hope, Aspiration, Expectation
Atiksh Wise
Avantikaa Princess Of World/ Goddess Of Ujjaini
Batnasiddhikara Granter Of Strength
Bhavyasri Grand, Splendid
Bheru Friend
Charita Good
Deepanwita Diwali
Devang Part Of God
Dhan Wealth
Fagun A Hindu Calendar Month
Harshika Joyful, Happy, One Who Gives Happiness
Hira Diamond
Hita Lovable
Hitaishi Well Wisher, Well To Do
Hitakrit Well Wisher, Well To Do
Idhitri One Who Praises
Induleksh Moon
Jagad Universe
Jaganmay Spread Over The Universe
Jagrati Awakening, Vigilance
Jhoomer Ornament
Kailashadhipati Lord Of Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva
Kalimohan Devotee Of Goddess Kali
Kaliranjan Devotee Of Goddess Kali
Kalpita Imagined, Creative
Ketana Home, Dwelling
Kovida Wise
Mahesh Lord Shiva, A Great Ruler, Supreme God
Mahipati King
Manika Jewels, Ruby
Manisi Desired By Heart
Mena Wife Of Himalayas, Female Parrot
Mitanshu Border, Friendly Element
Nagararakshika Protector Of Land
Nalinaksh Lotus Eyed
Natesh King, Lord Shiva
Neeraja Lotus, Born From Water
Omswarup Manifestation Of Divinity
Pankti Sentence, Line Of Words
Poornanand Complete Joy
Prajakta Fragrant Flower
Puskara Blue Lotus, Fountain
Rageswari Goddess Of Melody, Master Of Melodic Modes
Ramdas Devotee Or Servant Of Lord Rama
Sabarinathan Lord Ayyapa
Sagarika Wave, Born In The Ocean
Samanvi One Who Poses All Best Qualities
Samullasita Beautiful, Shining Forth
Sarvendra Lord Of All
Shaildhar One Who Holds Mountain, Lord Krishna
Shankara Giver Of Joy
Shevantilal Chrysanthemum
Shilang Virtuous
Shirdi Prasad Lord Sai Baba
Shreeparna Tree Adorned With Leaves
Shridhar Lord Vishnu
Sivanta Lord Shiva
Srinivas Abode Of Wealth
Sudhith Kind
Sukanya Beautiful Girl, Comely
Suneel Blue Stone
Sunil Dark Blue, Red Lotus, Pomegranate Tree
Suryakant Loved By The Sun, Glowing, Good Looking, A Jewel
Sushim Moon Stone
Tanul To Expand, Progress
Tarana Musical Composition
Taru Tree, Small Plant
Udbal Mighty, Strong
Utpalini Lotus Pond
Varaah An Epithet Of Lord Vishnu
Vartika Lamp
Venah Pining
Vinanti Prayer, Request
Vinayak Lord Ganesh, Remover Of Obstacles
Vishaalaaksh Large Eyed
Vishweshwar Lord Of Universe
Vivaan Lord Krishna
Vrajalal Lord Krishna
Vrishabhanu Father Of Goddess Radha
Vrishin Peacock
Vristi Rain, Shower
Yashas Victory, Glory, Fame, Success
Yogadeva Lord Of Yoga
Yuvraani Princess
Zankrut Auspicious
Hindu Baby Names

Our country is unique in its culture and heritage, which is passed on from generation to generation. You can always take this tradition forward by giving your newborn baby a traditional name in accordance with the Hindu customs. Boldsky will certainly help you in this endeavour by providing you with a list of unique Hindu baby names which will reflect your culture and pride.

Choosing a perfect name for your newborn is an art. While you want the name to sound sweet but can be easily pronounced with a good meaning, finding all these characteristics in one name can be quite challenging. But what if you have hundreds of options to choose from? At Boldsky, you will get just that. With so many baby names suggestions, you can certainly find that one right name for your precious one.

Some parents would want their baby names to be quite modern, to keep up with the times. If you are looking for a unique or rare baby name for your little bundle of joy, Boldsky has a wide array of suggestions just for you.

Often, the characters on the Vedas, Puranas and the Bhagvat Geeta are searched for a suitable baby name. At Boldsky, the extensive array of names is in accordance with these ancient books, giving you many options for naming your baby boy/girl according to Hindu traditions.