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Name Meaning
Aabheer Cow Herd
Aarti Form Of Worship
Achala Constant, Stable, Steady
Alaina Dear Child
Alampata Ever Eternal Lord
Amitha Desired
Ananta Infinite, Joyful, Unending
Anemone Type Of Flower
Angad An Ornament
Annisa Friendly
Arham The Word That Is Like Om For Jain Community
Bahugandha One With Lot Of Scent
Bavyesh Lord Of The World, Lord Shiva
Bhanumitra Friend Of Sun, Planet Mercury
Bijal Lightening
Brinda Tulsi (Basil), Goddess Radha
Ceyone Rising Sun
Champabati Capital
Chandram Lord Chandra (Moon)
Dayaswarup Merciful
Devendrashika Protector Of All Gods
Devnarayan King
Dhilan Son Of Waves
Dipendra Lord Of Lamp, Lord Of Light
Eashan Lord Vishnu
Ekram Honor
Gautami River Godavari, Wife A Sage Gautam
Gokul Place Where Lord Krishna Was Brought Up
Gopichand Name Of A King
Gurmukh Pious Man
Hiranmay Made Of Gold, Golden
Indumauli Moon Crested
Iswarya Not Found
Iyla Moonlight
Jairam Victory Of Lord Rama
Jaya Kumar Not Found
Jivita Life
Kaviraj Doctor
Kesarisut Son Of Kesari
Khushboo Fragrance
Kirati Goddess Durga
Komal Tender, Soft, Delicate
Kundanika Golden, Flower
Laghun Quick
Leena A Devoted One, Tender
Madhuri Sweetness, Charming
Makali Moon
Mohajit Attractive
Mrinendra Lion, Brave
Mukta Liberated, Pearl
Mukut Crown
Murukan Lord Murugan
Nadeen Ocean
Nayath Leading
Nazima Song
Neelkanta Lord Shiva
Nideeshwarama Giver Of Wealth And Treasures
Nila Enchanting Moon
Nishanath Lord Chandra (Moon)
Nishesh Lord Chandra (Moon), Entire
Omswarup Manifestation Of Divinity
Padmanabha The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel, Lord Vishnu
Parvatipreet Goddess Parvati's Inspiration
Pavalan Skilled In Literature
Perumal Lord Venkateshwara
Phoolendu Full Moon
Priyangi Goddess Laxmi
Rituraj King Of Seasons, Spring
Rupinder Beautiful
Rustom Warrior
Sami Someone Dear To You
Sarojini Lotus
Sateendra Lord Of Truth
Sawini Name Of A River
Sendhilnathan Lord Murugan
Shanvitha Goddess Laxmi
Shivangel Angel, Messenger Of Lord Shiva
Shivas Lord Shiva
Somansh Half Moon
Somendra Moon, Lord Indra
Sukarman Reciter Of Thousand Samhitas
Suneeti Mother Of Dhruva
Surarchita Worshipped By Celestials
Sutapa Seeker Of God
Talib Divine
Tridiva Heaven
Tulsi Sacred Plant (Basil)
Udvita River Filled With Lotus Flowers
Vanadev Lord Of Forest
Vania God's Gift
Vanij Lord Shiva
Vanjan Graceful Lady
Varun Lord Of Waters, Neptune
Vasantamaalika Garland Of Spring
Vibali Young
Viral Priceless, Valuable, Rare, Precious
Vishvanaath Lord Of The Universe
Vishwambhara Earth
Xetrapati Lord of the Body
Yoginder God Of Yoga (Lord Shiva)
Hindu Baby Names

Our country is unique in its culture and heritage, which is passed on from generation to generation. You can always take this tradition forward by giving your newborn baby a traditional name in accordance with the Hindu customs. Boldsky will certainly help you in this endeavour by providing you with a list of unique Hindu baby names which will reflect your culture and pride.

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Often, the characters on the Vedas, Puranas and the Bhagvat Geeta are searched for a suitable baby name. At Boldsky, the extensive array of names is in accordance with these ancient books, giving you many options for naming your baby boy/girl according to Hindu traditions.