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Name Meaning
Aadrika Mountain, Celestial
Aanandswarup Full Of Joy, Blissful, Always Happy, Cheerful
Abhir A cowherd, Name of dynasty
Alopa Faultless
Anish Supreme, Continuous, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
Arumugathamudhu Lord Murugan
Batnasiddhikara Granter Of Strength
Bhagyashri Goddess Laxmi, Lucky, Fortunate, Auspicious
Bhanumati Full Of Luster, Famous, River Ganga, Bright, Shining
Bhupendra King Of Kings, Emperor
Chandraprabha Moon Light
Chiranjeet, Chirayu Immortal
Chitrarathi Bright Chariot
Danucitra Brilliant With Dew
Devadutt Gift Of God
Devakanya Celestial Maiden
Dheeptha Goddess Laxmi
Dhruti Motion
Didar Vision
Digvastra Sky Clad
Elumalai Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Of Seven Hills
Eshwar Lord Shiva, God
Faguni Beautiful, Born In Falgun - A Hindu Calendar Month
Ganaraj Lord Of Clan
Gudakesha The Archer Arjun
Harita Green
Harith Lion, Brave
Hitaishi Well Wisher, Well To Do
Ishanika Belonging To The North East
Jagadambika Goddess Durga
Janitha Born
Kal-Hans Swan
Kshipra Name Of A River In India
Kukur Flower
Kunjalata Forest Creeper
Kushagra Intelligent
Kuvalaya Lotus, World
Lavana Handsome
Madhunisha Pleasant Night
Mahamani Lord Shiva
Maheshkumar Son Of Lord Shiva
Mal Marugan Lord Murugan
Manitha Honored
Martand Lord Surya (Sun)
Mathi Moon
Mithran Sun
Naagraj King Of Serpents, Sheshnaag
Nabhas Sky
Nandlal Lord Krishna
Navrang Beautiful, Colorful
Navtej New Light
Nilaa Moon
Ninaad Sound, Gentle Sound Of Water
Nissim Unbounded
Nitara Deeply Rooted
Nitya Pushta Goddess Laxmi
Ojas Body Strength, Luster, Brilliance, Shine, Glow
Ojasvi Bright
Ojaswini Lustrous
Omeshwar Lord Of Om
Prajeet Victorious
Purumitra Friend Of City
Raahi Traveler
Rajeswari Not Found
Ram Sewak Servant Of Lord Rama
Revita Star, Prosperity
Rupal Made Of Silver
Saatatya Never Ending
Sainath Saibaba
Samendra Winner Of War
Sanwari Dusky
Sanya Born On Saturday
Sargam Musical Notes
Sarvadaman Son Of Shakuntala - Bharat
Shivanjali Wife Of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati
Shrivarah Lord Vishnu
Shrivardhan Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
Smriti Memory: Recollection
Snehal Love, Bring Love To People, Friendly
Somnath Lord Of The Moon, Lord Shiva
Sragvi Sacred Tulsi Plant (Basil)
Srivathsa Lord Of Srimaha, Lord Vishnu
Suchandra Beautiful
Sunila Blue
Suniska Beautiful Smile
Suprabha Radiant
Swetaketu An Ancient Sage
Taj Crown, Jewel
Tathagat Title Of The Lord Buddha
Trilok Three Worlds (heaven, Earth, Hell)
Trishanku A King Of The Surya Dynasty
Vachan Promise, Commitment, Speech
Varisha Rain
Vasav An Epithet Of Lord Indra
Viamrsh Lord Shiva
Vijigeesh Desire Of Victory
Vipreet Different
Vishva Earth, World, Universe
Yagyesh Lord Of The Sacrificial Fire
Yugantar Ever Lasting
Hindu Baby Names

Our country is unique in its culture and heritage, which is passed on from generation to generation. You can always take this tradition forward by giving your newborn baby a traditional name in accordance with the Hindu customs. Boldsky will certainly help you in this endeavour by providing you with a list of unique Hindu baby names which will reflect your culture and pride.

Choosing a perfect name for your newborn is an art. While you want the name to sound sweet but can be easily pronounced with a good meaning, finding all these characteristics in one name can be quite challenging. But what if you have hundreds of options to choose from? At Boldsky, you will get just that. With so many baby names suggestions, you can certainly find that one right name for your precious one.

Some parents would want their baby names to be quite modern, to keep up with the times. If you are looking for a unique or rare baby name for your little bundle of joy, Boldsky has a wide array of suggestions just for you.

Often, the characters on the Vedas, Puranas and the Bhagvat Geeta are searched for a suitable baby name. At Boldsky, the extensive array of names is in accordance with these ancient books, giving you many options for naming your baby boy/girl according to Hindu traditions.