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Name Meaning
Abhigyaan Source Of Knowledge
Abhra Cloud
Abhyagni Towards The Fire, Son Of Aitasa
Amal Bright, Clean, Pure, Hope, Wish
Amvi A Goddess
Anbarasu King Of Love
Anilaabh Spirit Of The Wind
Anya Inexhaustible
Aparajita Undefeated, Nightingale (Koel), Goddess Durga
Aryav Noble
Ashrith One Who Gives Refuge To Others
Asmita Pride
Ayushmati Blessed With Long Life
Beenal Not Found
Bhuvneshwar Abode Of God
Darpanika Small Mirror
Deepana Lighting Up, Illumination
Dhanapriya Loved By Wealth
Dishi Direction
Faiyaz Artistic
Geena Silvery
Grahish Lord Of Planets
Hansaraj King Of Swan
Hoor Celestial
Hriman Wealthy
Indrakshi One With Beautiful Eyes
Ishani Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva's Wife
Ishi Goddess Durga
Jagadisha God, Master Of The Universe
Jailekha Record Of Victory
Jayshri Victorious, Goddess Of Victory
Jwalia Lord Shiva
Kaarikaa Actress
Kadambini Array Of Clouds
Kal-Hans Swan
Kanmani Precious Like An Eye
Kanwaljit Lotus
Karthik Hindu Calendar Month, Bestowing Courage And Pleasure
Kripanidhi One With Heart Full Of Mercy
Kunal Lotus, Son Of Emperor Ashok
Lajita Modest
Lakshaki Goddess Sita
Lilavati Playful, Goddess Durga
Lokesh King Of World, Lord Brahma, Lord Indra
Lokprakash Light Of World
Maagh Name Of A Hindu Month
Malhar A Raga In Indian Music
Mangesh Lord Shiva
Maraal Swan
Matanga Sage, Advisor To Devi Lalita
Miraya Lord Krishna's Devotee
Murarilal One Who Holds A Flute, Lord Krishna
Nabhith Fearless
Nachiketa An Ancient Rishi, Fire
Nandika Goddess Laxmi, Water Vessel Made Up Of Clay
Narayana Lord Vishnu, Refuge Of Man, God
Narsimha Lion Among Men, Brave
Nartana Makes Others Dance
Nemali Peacock
Nivritti Non Attachment
Parees Touchstone, Stone That Turns Iron To Gold
Payod Cloud
Poojan Worship, Prayer, Devotion
Prakrut Nature; Beautiful
Pranavi Goddess Parvati
Preetiwardhan One Who Increases Love
Pushp Flower
Radhesh Lord Of Radha, Lord Krishna
Rucha Vedic Lyrics
Samvidha Direct, Lead
Sarasi Jolly, Happy, Lake
Sarbesh Emperor, Lord Shiva
Sargam Musical Notes
Sharatchandra Moon In Sharad Season, Moon In Autumn
Shashir Moon
Shatrunjay One Who Overcomes Enemies
Sheilly Literature
Shikhi Peacock, Flame
Shyamantak Lord Krishna
Snehakant Lord Of Love
Somatra Excelling The Moon
Sonakshi Golden Eyed
Soumil Friend
Spoorthy Inspiration
Sukhakar Lord Rama
Sukthi Shining
Sulabh Easy To Get
Sunashi Lord Indra
Supreetha Beloved, Endearing To All
Susadh Lord Shiva
Tahir Holy
Taruntapan Morning Sun
Turvasu Son Of Yayaati
Uduraj Lord Of Stars
Vaachaspati Lord Of Speech
Vasav An Epithet Of Lord Indra
Vasuki A Famous Snake In Hindu Mythology
Vidur Skilful, Expert, Wise
Vishaal Giant, Huge, Massive, Great
Vishvakarma Architect Of The Universe
Hindu Baby Names

Our country is unique in its culture and heritage, which is passed on from generation to generation. You can always take this tradition forward by giving your newborn baby a traditional name in accordance with the Hindu customs. Boldsky will certainly help you in this endeavour by providing you with a list of unique Hindu baby names which will reflect your culture and pride.

Choosing a perfect name for your newborn is an art. While you want the name to sound sweet but can be easily pronounced with a good meaning, finding all these characteristics in one name can be quite challenging. But what if you have hundreds of options to choose from? At Boldsky, you will get just that. With so many baby names suggestions, you can certainly find that one right name for your precious one.

Some parents would want their baby names to be quite modern, to keep up with the times. If you are looking for a unique or rare baby name for your little bundle of joy, Boldsky has a wide array of suggestions just for you.

Often, the characters on the Vedas, Puranas and the Bhagvat Geeta are searched for a suitable baby name. At Boldsky, the extensive array of names is in accordance with these ancient books, giving you many options for naming your baby boy/girl according to Hindu traditions.