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Name 1 Name 2
Aadesh Sandesh
Aadhira Ava
Aadi Anant
Aahan Aarush
Aakash Avan
Aakash Prakash
Aakriti Aakruti
Aalok Alek
Aarti Bharati
Aarushi Ahaana
Aarya Shaurya
Aaryan Shaurya
Aasha Aashita
Aasha Arzoo
Aashi Rashi
Aastha Aashana
Abhas Abhav
Abhay Aabha
Abhay Abhaya
Abhay Nirbhay
Abhaya Aabha
Abhayankar Shankar
Abhijit Abhijeet
Abhilash Abhilesh
Abhinay Abhinya
Abhinay Abhinya
Abhir Abhira
Abhiroop Abhishek
Abhya Ajay
Abi Maddy
Abish Abisha
Achal Akhil
Achala Chancala
Achala Chanchala
Acharya Athreya
Achyut Archit
Adarsh Aadarsha
Adarsh Akarsh
Adesh Sadesh
Adil Adin
Aditya Adikya
Ahil Rahil
Ahlad Prahlad
Aiden Usha
Ainesh Jinesh
Ajay Abha
Ajay Vijay
Ajay Babu Vijay Babu
Ajay Kumar Vijay Kumar
Ajayan Vijayan
Ajit Ranjit
Akansh Akash
Akash Advait
Akash Aman
Akash Darshan
Akash Darshan
Akash Dhara
Akbar Birbal
Akhil Nikhil
Akhileswar Nikhileswar
Akshan Akshat
Akshar Akshat
Akshat Akshata
Akshata Dakshata
Akshay Abhay
Akshay Akshaya
Akshay Akshey
Akshit Rakshit
Akshu Naina
Akul Atul
Akul Nakul
Aleina Leena
Alekhya Lekhya
Alok Aloki
Amala Kamala
Amala Vimala
Aman Amar
Amani Pavani
Amar Aman
Amar Azhar
Amar Prem
Ambak Ambar
Ambar Divya
Ameen Ameet
Amey Ameya
Amisha Amishi
Amisha Tanisha
Amit Ameet
Amit Amita
Amit Namit
Amit Sumit
Amita Anita
Amitha Benitha
Amiy Ameya
Amiy Amiya
Amol Amolika
Amrit Amrita
Amrit Arpit
Amrita Ankita
Amuda Kumuda
Baby names for Twins

They say that couples who are blessed with twins are indeed lucky. But naming them can be quite a task.

Twins are said to have similar personality traits and looks. Therefore, most of the parents prefer to give similar sounding names or names with similar meaning. If you want to name your twins with similar sounding names or even unique ones, we are here for you.

However, with twins you need to keep in mind their uniqueness when they grow up. With two matching names, the twins may feel stifled from the lack of individuality, which greatly depends on their names as well. Therefore, it may be wise to give them names which may sound matchy but do have individual traits that let others easily distinguish between them.

Be it names with different pronunciations or different meanings, Boldsky will help you find the right names for your adorable twins. You do not have to go about asking for unique twin baby girls names from your near and dear ones, just visit our twin baby names section of Boldsky, and you will be bombarded with many options to choose from. Ranging from exotic sounding to meaningful, you will most certainly be able to zero in on a fitting name for your adorable set of babies.