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Name Meaning
Abeedha Permanent
Acanda Not Of The Hot Temper, Without Anger, Gentle
Adhinav Intelligent, Innovative
Adhit From The Beginning
Akshey Forever
Anashay Selfless, Without Any Self Interest, Unselfish
Anishkaa Who Has Friends, No Enemies, One Who Has Only Friends
Anyang Crocodile, Godly, Perfect, Virtuous
Arpana Surrendered, Devotional Offering, Auspicious
Artana Vanquisher Of All Foes, Request, Supplication
Asvika A Little Mare
Aswathaama Son Of Drone
Brihatmantra Son Of Sage Agniras
Chaitnya Divine Radiance, Consciousness, Life, Knowledge
Chandrayan The Moon
Dakshayajñavinaashini Interrupter Of The Sacrifice Of Daksha
Danushri The Bow Or Name Of A Hindu Rashi Sagittarius
Dashami In Hindu Traditional Calender Dashami Means Its 10th Day
Devapi An Ancient King
Dhvanya Sound
Drishtee Eye Sight
Essa Love; Jesus; A Prophet's Name;
Gandharin Fragrant, Sweet Smelling
Gangol A Precious
Garvin Rough, Rugged
Gunvant Virtuous
Hari Kishan Lord Of Nature
Hashwin Happiest Boy
Hasini Pleasant, Wonderful, Happy Or Full Of Laughter, An Apsara Or Celestial Nymph
Hemavati Goddess Lakshmi, Possessing Gold, Golden Goddess Parvati
Indeever Blue Lotus
Indukant The Moon, Like A Moon, Moon Loved
Iraja Daughter Of Wind (Daughter Of The Wind)
Jagath World, People, The Earth
Jairaj Lord Of Victory, Brilliant
Janavi Ganga - The River, As Precious As Your Life
Kanth Husband, Adored, Precious, Pleasant, Spring, Beloved By The Moon, The Moon Pleasant
Kaval Nivala Morsel
Khusheel Happy, Pleasant
Kishor A Young Boy, Lord Krishna, Youth, Youthful, The Sun
Malasa Emanating From The Lotus
Manigandan Lord Ayyappa
Manoj Love, Originating In The Mind, Born Of Mind
Manshi Intellectual Or Spiritual Endeavour, Another Name For Goddess Saraswati
Medhani Of Intelligence
Meghaj Pearl
Molina Tree That Grows From Root
Narendranath King Of Kings, Emperor
Neeshik New
Noyonika Beautiful Eyes That Induce Magnetism, One With Expressive Eyes
Pannalal Emerald
Pitambar Lord Vishnu, Yellow Robed
Pradosh Dusk
Pradynesh Budhicha Dev Means Lord Ganesh
Pravasthi Birth
Princy Prince Like
Priyanga Lover Of Sharmila
Ramadut Ambassador Of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman
Ranita Tinkling, Voice, Audible, Cute And Pretty
Ransh Aparajit, Another Name Of Ram
Rinan Lord Ganesh (The Son Of Gauri (Parvati))
Rinkal Eyes
Ritesh Lord Of Seasons, Lord Of Truth
Rugved Name Of A Veda, One Part From Vedas
Runali Red Coloured; Lakshmi
Rutti Season
Saagar Sea, Ocean
Saatvik Virtuous, Lord Krishna, Worthy, Important, Pure, Good
Sadhna Worship
Saguna Virtuous, Possessed Of Good Qualities
Samridh Perfect, Accomplished, Prosperous
Samvar Content
Sandipta Worshipper Of Lord Shiva, Self Promising
Sanha Skilful, Radiance, Elegance, Conciseness
Sanjeevi Name Of The Mountain With Auspicious And Medicinal Plants On It. In Hinduism, This Mountain Is Said To Be Very Sacred
Satatya Never Ending
Shambavi Goddess
Shankha A Shell, Conch, Auspicious, A Number Equivalent To 10 Billion Crores
Sharveshwar Lord Of All
Shatrujit Victorious Over Enemies
Shinjini Sound Of Ankle Bell
Shishir Name Of A Season, Cold, Frost, Winter
Skandajit Wife Of Lord Vishnu
Skandha God Of War, Also Known As Kartikeya, Lord Murugan
Subiya Subam, Beautiful
Sunity Good Principles, Woman With Good Virtues, Morality, Good Behaviour
Suprati Nice Copy
Swetharani Fair Complexioned, Pure
Tarpani Satisfying, Offering Oblations
Taurus Bull-like; Refers To The Saint Taurinus; Born Under The Sign Of Taurus
Thakur Leader, God
Triambika Goddess Parvati, Consort Of The 3 Eyed Shiva
Umesh Lord Shiva, Lord Of Uma
Utpala Lotus, A River
Vaidurya A Gem Stone, Excellent
Vinanthi Prayer, Request, Humility
Vineela Moon Light, Black Sky
Virbhadra The Ashwamedha Horse
Yaswanth Lord Krishna, A Person Who Attains Fame And Glory
Yesvanth Lord Krishna, A Person Who Attains Fame And Glory
Malayalam Baby Names

Malayalam baby names are known to be quite unique due to the rich and diverse sounding vocabulary of the Malayalam language.

Though the family name and the father's name precede the baby's given name, it is of utmost importance that the name given to the baby is similar to the heritage that he/she follows. So if you are in complete confusion over an authentic but unique name for your baby, the Malayalam baby names section in Boldsky will provide you with endless options.

There is a growing trend among Malayalis where they take the first letters of the parents' names and coin a unique name for their little one. You can definitely use the list of Malayali names for baby boys and girls for inspiration or reference and give an apt name for your baby.

Malayali names may tend to get a bit difficult for non-native people to pronounce. If you belong to a language which is exclusively spoken in minor parts of the country and may not be known elsewhere, it may be wise to name your baby with a name which is easy on pronunciation and spelling. That way, your baby may not have to spend the rest of their correcting the pronunciation of their names.

Be it modern, traditional or simply authentic, the Malayali baby names list on Boldsky will have it all.

Choose from a wide variety of Malayali names from the list, which is as unique and authentic as the customs and tradition that they carry.