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Name Meaning
Abhu Unborn, Nonexistent, Unearthly, Another Name For Vishnu
Abhyudita Elevated, Risen, Prosperous
Adedev The Lord Of The Lords
Adhik Greater
Aditeya The Sun
Adrik Awesome
Ahir Last, The Devotee And God Are One
Akarsh Shubhan Attractive
Anirveda Not Caring Sorrows And Suffers, Positive, Courageous, Resilient
Aranmakan Lord Murugan, Son Of Aran (Shiva)
Aseey One Who Tends To The Weak And Heals
Aviral Continuous
Basistha Famous Rishi, Best, Most Prosperous, Distinguished, Dearest, Master Of All Creation And Desire
Bhagwant Fortunate
Bhirav One Of The Forms Of Shiva
Birwa Belief
Chandrakirthi As Famous As The Moon
Charly Beauty
Charuta Beautiful Girl, Loveliness
Daama Prosperous, Self-possessed, River, Ocean
Dhananjaya Partha, Arjun, Agni God, Fire
Dirash Scholar
Faseela Distance; Shinning Star; Pretty
Gajender King Of Elephant And Inderlok, Inderdev
Ganapati Lord Ganesh, Lord Of A Group Of Close Devotees, Who Have Reached The Climax Of Devotion
Gangi Sacred, Pure, Comparable To The Ganges, Another Name For Goddess Durga
Gomthi Name Of A River
Hansaveni Another Name Of Goddess Saraswati
Harisharan Protection Of Hari
Harmesh Gods
Hrihaan Gods Chosen One, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer Of Enemies
Inakshi Sharp Eyed
Ishaan Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni And Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing Prosperity
Jaanaki Goddess Sita, Daughter Of King Janak
Janav Defender Of Men, Protecting Men
Jayadeva God Of Victory
Kaamma Loveble
Kian Grace Of God, Ancient Or Distant
Kiranmay Full Of Light
Kushagri Intelligent
Madhumalati Name Of A Raga, A Flowering Creeper
Mahakantha Earth
Mahith Honored, Respected, Excellent, Revered
Maukshi Spirited, Energy, Nerve
Mayukhi Pea-hen
Monalisa Noble
Mridul Tender, Delicate, Soft, Gentle, Water
Mrudul Soft Natured
Naarayani Belonging To Naarayan, Another Name For Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi And The River Ganges, Vishnu Or Krishna
Nala Nothing
Naman Salutation, Bowing, To Pay Homage
Narmad Bringing Delight
Nikith Global Thought Leader. One Who Has Divine Wisdom. One Who Is Hones. Strong Commercial Instinct. Self Sufficient And Ambitious. Above All A Good Human Being, Smiling Face
Padmam Lotus
Padmamalini Goddess Lakshmi, Wearing A Garland Of Lotuses, An Epithet Of Lakshmi
Paramhans Sadguru
Parasmaidhamne Lord Of Vaikuntta
Prabhakaran Sun; Light Rays; Piece; Save Human Being
Prajesh Lord Brahma, Leader Of Men
Prasanthi Highest Peace
Prathusha Saisudha, Early Morning, Dawn
Prerit The Inspired One
Ragavi Sings With Raaga, God Of Raghavendra
Raghuvar The Chosen Raghu
Ranjai Victor
Revanth Son Of Lord Surya(the Sun), Horse Rider
Saisha With Great Desire And Wish, Truth Of Life
Sanjiti Victory
Satyadarshi One Who Can See The Truth
Sayalee It Is A Name Of A Flower. It Is A White Small Delicate Flower With Nice Scent
Sevati White Rose
Shajan Beloved, Good Man
Shanmukha Shanmuka Means Lord Of Subramaniam Son Of Lord Shiva, Lord Kartikeyalord Murugan (First Son Of Lord Shiva)
Sharaya A Goddess, Princess, Singer, Delight
Shibhya Lord Shiva
Shrut Known, Glorious, Celebrated, Knowledge, Scriptures
Sikhi Peacock
Simanta Parting Line Of Hair
Smeetha Smiles
Snigda Affectionate, Smooth, Tender
Sphatika Crystal
Sreekari Goddess Durga, She Who Gives All Forms Of Wealth And Happiness
Susmita Smiling, Always Smiling
Swaraali Voice, Aawaj
Tanhita Most Advance
Tanima Beautiful, Slenderness
Tanvee Slender, Beautiful, Delicate
Tarangini A River
Tesha Happiness, Survivor
Tharak Star, Pupil Of Eye, Protector
Thushara Ice, Snow
Toral A Folk Heroine
Udayashree Dawn
Van Raj Ruler Of The Forest, The Lion
Vardhit Increased, Developed
Vidurya The Cats-eye Gem
Vinuja Maturity
Yashvanth A Person Who Attains Fame And Glory
Yavanika Curtain Of Stage
Yogeeta Enchanted, Bewitched
Malayalam Baby Names

Malayalam baby names are known to be quite unique due to the rich and diverse sounding vocabulary of the Malayalam language.

Though the family name and the father's name precede the baby's given name, it is of utmost importance that the name given to the baby is similar to the heritage that he/she follows. So if you are in complete confusion over an authentic but unique name for your baby, the Malayalam baby names section in Boldsky will provide you with endless options.

There is a growing trend among Malayalis where they take the first letters of the parents' names and coin a unique name for their little one. You can definitely use the list of Malayali names for baby boys and girls for inspiration or reference and give an apt name for your baby.

Malayali names may tend to get a bit difficult for non-native people to pronounce. If you belong to a language which is exclusively spoken in minor parts of the country and may not be known elsewhere, it may be wise to name your baby with a name which is easy on pronunciation and spelling. That way, your baby may not have to spend the rest of their correcting the pronunciation of their names.

Be it modern, traditional or simply authentic, the Malayali baby names list on Boldsky will have it all.

Choose from a wide variety of Malayali names from the list, which is as unique and authentic as the customs and tradition that they carry.