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Name Meaning
Aarksh Of The Stars, Celestial
Adhishthi Devi
Adwaitha Non Duality, One Without Second
Ahar Activity, Defender, Protector
Anandi The One Who Is Always Happy
Anbu Love, Kindness
Anshin Sharer Or Heir
Antar Famous Warrior, Intimate, Security, Soul, Heart
Aryadita Aryadita Combines The 2 Names Arya Meaning Noble And Adita The Sun Or Conqueror. Therefore, It Means The Noble Conqueror
Ashvath Black Horse, Strong
Ashwatham Immortal
Aumnshi Abbreviation Of Hindu Lord Shiva Mantra Aumn Namah Shivay
Avinay Bestowed Of Success And Accomplishments
Aysha Love, Living, Prosperous, Life (The Name Of Wife Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH))
Brahmani Lal An Avatar Of Goddess Durga (Son Of Goddess Brahmani)
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha, Enlightened, The Title First Used For Prince Gautam Who Was The Founder Of The Buddhist Religion
Budhil Learned
Chaunta One Who Outshines The Stars
Chinmay Full Of Knowledge, Embodied With Knowledge, Supreme Consciousness
Dandakaranya Punyakrute One Who Ennobled The Dandaka Forest
Dayanand One Who Likes Being Merciful, A King
Debashmeet Lord Of The Rings
Deepamala Row Of Lamps
Devaarti Aarti Of God
Dhirendra God Of Courage, Lord Of The Brave
Dixita The Right Path
Eshaan Desiring and Wishing; Lord Shiva;
Gunrekha Useful Lines Of Life
Hasita Happy Or Full Of Laughter, Always Smiling, Delightful
Hrudhai Heart
Janardana Lord Krishna, One Who Helps People, Liberator From The Cycle Of Birth And Death
Jotshna Radiant Like Flames, Goddess Durga, Moon Light
Juvas Quickness, Swiftness
Kaashi Devotional Place, Pilgrimage Spot, Varanasi, The Holy City
Kalaimagal Queen Of Arts
Kalapin Peacock, Cuckoo
Kamalekshan Lotus Eyed
Kowmari Name Of A Raga
Kruti Novel, Creation
Laashya Dance Performed By Goddess Parvati
Lakshmi Durga Goddess Of Wealth, Fortunate
Madhupal Honey Keeper
Naavinya New
Nagamma Nag Devta, Song, Tune Or A Melody
Naima Blessing, Living An Enjoyable Life, Belonging To One
Nainish Lord Of Eyes
Narasimha An Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu, Lion Among Men
Neelotpal Blue Lotus
Nuti Worship, Praise, Reverence
Padmakant Husband Of Lotus, Sun
Pari Beauty, Fairy, Angel
Pauloini Consort Of Lord Indra
Prannath Lord Of Life, Husband
Prexa A Form Of The Name Preksha
Prija Goddess Of Good Wishes
Ragavinodini Name Of A Raga
Rahini Goddess Saraswati
Ramith Attractive, Charming, Loved, Happy
Rasvitha Sunshine
Ravija Daughter Of The Sun, Born Of The Sun, Another Name For The River Yamuna
Remi Oarsman
Ribha Sings Praises, Favorite Of The Devotees Or Lord Shiva
Saadhana Long Practice, Study, Fulfilment, Work, Achievement, Worship
Sachetan Rational
Sajani Beloved, Loving, Well Loved
Sakal All Whole Perfect, Entire, Universe
Sandhya Evening, Twilight, Dusk, Union, Thought
Sanskar Good Ethics And Moral Values, Culture, Consecration, Purity, Purification
Sarvadevadideva Lord Of All Gods
Sashmati Soft Character
Shaktidhar Lord Shiva, The Lord Subramanian
Shashikant Moon Stone
Shashvath Eternal, Constant, Perpetually
Shree Priya Divine Beauty, Beloved To Shree (Goddess Lakshmi)
Shyamsunder Lord Krishna, Cloud Colored And Beautiful, One With The Beauty Of Evening
Simanta Parting Line Of Hair
Srestha The Best In Number & Quality, Most Happy Or Prosperous
Stay Praise
Sthuthi Praise To God, Another Name For Durga
Suksha Beautiful Eyes
Swagatika Love
Taanaya Daughter, Born Of The Body
Tahnyat Congratulate
Tanmai Engrossed
Tejaswi Lustrous, Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant
Thejovathy Goddess Durga, She Who Shines
Thirumani Precious Gem
Tripurasundari Goddess Parvati, Beauty Of The Three Cities
Udipti On Fire
Uttarika Crossing River, Delivering
Vainavi Gold
Vaishnov Vaishnava Denotes Lord Vishnu
Vajrabahu One With Strong Arms
Vedik Consciousness, Altar, Name Of A River In India
Vindhuja Knowledge
Visalakshi Goddess Durga, Epithet Of Parvati, Name Of A Daughter Of Shandilya, Large Eyed, Name Of The Deity Worshipped At Banaras
Vishank Once Who Has Not Fear Shank - Fear
Yadukrishna Lord Krishna, Krishna, Descendent Of Yadu
Yaj Worshipper, Sacrifice, Another Name For Lord Shiva, A Sage
Yauva Young, Teenager, Vigorous
Malayalam Baby Names

Malayalam baby names are known to be quite unique due to the rich and diverse sounding vocabulary of the Malayalam language.

Though the family name and the father's name precede the baby's given name, it is of utmost importance that the name given to the baby is similar to the heritage that he/she follows. So if you are in complete confusion over an authentic but unique name for your baby, the Malayalam baby names section in Boldsky will provide you with endless options.

There is a growing trend among Malayalis where they take the first letters of the parents' names and coin a unique name for their little one. You can definitely use the list of Malayali names for baby boys and girls for inspiration or reference and give an apt name for your baby.

Malayali names may tend to get a bit difficult for non-native people to pronounce. If you belong to a language which is exclusively spoken in minor parts of the country and may not be known elsewhere, it may be wise to name your baby with a name which is easy on pronunciation and spelling. That way, your baby may not have to spend the rest of their correcting the pronunciation of their names.

Be it modern, traditional or simply authentic, the Malayali baby names list on Boldsky will have it all.

Choose from a wide variety of Malayali names from the list, which is as unique and authentic as the customs and tradition that they carry.