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Name Meaning
Abeena Beautiful
Amuda A Liquid Which When Consumed Makes The Person Live Life -long Without A Death. Also Means Purity
Arnit Beautiful Flower
Atul Matchless Or Incomparable, Unique, Without Match
Avira Brave, Strong
Balavant Lord Hanuman, Full Of Might, Strong
Baru Brave, Noble
Bhadraa Good, Auspicious, Galaxy, Fair Complexioned, Attractive, Worthy, Wealthy, Successful, Happy
Bhanusri Rays Of Laxmidevi
Bhudhav Lord Vishnu, Bhu - Earth, Dhav - Lord
Bikrant Courageous
Bipasha A River, Limitless, A River Now Known As The Beas
Chandravathi Lit By The Moon
Dayasagara Ocean Of Compassionate
Devalekha Celestial Beauty
Devamadana Gladdening To Gods
Devish Chief Of The Gods, King Of The Gods, Another Name For Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva And Indra
Dhanyta Success, Fulfilment, Money And Good Luck, Thankful, Blessed
Gajkaran Like Ears Of Elephant
Godavari River Godavari, Largest And Longest River In South India, One Who Bestows Water And Wealth
Harshill Joyful, Kings Of The Hills, Kind Hearted A Sweet, Delighted
Hrishab Morality
Jaichandran Jaya- Victory Chandran- Moon Thejus- Brightness
Jaladhi Treasure Of Water
Janardanan Maintainer Of All Living Entities
Jishnu Triumphant
Jivraj Lord Of Life
Kadamb Name Of A Tree
Kanha Young, Lord Krishna
Karhik Son Of Lord Shiva And Leader Of Deva Army, Kartik Means Hindu Month
Kina Intelligence
Koel The Cuckoo Bird
Lajitha Modest
Luni Salty
Madhurya She Who Has Voice Sweeter
Mahabala Having Immense Strength, Great Strength, Enormously Strong Lord
Mahipati King
Mamik Pure Soul; Meaningful
Mishil Moon
Mitun Couple Or Union
Mrugan It’s Taken From Lord Murugan, Which Means Lord Kartikeya
Nagamma Nag Devta, Song, Tune Or A Melody
Nagendra Seshnag, King Of The Serpents
Nandisha Lord Shiva, Lord Of Nandi
Navnath A Saint
Nipa Name Of A Flower, One Who Watches Over
Nitik Master Of Justice
Ovais A companion of the prophet (Saw)
Pamba Name Of A River
Pankajan Lotus, Lord Vishnu
Para Best, The Goddess Who Is Above The Five Elements
Parantap Conqueror, Name Of Arjun
Payodhar Cloud
Prabakaran Good Leader; Sun
Prahalad Bliss (Son Of Hiranyakasipa)
Pranati Namaste, Prayer
Praneel Lord Shiva, Life Giving
Prayag Confluence Of Ganga Jamuna Goddess Saraswati
Pushpagandha Juhi Flower
Ragavi Sings With Raaga, God Of Raghavendra
Raghbir Brave Lord Rama
Ragi Loving, Very Much Attached
Rajrishi Kings Sage
Rakendu Whose Face Is Glowing Like Moon
Rakta One Who Has Red Colored Body
Ritik Name Of A Sage, From The Heart
Riyanka Beautiful, Lovable, Symbol
Roopal Made Of Silver
Rutansh Truth
Saisha With Great Desire And Wish, Truth Of Life
Sandeepen A Sage, Lighting
Sathana Lord Vishnu
Shahana Raaga Or Patience, Queen
Shamun Name Of A Prophet
Shardambha   Goddess Saraswati, Amba - Mother Mother Sharada)
Shema Spice Or Sweet Smelling
Shreyanshi Superior, Fame
Sobhana The One Who Shines, Splendid, Ornamental, Shining, Beautiful, Turmeric
Soumyata Serene
Sravya Anything That Sounds Good To Ur Ear
Suggi Harvest
Suru Good Taste, Delighting
Swaathi A Nakshatra, Goddess Of Learning, Goddess Saraswati
Tannistha Loyal, Sincere & Dedicated, Devoted
Tanu Prava Body, Slim
Tatvagyanaprad Granter Of Wisdom
Tejaswita Brightness
Udarsh Brimming
Udyam Start, Effort, Exertion, Preparation, Diligence, Enterprise
Udyat Ascending, A Star, Rising
Ugrasaai One Of The Kauravas
Unmesh Flash, Blowing, Opening
Vaishu Goddess Lakshmi; Nickname Of Vaishnavi
Viplov Drifting About, Revolution
Vishanth Another Name Of Lord Vishnu
Vrisa Lord Krishna, Cow
Vyomini Divine
Yadnyesh Lord
Yatee Goddess Durga, One Who Strives With Pertinacity Of Purpose, One Who Makes The People Obtain The Divine Wisdom By Reducing The Ignorance
Zyanna Heart of light
Kannada Baby Names

Karnataka is another major south Indian state which is rich in its cultural heritage. If you are confused regarding a suitable Kannada baby name for your baby, then the Kannada baby names list in Boldsky is all you need.

In Karnataka, it is customary for the son to carry his father's name as his second name. Also, the heavy influence of astrology and numerology may be narrowing your name search. Also, the first letter of the name for the newborn should suitably coincide with the first letter of the place of their birth. The list of Kannada baby names on Boldsky is sensitive to all these rules, making it quite easier for you to choose an apt name for your new bundle of joy. You will find an extensive list of modern yet traditional Kannada baby names that will surely reflect your heritage as well as values.

The list of Kannada names on Boldsky is curated keeping in mind the uniqueness and background, which may be compatible, astrologically and numerologically as well. Some names are popular while some are completely unique. You can take your pick.