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Name Meaning
Aatmanand Blissful
Abhijit Lord Krishna, One Who Is Victorious (Abhijeet)
Adheer Restless, Lord Chandra Or Moon
Adrush Like The Rising The Sun
Adwaya One, United, Unique
Ajala The Earth
Akhyath Famous
Amberish King Of The Sky, An Angel From The Heavens, The Sky
Ankura Sapling, Newborn, Offshoot
Anoor Thigh Less
Anugraha Divine Blessing
Aryamba Mother Of Sankara Bhagavath Padar
Chaaruchithra One Of The Kauravas
Chandrajyothi Moon Light
Chitrak Painter, Cheetah Depending Upon Usage
Daitya A Non Aryan
Devaraj King Among The Gods, Name Of Lord Indra
Dhansika Rich
Dibya Divine Luster, Charming, Beautiful, Divine
Dussalan One Of The Kauravas
Dyumani Lord Shiva, Sky Jewel, Another Name For Shiva And Sun
Goutham Lord Buddha, Remover Of Darkness, Full Of Life, One Of The Seven Rishis, One Who Enlightens
Gulzarilal Name Of Lord Krishna
Hariharan Born Out Of Hari (Lord Vishnu) And Hara (Lord Shiva)
Ilanthirayan Young Man Whose Influence Extends Beyond The Seas
Ishayu Full Of Strength
Jenika Gods Gracious Gift
Jensi God Has Blessed
Jhalak Glimpse, Spark, Sudden Motion
Jivaj Full Of Life, Born, Living
Kamna Desire
Kavayah The Intelligent
Kokilapriya Name Of A Raga
Krish Nickname Of Names Beginning With - Kris, Short Form Of Lord Krishna
Leena Goddess Lakshmi, A Wife, The Goddess Of Fortune, Good Luck, Riches, Splendor, Vermillion, Red Earth, Name Of An Apsara, Epithet Of Mahalakshmi, A Woman
Manadha Giving Honor
Manika Of Jewels, Ruby
Maniratna Diamond
Manksh Longing, Desire
Mantavyah Sadhu
Marudham From The Lush Green Fields
Mena Precious Blue Stone, Fish, Jewel (Wife Of The Himalayas)
Mitang Well Defined Body
Muhir Bewilderer, Passionate, Dazzling, Another Name For The Love
Nageswari Snake God, King Of Snakes
Narpati King
Navkar Supreme Mahamantra Of Jains
Navneeta Fresh Butter, Gentle, Soft, Always New
Neelanchal Nilgiris Hills
Neelaveni Name Of A Raga
Nihaar Mist, Fog, Dew
Nikethan House, Mansion, Don Of Rulers
Nilsa Life; Good
Nishil Night
Niyana Obedient
Paanchali Consort Of Pandavas, One From The Kingdom Of Panchala, Draupadis Name
Paaras The Mystical Stone That Is Believed To Convert Base Metals To Gold, Healthy, Touchstone, Iron
Parsva Weaponed Soldier, Jain God, Short Form Of Parshvanath, 23rd Tirthankara In Jainism
Prabhan Light, Splendor, Radiance, Brilliance
Prankit Center Of Attraction
Pujan The Ceremony Of Worshiping
Rajib The Sun God, Almighty Ruler
Rakshika Protector
Rathna Kumar Precious Stone, Lord Murugan Name
Reshma Silken
Rigved Name Of A Veda, One Part From Vedas
Ruthwik Saint, Name Of Lord Shiva
Sahasara The New Beginning
Saptarishi 7 Stars Representing 7 Great Saints
Sarik Resembling A Small Song Bird, Melodious, Stream, Precious
Sarupa Beautiful
Savio Saints Name
Shanen Wise, River
Shankaran Sinkam
Sharwani Born In Month Of Shravan, Goddess Parvati, Universal, Complete
Shashanth Name Of Lord Vishnu
Shivang A Portion Of Lord Shiv
Shraavan Name Of A Hindu Month, Name Of A Star, A Character In Ramayana, A Devoted Son, Listening Or Hearing, Monsoon Season
Shri Kumari Lustrous
Shrikeshav Lord Krishna, Having Long Or Handsome Hair
Shyoji Yashshavi
Siddhantha Principle, Lord Krishna
Snehardh A True Friend
Sowri Star
Subhashitha Good Counsel
Suranandini Name Of A Raga
Taman Philosophers Stone, Wishing Stone Gem
Tanav Flute, Attractive, Slender
Thangadurai Golden King
Thanmayee Concentration, Ecstasy
Tharanya Shine
Thomogna Lord Shiva
Tulsi Sacred Plant, A Sacred Plant (Basil), Unmatched, Unique, A Sacred Leaf Thought To Be The Incarnation Of Mahalakshmi
Varana A River
Varunapriya Name Of A Raga
Vidyaranya Forest Of Knowledge
Vikram Bravery, Prowess, Valour, Power, Mettle, Best, Intensity, Another Name For Vishnu
Viroh Growing Out, Shooting Forth, Healing
Vishvak All Prevading, A Sage, Another Name Of Lord Vishnu
Vivid Knowledgeable, Various
Kannada Baby Names

Karnataka is another major south Indian state which is rich in its cultural heritage. If you are confused regarding a suitable Kannada baby name for your baby, then the Kannada baby names list in Boldsky is all you need.

In Karnataka, it is customary for the son to carry his father's name as his second name. Also, the heavy influence of astrology and numerology may be narrowing your name search. Also, the first letter of the name for the newborn should suitably coincide with the first letter of the place of their birth. The list of Kannada baby names on Boldsky is sensitive to all these rules, making it quite easier for you to choose an apt name for your new bundle of joy. You will find an extensive list of modern yet traditional Kannada baby names that will surely reflect your heritage as well as values.

The list of Kannada names on Boldsky is curated keeping in mind the uniqueness and background, which may be compatible, astrologically and numerologically as well. Some names are popular while some are completely unique. You can take your pick.