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Name Meaning
Aahlaad Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness
Aaleahya Sunshine
Aamrutha State Of Deathlessness, Immortality, Divine Nectar Of The God
Agamiya The Karma We Perform In This Birth
Akshika One With Good Eyes
Ameyatma Manifests In Infinite Varieties, Lord Vishnu
Amitay Truth, Infinite
Amuda A Liquid Which When Consumed Makes The Person Live Life -long Without A Death. Also Means Purity
Anmesh The Sun God, Another Name For Surya
Anmi Dawn, Passionate, Precious, Illuminating, Sacred
Anmima The Glow Of Dawn
Antini Living In A Hermitage
Aryaraj Another Name Of Lord Ram By Goddess Sita
Avanika Earth
Awdhesh King Of Ayodhya King Dasaratha
Bhisham Strong
Bhooshit Decorated
Bhupali Name Of A Raga, A Raagini In Indian Music
Bhuwaneshwar Abode Of God
Bilahari Name Of A Raga
Brij Kishor Lord Krishna, Adolescent Of Vrindavan
Deepmala Row Of Lamps
Devaraj King Among The Gods, Name Of Lord Indra
Dhanishtha A Star
Dharmpal Protector Of Religion
Gaish Tempest, Commotion
Ganakshi Desire, Want
Ganesha Lord Ganesh, Lord Of The Army (Son Of Lord Shiva & Parvati)
Gnanender Wisdom
Gomya Nice And Graceful
Hariganga Ganga Of Lord Vishnu
Harishva Lord Vishnu And Lord Shiva
Harshita Happy, Full Of Joy, Cheerful
Himani Goddess Parvati, Made Of Gold, As Precious As Gold, Epithet Of Parvati
Iniyan Sweetie
Jagesh Lord Of The World
Jilesh One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God
Jugal Kishor Lord Krishna, A Pair Of Adolescents, A Form Of Krishna With Adolescent Radha
Kalaparan Strong; Growing Up
Kangana Bracelet
Khar (Brother Of Ravana And Shurpanakha)
Kirity Crown Given By Lord Indra To Arjuna, Another Name Of Arjun
Kunjar Dwelling In Forest, Name Of A Mountain, Name Of A Region, Name Of A Scrpent, Elephant, 13 Th Constellation Or Lunar Mansion Anything Pre-eminent Of Its Kind, Living In Greenery
Kushanu Fire
Naavya Worth Praising, Young, Praiseworthy
Navyasri Young Or Worth Praising
Nihitha Ever Living
Nushka Precious Possession
Omanand Joy / Light of Om
Pandya South Indian Dynasty
Parabrahmane Supreme Godhead
Phaneendra King Of The Gods
Prajisha Morning
Pramika Best, Fulfilling Desires
Prashanta Calm
Preet Love
Priyanshu First Ray Of The Sunlight
Puruva Eastern, Elder
Ragavathi Passionate
Raghupungava Scion Of Raghakula Race
Ragin Melody
Raika Pure, Clear, Tranquil, Serene, Beautiful
Rajanikanta Lord Of Night, Moon
Rajaramesh King Of Earth
Ramila Lover
Rudro Shiv
Salaj Water Which Flows From Melted Ice From Mountain, Water Born
Sanidhya Abode Of God, Nera
Sarang A Musical Instrument, Distinguished, Brilliance, Light, Jewel, Gold Light, The Earth, A Musical Raag Another Name For The Love God Kaama And Shiva
Sarvaduhkhahara Reliever Of All Agonies
Sathish God Of Sathi, Lord Shiva, Kind
Saubhagya Good Luck
Shahant Slayer Of Aksha
Shilpi Sweety
Shresht The Best, Ultimate, Another Name For Lord Vishnu, Foremost, First, Perfection, Best Of All
Sobhana The One Who Shines, Splendid, Ornamental, Shining, Beautiful, Turmeric
Someesh The Moon
Sreekar Causing Prosperity, Lord Vishnu
Srihith Lord Vishnu
Srijesh Creation
Subana Well Done
Sujapriya Suja Means The Noble Birth And Priya Is Love
Suvidha Facility
Tamkinat Pomp
Trivani Goddess Durga, The Conglomeration Of Three Rivers
Turang A Thought
Tushtiman Satisfied
Udupati Lord Of Stars
Ugrasravas One Of The Kauravas
Vaishu Goddess Lakshmi; Nickname Of Vaishnavi
Vallaki Single String Instrument, The Veena, Lute
Vandurga Goddess Of Forests
Variyas Lord Shiva
Vayunand Lord Hanuman, Son Of Wind
Vikramajit A Famous King
Vishwambhar The Supreme Spirit
Vitola Peaceful, Calm, River
Vriteka Success In Life, Thought
Yesa Fame
Yukti Trick, Power, Strategy, Solution By Logic, By Reasoning, Tact, Skill, Argument
Kannada Baby Names

Karnataka is another major south Indian state which is rich in its cultural heritage. If you are confused regarding a suitable Kannada baby name for your baby, then the Kannada baby names list in Boldsky is all you need.

In Karnataka, it is customary for the son to carry his father's name as his second name. Also, the heavy influence of astrology and numerology may be narrowing your name search. Also, the first letter of the name for the newborn should suitably coincide with the first letter of the place of their birth. The list of Kannada baby names on Boldsky is sensitive to all these rules, making it quite easier for you to choose an apt name for your new bundle of joy. You will find an extensive list of modern yet traditional Kannada baby names that will surely reflect your heritage as well as values.

The list of Kannada names on Boldsky is curated keeping in mind the uniqueness and background, which may be compatible, astrologically and numerologically as well. Some names are popular while some are completely unique. You can take your pick.