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Name Meaning
Aarnav Tej Ocean
Abhiri A Raagini Of Indian Music
Achyuth Lord Vishnu, Imperishable, Indestructible, Immovable
Adityanandana Son Of The Sun (Son Of The Sun)
Aishitha River Yamuna
Ajdha Prosperity
Amoorta Formless
Anamaya Another Name Of Lord Shiva
Ananyo Sole, Peerless
Annanya Goddess Parvati, Matchless, Unique, Different From Others
Anshin Sharer Or Heir
Arean Honorable
Ashitha River Yamuna, Success, Limitless, Night, Dark
Ashwarth Generation, Banyan Tree
Athiya Lord Ganesh, Gift
Augadh One Who Revels All The Time
Bhuvaneswari Goddess Of Earth, Goddess Name
Chandranath The Moon
Darshal Prayer Of God
Devasenapati Lord Murugan, Consort Of Devasena, The Army Chief Of Heavenly Gods, Lord Murugan
Dhanadhanyaki Bestower Of Wealth And Food Grains
Dhushitha Brave
Digvi Conqueror, Victorious
Gangeyan Lord Murugan, Son Of Ganga, Bheeshm, Also A Metronymic Of Skand, Nutgrass
Goutham Lord Buddha, Remover Of Darkness, Full Of Life, One Of The Seven Rishis, One Who Enlightens
Gunvant Virtuous
Himabindu Snow Drop, Dew Drop
Hradha Lake
Irya Powerful, Agile, Vigorous
Jagatguru Preceptor Of The World
Jainam Victorious
Jassi One Who Sits
Kank Scent Of The Lotus, Heron, Fragrance Of The Lotus
Keshin Lion, Long Haired
Ketit Invited, Called
Kushagra A King, Intelligent
Lakshmipathi Lord Vishnu, Consort Of Goddess Lakshmi
Malini Fragrant, Jasmine, Gardener, Another Name For Goddess Durga's And The Ganges, A Garland Maker, Wearing A Garland
Manava Man, Human Being
Medant Danav Ka Ant Karne Vala
Mishka Gift Of Love
Mithunavarshni Union
Mitsh Of Demeter
Moksin Free From Attachment, Seeking Salvation, Liberated, Free
Mukund Name Of Lord Vishnu, Freedom Giver, Gem, Liberater
Nirjala A Type Of Fast Without Water
Pachai Youthful, Resourceful
Pandiyaraj King Of The King
Paramasivam Lord Shiva, Param - Supreme, Highest, Most Excellent, Chief, Extreme, Distinguished, Name Of Vishnu + Shiva - Auspicious, Propitious, Prosperous, Fortunate, Thriving, Right
Parinut Famous, Praised
Parshv Weaponed Soldier, Jain God, Short Form Of Parshvanath, 23rd Tirthankara In Jainism
Pinkay Always Happy
Pomana Lord Shiva, One Who Is Like A Fruit Tree
Poushali Of The Month Poush
Prajwat First Ray
Prasutha Flower
Pratheesh Hope, Expectation, Pre-eminence
Reji Rejoice
Reman Song
Renzy Antariksh
Rethushana Goddess Laxmi
Rupasri Beautiful
Sahishnu Lord Vishnu, Who Calmly Endures Duality
Sahithi Literature
Sanchana Gathering Of Good Habits
Sandhan Research
Sanha Skilful, Radiance, Elegance, Conciseness
Sank Will, Determination
Sankara Fortunate, Creator, Lord Shiva
Sarvamangala Goddess Durga, All Auspicious, Consort Of Lord Shiva
Saumanasya Gladness
Sayona Starting Letters Of 3 Big Priest Of Swaminarayan Sampradai, Decorated
Senthil Red And Formidable One
Shankhi Ocean
Shivangel Angel Messenger Of Lord Shiva
Shrujana Creative And Intelligent Girl
Shvetanshu The Moon
Sindhana Always Thinking
Sudeepta Bright
Swetha Fair Complexioned, Pure
Tanusha A Blessing
Tarendra Prince Of Stars
Tavalin One With God In Maditation, Religious, Meditative
Tevan Godly
Tinkal Butterfly
Tirthayad Lord Krishna
Tushitha Peace, Happiness, Satisfied
Unnabh Highest
Upasna Veneration, Worship, Devotion
Urvasi A Celestial Maiden, An Angel, Most Beautiful Of Apsaras, Unearthly, An Apsara Or Celestial Nymph Considered To Be The Most Beautiful In The Three Worlds
Vaibavi Landlord, Rich Person
Variyas Lord Shiva
Vian Full Of Life And Energy, Alive Or Lively
Vijigeesh Desire Of Victory
Vikisha To Win, To Conquer
Viral Priceless, Precious
Virupaksh Lord Shiva, Virupa Means No Form, And Aksha Means Eyes, It Means Eyes Without The Form
Vishagan Lord Muruga And Lord Vishnu
Yavan The Ionians, Quick, Mingling, Keeping Aloof
Yuvansh Young Generation
Kannada Baby Names

Karnataka is another major south Indian state which is rich in its cultural heritage. If you are confused regarding a suitable Kannada baby name for your baby, then the Kannada baby names list in Boldsky is all you need.

In Karnataka, it is customary for the son to carry his father's name as his second name. Also, the heavy influence of astrology and numerology may be narrowing your name search. Also, the first letter of the name for the newborn should suitably coincide with the first letter of the place of their birth. The list of Kannada baby names on Boldsky is sensitive to all these rules, making it quite easier for you to choose an apt name for your new bundle of joy. You will find an extensive list of modern yet traditional Kannada baby names that will surely reflect your heritage as well as values.

The list of Kannada names on Boldsky is curated keeping in mind the uniqueness and background, which may be compatible, astrologically and numerologically as well. Some names are popular while some are completely unique. You can take your pick.