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Name Meaning
Ubika Growth
Uchadev Lord Vishnu, Superior God, An Epithet Of Vishnu Or Krishna
Uchimakali One Of The Hindu God
Uchit Correct
Uchith Correct
Udai To Rise, Blue Lotus
Udakanjali Lustrous
Udanda Nemesis Of Evils And Vices
Udant Correct Message
Udanth Correct Message
Udantika Satisfaction
Udar Generous
Udaranga Endowed With A Beautiful Body
Udarathi Lord Vishnu, Rising, An Epithet Of Vishnu
Udarchis Lord Shiva, Shining Or Blazing Upwards, Luminous, A Name Of Shiva, A Name Of Kandarp, A Name Of Fire
Udarsh Brimming
Uday To Rise, Blue Lotus
Uday Tej Rising Sun
Udaya Dawn
Udaya Kumar Dawn
Udayachal Eastern Horizon
Udayan Rising, Name Of King Of Avanti
Udayashree Dawn
Udayasooriyan Rising Sun
Udaybhan The Rising Sun
Udayraj Rising King, Lord Of Stars
Udbal Mighty
Udbala Strong
Udbhav Origin
Uddanda Nemesis Of Evils And Vices
Uddhar Liberation
Uddhav Friend Of Lord Krishna
Uddip Giving Light, Flood
Uddipta Rays Of Rising The Sun
Uddiran Lord Vishnu, The Lord Who Is Greater Than All Beings
Uddish Lord Shiva, Lord Of Flying Ones, A Work So Called Containing Charms And Incantations, Name Of Shiva
Uddiyan Flying Speed
Uddunath Lord Of Stars
Uddyam Start, Effort, Exertion, Preparation, Diligence, Enterprise
Udeep Giving Light, Flood
Udesang Son Of Adam (Son Of Adam)
Udesh Flood
Udey Rising To Fame And Honor
Udhav A Sacrificial Fire, Friend Of Lord Krishna
Udhay To Rise, Blue Lotus
Udhaya Dawn
Udhayan Rising, Name Of King Of Avanti
Udhayarani Rising Queen
Udhey Rising To Fame And Honor
Udhgita A Hymn, Lord Shiva
Udichi One Who Grows With Prosperity
Udipti On Fire
Udisha First Rays Of The New Dawn
Udit Grown, Awakened, Shining
Udita One Who Has Risen
Uditi Rising
Udrek Blossoming Of A Thought, Superiority, Passion, Abundance
Udupati Lord Of Stars
Uduraj Rising King, Lord Of Stars
Udvah Continuing, The Best, Son, Descendent
Udvaha Descendent, Daughter
Udvahni Brilliant
Udvansh Of Noble Descent, Noble
Udvita River Of Lotuses
Udyam Start, Effort, Exertion, Preparation, Diligence, Enterprise
Udyami Hardworking, Entrepreneur
Udyan Motive, Garden, Going Out, Purpose, Park
Udyat Ascending, A Star, Rising
Udyath Ascending, A Star, Rising
Udyati Elevated, Ascended
Udyot Shining, Brilliance
Uftam Best, Most Eminent
Ugam Rising, Place Of Origin, Source, Beginning, Ascending
Ugan Constisting Of Extended Troops, Army
Ugraayudha One Of The Kauravas
Ugrak A Seprent King, Courageous, Powerful
Ugrasaai One Of The Kauravas
Ugrasena One Of The Kauravas
Ugrasravas One Of The Kauravas
Ugresh Lord Shiva, The Mighty Lord, An Epithet Of Shiva, Name Of A Sanctuary Built By Ugra
Ujagar Famous, Renowned Person, Bright
Ujala One Who Radiates The Light, Bright
Ujas Bright, Light Before Dawn
Ujay Victorious, Archer
Ujayan Conqueror
Ujayant Conqueror
Ujayati Conqueror
Ujendra Conqueror
Ujesh One Who Gives Light, Conquering
Ujesha Conquering
Ujhala Light
Ujithra Light
Ujjal Bright
Ujjam Very Cute
Ujjan An Ancient Indian City
Ujjanini An Ancient City
Ujjay Victorious, Archer
Ujjayini An Ancient City
Ujjval Splendorous, Lit, Brilliant, Attractive, Sunshine
Ujjvala Bright, Lighted