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Name Meaning
Taalank Another Name Of Lord Shiva, Auspicious
Taalika Palm, Calm, Nightingale, Key, A List
Taalin Musical, Lord Shiva
Taalish Lord Of The Earth, Mountain, Glittering, Bright
Taamas Darkness
Taamasi Night, Rest, A River
Taamraparnee Copper Leaves
Taanaya Daughter, Born Of The Body
Taani Encouragement; Faith
Taania Daughter, Born Of The Body
Taanish Ambition
Taantav Son, A Woven Cloth
Taanush Beautiful
Taanvi Slender, Beautiful, Delicate
Taara Star, The Pupil Of The Eye, Meteor, Fragance
Taarak Star, Pupil Of Eye, Protector
Taaraka Star, Meteor, Pupil Of The Eye
Taaraksh Star Eyed, Mountain
Taarik Method, Way, Mode, Manner, One Who Crosses The River Of Life, Morning Star
Taarika A Small Star, Starlet, Divine, Film Actress
Taarini Saviour, She Who Frees, She Who Delivers From Sin, Another Name For Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati
Taarush Conqueror, Small Plant, Victor
Taayin Gaurdian
Tabbu Height
Tabu Army; Excellent; Army Body
Tagore Gyani
Taha Pure
Tahaan Merciful
Tahnyat Congratulate
Tahoma Someone Who Is Different With A Cute Personality
Taiunaya Absorbed In, Identical
Tajagna Brilliant
Tajasri Lightning
Tajender God Of Grandeur, Splendour Of God, Grandeur Of God In Heaven
Taksa King Bharats Son, Eyes Like A Pigeon, Chopping, To Make From Wood (A Son Of Bharata)
Taksh King Bharats Son, Eyes Like A Pigeon, Chopping, To Make From Wood
Taksha King Bharats Son, Eyes Like A Pigeon, Chopping, To Make From Wood
Takshak A Carpenter, Another Name Of The Divine Architect Vishvakarma
Taksheel Someone With A Strong Character
Takshii Eyes Like A Pigeon
Takshika Bliss
Takshin Wood Cutter, Carpenter
Takshvi Goddess Lakshmi
Talaketu Bhishma Pitamaha
Talank Another Name Of Lord Shiva, Auspicious
Talav Flute, Musician
Talin Musical, Lord Shiva
Talli Young
Taluni Young
Tama Night
Tamali A Tree With Very Dark Bark
Tamalika Belonging To A Place Full Of Tamal
Taman Philosophers Stone, Wishing Stone Gem
Tamanna Desire, Wish, Ambition
Tamas Darkness
Tamasa A River, Darkness
Tamashree Whole, Perfect
Tamasi Night, Rest, A River
Tamasvi Darkness
Tamasvini Night
Tamay Hanuman Name
Tambura A Musical Instrument
Tamil Selvi Pride Of Tamilains
Tamila The Sun
Tamilan Thamizhan
Tamilarasi Queen Of Tamil Language
Tamira Magic
Tamish God Of Darkness (Moon)
Tamishra Beautiful
Tamkinat Pomp
Tammana Desire, Wish
Tamoghna Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
Tamonash Destroyer Of Ignorance
Tamra Copper Red
Tamsa Name Of A River
Tanak Prize, Reward
Tanarupi Name Of A Raga
Tanas From The House Of Tatius, Child
Tanashvi A Blessing For Richness Or Wealthiness
Tanasi Beautiful Princess
Tanav Flute, Attractive, Slender
Tanavi Attractive, Slender
Tanay Son
Tanaya Daughter, Born Of The Body, Son
Tanaymee Very Calm, In Deep Concentration
Taneesh Ambition
Taneesha Fairy Queen, Ambition, Goddess Of Physique
Tanesh Ambition
Taneshwar Lord Shiva
Tangi Beautiful
Tanhita Most Advance
Tania Daughter, Born Of The Body
Tanika Apsara, Rope
Tanima Beautiful, Slenderness
Tanip The Sun
Tanirika Goddess Of Gold & Angel, A Flower
Tanish Ambition
Tanisha Fairy Queen, Ambition, Goddess Of Physique
Tanishi Goddess Durga, Serpent Lady, Fairy Queen, Goddess Durga
Tanishia Born On Monday