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Name Meaning
Ibbani Fog, Honey Dow
Ibha Elephant
Ibhan Lord Ganesh, The God Having Mouth Of Elephant
Ibhanan Elephant Faced
Ibhya Possessor Of Many Attendants
Ichaa Desire
Ichchha Desire
Ichha Desire
Idai Awakening, Love
Idaspati God Of Rain (Lord Vishnu)
Idaya Heart, Goddess Parvati
Iddham Shining, Brilliant, Sunshine
Idha Intelligence, Perception, The Earth, Insight
Idhant Luminous, One Who Spreads Light, Wonderful
Idhaya Heart, Goddess Parvati
Idhayan Joy Of Heart
Idhika Another Name Of Goddess Parvati, The Earth, Perception
Idhitri One Who Praises, Complimentary
Idika Another Name Of Goddess Parvati, The Earth, Perception
Iditri One Who Praises, Complimentary
Idum Red
Iha The Earth, Desire, Labour, Exertion, Endeavour
Iham Expected, Thin, Desire
Ihina Enthusiasm, Desire
Ihit Prize, Honor, Effort, Desire
Ihita Desir; Goddess Durga; Fighter; Beauty Queen
Ihitha Desire, Prize, Effort
Ihsaan Kindness, Beneficence, Highest Level Of Iman
Iipsitha Desired, Wished
Iishka One Who Has Only Friends And No Enemies
Ijay Lord Vishnu
Ijaya Sacrifice, Offer, Teacher, Divine
Ijya Sacrifice, Offer, Teacher, Divine
Ikansh Whole Universe
Ikrut One Season
Ikshan Sight, Eye, Look, Care
Ikshana Sight
Ikshit Desired, Done With Intention, Visible, Beheld
Ikshita Visible, Beheld
Ikshitha Visible, Beheld
Ikshu Sugarcane
Ikshula Holy River
Iksura Fragrant Grass
Ila The Earth, Cardamom Tree, Daughter Of Manu, Moonlight, Turpentine Tree, Terebinth Tree
Ilaiyavan Youthful
Ilakkiya Creativity
Ilakkuvan It Is The Tamil Form Of The Name Lakshman, It Also Mean Ambitious Person, The One Who Has Goal, Desire
Ilakshi Beautiful Eyes
Ilampirai Young Crescent
Ilamporai Prince
Ilamurugu Young Lord Murugan
Ilancheliyan Full Of Youthful Potential
Ilandevan Young Master
Ilango Prince, Author Of Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikaram
Ilanthirayan Young Man Whose Influence Extends Beyond The Seas
Ilapataye Lord Of The Earth
Ilashpasti Lord Of The Earth
Ilavalagan Young And Handsome
Ilavalagi Young And Beautiful
Ilavarasan Prince
Ilavenil Spring, Youthful
Ilesh Lord Of The Earth, King Of The Earth
Ilesha Queen Of The Earth
Ilika Earth, Transitory, Eel-ihl, Very Intelligent
Ilina Very Intelligent
Ilisa King Of The Earth, Queen Of The Earth
Ilisha King Of The Earth, Queen Of The Earth
Illisha Queen Of The Earth
Ilma Novel
Ilush Saffron, A Traveller
Ilvaka Defending The Earth
Ilvika Defending The Earth
Imaani Trustworthy, Faithful, Honest, Truthful
Imla Whom God Will Fill Up
Imon Priority
Impana Girl With A Melodious Voice
Ina Mother, Strong, The Sun, Ruler
Inakanta Beloved Of The Sun
Inaki Warmth Feeling
Inakshi Sharp Eyed
Inbanathan Happy
Inchar Sweet Voice
Inchara Sweet Voice
Indali Powerful, To Ascend, To Gain Power
Indaresh Lord Vishnu, Lord Of Indra
Indarupini Name Of Goddess Gayatri
Indeevar Blue Lotus
Indeevaraksh Lotus Eyed
Indeevaras Blue Lotus
Indeever Blue Lotus
Inder Kant Indra Devta
Indhusri Lakshmi
Indira Goddess Lakshmi, Bestowed Of Prosperity, Epithet Of Lakshmi, Consort Of Vishnu, The Goddess Indira Issued At The Creation From The Petals Of The Flower
Indivar Blue Lotus
Indiya Knowledgeable
Indra Excellent, First, God Of The Sky, Soul, Generous Best, Cloud, God Of The Atmosphere
Indradatt Gift Of Lord Indra
Indradhanu Rainbow
Indradhanush Rainbow
Indradhevi Excellent, First, God Of The Skies