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Name Meaning
Laakini Divine, A Goddess Who Gives And Takes
Laalima Reddish Glow, Supreme, Beautiful, Charming, Symbol
Laalitya Loveliness, Grace, Beauty
Laasak Dancer, Body, Playful, Peacock, Another
Laashya Dance Performed By Goddess Parvati
Laasritha Cute, Pretty Looking And Well Natured
Laasya Dance Performed By Goddess Parvati
Laasyavi Smile Of Goddess Lalita
Laavanya Grace, Beauty
Laayak Fit, Clever, Capable
Labanga Labanga Means Cloves
Labangalata A Flowering Creeper
Labani Labani Means The Woman Who Is Full Of Grace
Labanya Grace, Beauty
Labdhi Heavenly Power
Labh Profit
Labha Profit
Labhansh A Part Of Profit
Laboni Grace, Beautiful
Labonya Brilliant, Beautiful
Labuki Musical Instrument
Lachman Younger Brother Of Ram
Ladhi Sangeet Music
Ladli Loved One
Ladu King
Lagan Appropriate Time, Devotion, Love, The Rising Of The Sun Or Planets, Attaclunent
Laghima Goddess Parvati, A Kind Of Siddhi Or Supernatural Faculty Of Assuming Excessive Lightness At Will
Laghu Quick
Laghun Quick
Laghuvi Tender
Lahari Wave
Laher Wave
Lahita Smooth
Laiba Female Of The Haven
Lajita Modest
Lajitha Modest
Lajja Modesty, Shyness
Lajjak Modesty
Lajjaka Modesty
Lajjan Modesty
Lajjana Modesty
Lajjawati A Sensitive Plant, Modest Woman
Lajjit Bashful, Modest, Shy, Blushing
Lajjita Modest, Shied, Shy, Blushing
Lajvanti A Sensitive Plant, Touch Me Not Plant
Lajvathi Shy
Lajvati Shy, Modest
Lajwanti A Sensitive Plant, Touch Me Not Plant
Lajwati Shy, Modest
Lakashokavinashini Remover Of Universal Agonies
Lakesh Cinnamon Tree
Lakhan Brother Of Lord Rama, Successful, Achiever, Distinguished, With Auspicious Marks
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi, Derived From Lakshmi
Lakhit Lord Vishnu
Lakhith Lord Vishnu
Lakit Beautiful
Laksay Malik
Laksetha Distinguished
Laksh Aim, Target, Goal, Sign
Laksha White Rose, Rose, A Decorative Red Dye Used By Women Of Ancient India
Lakshak Ray Of Beauty, Expressing Indirectly
Lakshaki Goddess Sita
Lakshan Aim, One With Auspicious Signs, Propitious, Distinguished, Mark, The Half- Brother Of God Raam
Lakshana One With Auspicious Signs On Her, Goal, Vision, Metaphor, An Apsara
Lakshanya One Who Achieves, Successful, Distinguished, Objective
Lakshay Destination
Laksheta Distinguished
Lakshetha Distinguished
Lakshika Aim, Lakshya
Lakshin One With Auspicious Marks, Propitious, Distinguished
Lakshit Distinguished, Regarded
Lakshita Distinguished, Regarded
Lakshith Distinguished
Lakshitha Distinguished, Regarded
Lakshman Prosperous, Brother Of Lord Rama, Born To Give (Brother Of Rama)
Lakshmana Prosperous, Brother Of Lord Rama, Born To Give
Lakshmanapranadata Reviver Of Lakshmanas Life
Lakshmanapranadatre Reviver Of Lakshmanas Life
Lakshmeesh Lord Vishnu, Lord Of Lakshmi
Lakshmi Goddess Of Wealth Or Goddess Laxmi Or Fortunate
Lakshmi Durga Goddess Of Wealth, Fortunate
Lakshmi Gopal Lord Vishnu
Lakshmi Kant Lord Vishnu, Consort Of Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshmi Narayan Goddess Lakshmi And Lord Vishnu Together
Lakshmi Priya Tulsi, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Vishnu, Mutyam
Lakshmi Raman Lord Vishnu, Consort Of Lakshmi
Lakshmi Shree Fortunate
Lakshmibanta Fortunate
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu, Possessor Of Lakshmi, Name For Vishnu
Lakshmika Goddess Lakshmi Devi
Lakshmikantam The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu
Lakshmikanth Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi's Husband
Lakshminath Consort Of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu
Lakshmipathi Lord Vishnu, Consort Of Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshmipati Lord Vishnu, Consort Of Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshna Elegant
Laksit Distinguished, Regarded
Laksmi Goddess Of Wealth Or Goddess Laxmi Or Fortunate
Lalam Jewel
Lalan Nurturing