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Name Meaning
Qamar The Moon; Satellite
Qanna Lake
Qarin The Ocean
Qasim Divider; One who Divides;
Qatadah Tree with Hard Wood;
Qaushiq Skilled
Qayam Immortal; Another Name for God
Qays Firm; Hard
Quak Sound of Duck
Qualisha Quite
Quamar The Moon
Quasar Meteor
Quasim Old Generation; Judge
Qudamah Courage; Courage Origin Arabic;
Queen Female Monarch; Highest Lady; Wife
Quenby Womanly; Queen's Castle
Quenisha A Combination of Queen and Aisha
Querida Darling; Beloved
Querly Add Meaning
Questa Journey; A Quest; Seeking;
Queti Cute
Quincy Like a Queen
Quinella Form of Quintana; Queen's Lawn
Quinese Jwellry; Ornament
Quinlee Respected as Queen
Quinley Turban
Quirita Citizen; Kind One
Quish Answerable
Quisilla Lovely; Pretty
Quiterie Tranquil
Quiyl Bird
Qumudini A River
Quorra Heart
Qurashim Love
Qushi Happy
Qutaybah Irritable; Impatient; A Narrator of Hadith
Qutub Tall; Pivot; Pole; Axis;