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Name Meaning
Naabhak Belonging To The Sky
Naabhas Celestial, Appearing In The Sky, Name Of Certain Constellations, Sky, Ocean, Heavenly
Naabhi The Middle Part Of The Body.
Naadavalli Name Of A Raga
Naadha Sound
Naag A Big Serpent
Naagadatha One Of The Kauravas
Naagadhvani Name Of A Raga
Naagavalli The Betel Leaf
Naagdhar Lord Shiva, One Who Wears Cobra
Naagpal Saviour Of Serpents
Naagpathi King Of Serpents
Naandhi A Shout Of Joy, Rejoicing
Naarang Narang Ca Be Used As A Surname In Various Culture, Orange, Human, A Twin
Naarayan Lord Vishnu, Refuge Of Man
Naarayani Belonging To Naarayan, Another Name For Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi And The River Ganges, Vishnu Or Krishna
Naathan Gift From God, Rewarded, Given, Giving, Desire, Protector, Lord, Another Name For Krishna
Naatika A Play, With Dancers And Actors, A Musical Raagini
Naavinya New
Naavya Worth Praising, Young, Praiseworthy
Naayantara The Shining Start Of The Eyes.
Naba The New Or The Fresh One
Nabah Nobel High, Sky, No Limit
Nabakumar Newly Delivered Baby Boy.
Nabamallika Resembles Duple Jasmine Flower.
Nabami Lunar Fortnight's Ninth Day.
Nabamita Ninth Day Of The Lunar Fortnight.
Nabaneeta Fresh Butter, Gentle, Soft, Always New
Nabani Fresh Fat Or Margarine.
Nabanita The New Faith Or The New Moral
Nabanna The Fresh Cereal Grass.
Nabarun Morning Sun
Nabendu New Moon, A Night After Amavasya
Nabh The Sky
Nabha Nobel High, Sky, No Limit
Nabhanya Celestial, Ethereal
Nabhanyu Eternal, Celestial
Nabhas Celestial, Appearing In The Sky, Name Of Certain Constellations, Sky, Ocean, Heavenly
Nabhayan Fearsome
Nabhendu New Moon
Nabhi Centre Of Body, An Ancient King
Nabhij Lord Brahma, Born From The Navel
Nabhinath Fearless
Nabhith Fearless
Nabhitha Fearless
Nabhoj Born In Sky
Nabhomani Jewel Of The Sky, The Sun
Nabhya Central
Nabil Noble, Generous, Peacock
Nabin New
Nabina New
Nabinchandra The Fresh Moon, Or A Crescent Moon
Nachik A Short Form Of Nachiketa
Nachiket Son Of Vajashravas (Son Of Vajashravas)
Nachiketa An Ancient Rishi, Fire
Nachiketas The Name Of The Boy Who Went To See Lord Yama And Got Brahma Vidya From Yama
Nachni Dancer, Suggestive Look
Nadal Fortunate
Nadapratithishta One Who Appreciates And Loves Music
Nadatarangini Name Of A Raga
Nadeep Lord Of Wealth
Nadeesh God Of River, Ocean, Hope, Lord Of Water
Nadhamuni The Name Of Naradha Maharishi.
Nadharanjani Name Of A Raga
Nadhinee River
Nadin Lord Of Rivers, Ocean
Nadir Fresh, Dear, Rare, Pinnacle
Nadish God Of River, Ocean, Hope, Lord Of Water
Nadiya The Beginning, First, Black
Nafrin Accessible, Manageable, Adaptable, Reachable.
Nag Raj King Of The Serpents, King Of Cobras
Naga Malleswari Queen For Snakes
Nagabhooshan The One Who Is Wearing Snakes As Ornaments Around His Body.
Nagabhooshanam Who Wears Ornamental Snake
Nagabhushan One Who Wears Snakes As Ornaments, Lord Shiva
Nagabhushana One Who Has Serpents As Ornaments
Nagabhushanam God Shankar, Lord Shiva
Nagadhar Who Keeps Snake As Pets
Nagaiah Lord Cobra
Nagajothi Diomand Light Of Snake
Nagakanti Awesome Girl
Nagalingesh Lord Shiva
Nagamani Naga
Nagamma Nag Devta, Song, Tune Or A Melody
Naganandini Mountain Born
Naganath Snake, The King Of Serpents, A Serpent Chief
Naganika Serpent Maiden
Nagapooshani Goddess Durga, Consort Of Nagabhushan
Nagaraj King Of The Serpents, King Of Cobras
Nagaraja Lord Nagaraja
Nagarajan King Of Snake
Nagaraju King Of Snakes
Nagarathna Snakes Diamond
Nagarin Lord Of A Town
Nagarjun Best Among The Snakes
Nagarjuna Lord Shiva, Best Among The Snakes, A White Snake, Name Of An Ancient Buddhist Teacher Of The Rank Bodhisattva
Nagashree Snake Goddess
Nagaveni Hair Like Snake
Nagdhar Lord Shiva, One Who Wears Cobra
Nagendra Seshnag, King Of The Serpents