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Name Meaning
Gaalav To Worship, Ebony, Strong, A Sage
Gaangi Sacred, Pure, Comparable To The Ganges, Another Name For Goddess Durga
Gaatha Story
Gaatrika Song
Gadadhara One Who Has The Mace As His Weapon
Gadhadhar Name Of Lord Vishnu
Gadin Lord Krishna, One Who Is Armed With A Club, One Who Wields The Mace
Gagan Sky, Heaven, Atmosphere
Gagana The Sky
Gaganadipika The Lamp Of The Sky
Gaganasindhu Ocean Of The Sky
Gaganasri Sky
Gaganbir A Brave Person From Sky Or Heaven
Gaganesh Shiva
Gaganinder The Master Of Heavens.
Gaganjeet The One Who Overcomes The Sky.
Gaganjeev The One Who Lives In The Sky.
Gaganjit One Who Wins Over The Sky
Gaganmeet The One Who Is Very Closer To The Sky.
Gaganpreet The One Who Like The Sky A Lot.
Gaganvihari One Who Stays In Heaven
Gagnesh Lord Shiva, Ruler Of The Sky
Gahan Depth, Profound
Gahana Golden Chain
Gaish Tempest, Commotion
Gaj Polish, Origin, Aim, Elephant
Gaja Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi As Graceful As An Elephant
Gajadhar Who Can Command An Elephant
Gajagamini Majestic Like An Elephants Walk
Gajakarna One Who Has Eyes Like An Elephant
Gajamati The Name Of A Great Pearl Or Ornament.
Gajamukta Big Kind Of A Pearl.
Gajan Huge Sound Or Big Noise.
Gajanad Refers To Lord Hanuman.
Gajanan One With Elephant Face, Elephant Faced Lord
Gajanana One With Elephant Face, Elephant Faced Lord
Gajananan Lord Ganapathy
Gajanand Lord Ganesh, One With Elephant Face
Gajananeti Elephant Faced Lord
Gajapati The Lord Of Elephants Or Master Ganesha.
Gajara Garland Of Flowers
Gajavakra Trunk Of The Elephant
Gajavaktra One Who Has Mouth Like An Elephant
Gajbahu Who Has Strength Of An Elephant
Gajdant Elephant Teeth, Lord Ganesh
Gajendar Kushwah
Gajender King Of Elephant And Inderlok, Inderdev
Gajendra Elephant King
Gajendranath Owner Of Gajendra
Gajkaran Like Ears Of Elephant
Gajpati Master Of Elephant, Lord Ganesh
Gajra Garland Of Flowers
Gajraaj Lord Ganesha, One Of The Gods In Hindu Religion.
Gajraj King Of Elephant
Gajrup Lord Ganesh, One Who Looks Like A Elephant
Gajvadan Name Of Lord Ganesh
Galav To Worship, Ebony, Strong, A Sage
Gaman Journey
Gambhir Deep, Serious, Profound, Tolerant, Powerful
Gamini Silent
Gamya Beautiful, A Destiny
Gana Lord Shiva, Flock, Troop, Multitude, Number, Tribe, Series Or Class
Ganadhakshya Lord Of All Ganas Gods
Ganadhip Lord Ganapathy
Ganadhyakshina Leader Of All The Celestial Bodies
Ganak An Astrologer, Mathematician
Ganaka One Who Calculates
Ganakshi Desire, Want
Ganamurthi Name Of A Raga
Gananath Lord Shiva, Lord Of The Ganas
Ganapathi Lord Ganesh, Lord Of A Group Of Close Devotees, Who Have Reached The Climax Of Devotion
Ganapathy Another Name Of Lord Ganesha.
Ganapati Lord Ganesh, Lord Of A Group Of Close Devotees, Who Have Reached The Climax Of Devotion
Ganapatizhankilai Lord Murugan, After Ganapati Younger Brother Of Ganesh)
Ganaraj Lord Of The Clan
Ganarupa One Who Has The Form Of Multitude
Ganavi Singer, Melody
Ganda Knot
Gandaki A River Or An Obstacle
Gandeevi The Owner Of Gandeeva, His Bow
Gandesha Lord Of Fragrance
Gandha Fragrant
Gandhali Fragrance Of Flowers, Fragrant, Sweet Smelling
Gandhalika Fragrant, Sweet Smelling, Another Name For Paarvati
Gandhamadhana Shailastha Resident Of Gandhamadhana
Gandhapuspa Sweet Smell Of A Floret.
Gandhar Fragrance
Gandhara Fragrance
Gandharaj King Of Fragrance
Gandhari From Gandhara (Wife Of Dhritarastra, She Blindfold Herself After The Marriage.)
Gandharika Preparing Perfume
Gandharin Fragrant, Sweet Smelling
Gandharv Celestial Musician, Singer, Divine Musician, Another Name For Surya
Gandharva Celestial Musician, Singer, Divine Musician, Another Name For Surya
Gandharvavidya Tatvangna Exponent In The Art Of Celestials
Gandhi An Indian Family Name
Gandhik Fragrance, Perfume Seller, Aroma
Gandhika Very Nice And Sweet Smell.
Gandhini Fragrant
Gandira Hero