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Name Meaning
Saachar Yahweh Has Remembered, Appropriate, Well-mannered
Saachee Beloved, Grace, Truth, Following, Companion, Another Name For Agni
Saachi Beloved, Grace, Truth, Following, Companion, Another Name For Agni
Saadar Attached, Respectful, Thoughtful
Saadhaka Proficient, Magical, An Aspirant, Seeker
Saadhan Work, Achievement, Worship, The Shelter, Fulfilment
Saadhana Long Practice, Study, Fulfilment, Work, Achievement, Worship
Saadhav Simple, Loyal, Decent, Peaceful, Worthy, Chaste, Devout Worthy, Noble
Saadhik Winner, Pious, Proficient
Saadhika Goddess Durga, Achiever, Pious, Proficient
Saadhin Achievement, Work
Saadhvi Religious Women, Courteous, Polite, Simple, Loyal, Decent, Worthy, Chaste, Devout Worthy
Saadri Chief Or Leader Or Judge, Conqueror
Saadvik A Tree
Saagar Sea, Ocean
Saagarik Belonging To The Ocean
Saagarika Wave, Born In The Ocean
Saagnik One Who Wins The Fire, Fiery, Passionate, Married
Saagnika Fiery, Passionate, Married, With Fire
Saahana Raaga Or Patience, Queen
Saahas Valour, Bravery, Happy, Laughing
Saahass Adventure
Saahasya Mighty, Powerful
Saahat Stong, Powerful
Saahil Sea Shore, Guide, Shore, Bank
Saahithi Literature
Saaj One Who Worships God, Beauteous Tranquillity
Saakar Manifestation Of God, Shapely, Concrete, Formal, Attractive
Saakash One With A Light Shone Upon Him, Illumination, Brilliance, An Enlightened Soul
Saaket Lord Krishna, Having The Same Intention
Saakithya Literature
Saaksh True, Witness, With Eyes
Saakshee Witness, Evidence
Saakshi Witness, Evidence
Saalan One Of The Kauravas
Saaman Morning, Goddess Of Sound, Dawn, Early Morning
Saamant Bordering, Leader, Universal Whole, Near, Omnipresent
Saamanta Equality, Bordering, Name Of A Raga
Saamod Pleased, Happy, Fragrant
Saanal Fiery, Energetic, Powerful, Vigorous
Saanavi Sanvi Or Goddess Lakshmi
Saanidhya Abode Of God, Nera
Saanjali Hand Clasped In Prayer
Saanjh Evening
Saanjya Unique, Incomparable
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi, One Who Will Be Followed
Saanvi Tarita Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati
Saanvika Goddess Lakshmi, One Who Will Be Followed
Saara Princess, Noble Lady, Precious, Firm, Pure, Excellent, Sweet Smelling, Veil (Wife Of The Prophet Ibrahim)
Saaran Surrender, Injuring, Running, Lily, Yard Of A Sail
Saarang A Musical Instrument, Distinguished, Brilliance, Light, Jewel, Gold Light, The Earth, A Musical Raag Another Name For The Love God Kaama And Shiva
Saarangi Distinguished, Doe, Musical Instrument, A Musical Raagini
Saaransh Summary, In Brief, Precise, Result
Saaras Swan, The Moon
Saarik Resembling A Small Song Bird, Melodious, Stream, Precious
Saarika Morning, Goddess Of Sound, Dawn, Early Morning
Saarth Charioteer Of Partha (Arjun)
Saarvendra Every Where, God
Saarya Name Of A Pious Woman
Saashini Moon, Intelligent, Shinning, Beauty
Saatej Possessing Of Brilliance And Intelligence, Soft
Saathvi Existence, Real
Saathvik Calm, Virtuous And Another Name Of Lord Shiva
Saatvik Virtuous, Lord Krishna, Worthy, Important, Pure, Good
Saatvika Goddess Durga, Calm
Saatwika Fighter
Saavan The Fifth Month Of The Hindu Year, One Who Offers A Sacrifice To God, Rain During Monsoon Season
Saavant Employer
Saavi Goddess Lakshmi, The Sun
Saavini Pertaining To The Month Of Saavan, One Who Prepares Soma
Saavitra Of The Sun, Offering, Fire
Saavitri A Ray Of Light, Hymn, A Form Of The Devi
Saavya Lord Vishnu
Saavyas Bring Together
Saaya Shelter, Shade, Influence, Evening, Close Of Day
Saayak Weapon, Kind And Helpful
Saayan Friend, Kind Heart
Sabal With Strength
Sabar Nectar, Distinguished
Sabareesh Lord Of Sabari Hill, Lord Ayyappa
Sabareeshwara Lord Of Sabari Hill, Lord Ayyappa
Sabari A Tribal Devotee Of Lord Rama, One Who Lives In Sabari Hill, Lord Ayyappa
Sabari Gireesh Lord Of Sabari Hill, Lord Ayyappa
Sabarinath Lord Rama, Lord Of Sabari
Sabarinathan Lord Ayyappa
Sabarish Lord Of Sabari Hill, Lord Ayyappa
Sabarishri Lord Ayyappa
Sabdha Word
Sabhrant Rich
Sabhya Refined
Sabita Beautiful Sunshine
Sabitha Beautiful Sunshine
Sabitri A Ray Of Light, Hymn, A Form Of The Devi
Sabrang Rainbow
Sabresh Lord Ayyappa
Sabri A Devotees Of Lord Rama, Daughter Of Cyprus
Saburi Compassion
Sacchidananda Total Bliss
Sacchidananda Vigraha Eternal Happiness And Bliss
Sachandra Pure R Beautiful Moon