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Name Meaning
Oba Cluster; An Ancient River Goddess;
Obalesh Lord Shiva, Lord of the linga, Epithet of Shiva
Obi Heart; Palace; Kind
Obilesh Lord Narsimha
Obulaiah Add Meaning
Obuli Name of a Hindu God
Odathi Refreshing; Owner
Oditi Dawn
Ogan Wave; Assembled; United
Oha Meditation, True knowledge
Ohas Praise
Ohit The Brightness Of The Eyes, Nimble Of The Eyesight.
Ohitlal The Girl Who Has Gorgeous, Stunning And Fine Looking Eyes.
Ohm Primordial Sound
Oikantika A Welsh That Means A Noble Person. Also, Welsh Poet Of 6th Century.
Oindrila Neith Was An Ancient Goddess Of Egypt That Means Water.
Oishika A Great Achiever, One Who Attains Something
Oishimaya A Noble Person Full Of Good Deeds, No Evil Within.
Oishyariya A Native American Name That Means A Wild Beautiful Goose.
Oisin Divine
Oja Vitality
Ojal Splendour; Vision; Shelter
Ojas Body strength
Ojasa Splendour; Shine; Vigour;
Ojash Vitality
Ojashvi Bright; Glow; Vitality; Full of Light; Splendid; One who Possesses Shine
Ojashvini Bright; Splendid; Full of Light; One who Possesses Shine
Ojashwini Bright; Splendid; Full of Light; One who Possesses Shine
Ojasini Energetic; Vigorous
Ojastara Vigorous; Powerful; Energetic
Ojasvaan Energetic; Vigorous; Powerful;
Ojasvat Vigorous; Powerful; Strong;
Ojasvati Full of Brightness; One Having Vital Energy; Splendid
Ojasvi Bright
Ojasvini Full of Brightness; Splendid; Beautiful Lady; Having Vital Energy; Brave; Energetic
Ojasvita Full of Brightness; Energetic; Emphatic Manner of Expression Style
Ojaswati Full of Brightness; One Having Vital Energy; Splendid
Ojaswee Full of Light; Shining; Bright;
Ojaswee Full of Light; Shining; Bright; Sharp
Ojaswi Bright
Ojaswin Lustrous
Ojaswini Full of Brightness; Having Vital
Ojaswit Powerful,
Ojaswita Energetic; Brightness; A Person Symbolic of Brightness; Emphatic Manner of Expression Style
Ojati Having Vital Power; Strong
Ojayati Having Vital Energy; Vitality
Ojayit Courageous
Ojayita One who Behaves Courageously
Ojeeta A Noble Light Which Enlightens The Heart.
Ojesh Light
Ojis Teej ojisvi
Ojjaswin Body strength
Ojmana Speedy; Vigorous
Ola Wealth; Ancestor; Precious; Worth;
Oli Courageous; Elf Army
Olichudar Brilliant
Olikodi The One Who Is Having Fantabulous Skills By Her Own.
Olimani Brilliant
Oliveanthan The Ruler Or The Emperor Of The Light.
Olivia Symbol of Peace; Olive Tree; Elf Army; Ancestor's Descendant
Oliyarasi Brilliant
Ollepu Lion; King of Forest
Om Creation; The Essence of Life;The sacred syllable
Om Parkash Light of God
Om-Eswer Lord Shiva
Oma Life Giver; Commander
Oma Leader; Giver of Life; Commanding;
Omaansh The sacred symbol of Om
Omaditya Lord of the Sun
Omaja Result of Spiritual Unity
Omakshi Auspicious Eyed
Omala Earth
Omana Protector; Friend; Helper;
Omanand Joy / Light of Om
Omar An Era; The Highest;
Omarjeet Lord of Om
Omav Avatar of Om
Omdutt Given by God
Omesa Lord of Om
Omesh Like a God; Lord of the Om;
Omeshwar Lord of the Om
Omika Kind
Omila Protector; Friend
Omio The One Who Is Strong And Stable And Dependable.
Omish Lord of the Om
Omisha Spirit Of Birth And Death.
Omith Infinite
Omja Born of Cosmic Unity
Omkaar Sound of the Sacred Syllable;
Omkar Sound of the Sacred Syllable;
Omkara The sound of the sacred syllable, One who has the form of Om
Omkara An Auspicious Beginning; Female Personification of Divine Power; Name of a Goddess
Omkaraa An Auspicious Beginning
Omkaram Personification of Divine Power;
Omkaram Mantra of Lord Shiva; An Auspicious Beginning
Omkaran An Auspicious Beginning;
Omkarasawari An Auspicious Beginning; Female Personification of Divine Power; Mantra of Lord Shiva; Goddess Parvati
Omkareshwar Lord Shiva, Lord of Om
Omkareshwari Goddess Parvati; Gauri
Omkari Prosperous / Auspicious Beginning; Young Forever; Goddess Parvati