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Name Meaning
Faaiz Victorious; Triumphant;
Faalgun A Name Of The Month In Hindu Calendar
Faalguni Brave; Victory; Triumph; Companion
Faaz Victorious; Successful; Brilliant
Fabidh Add Meaning
Fabina God
Fadhiya A Woman Who Looks Gorgeous
Fadil Generous; Giving; Honourable;
Fadulsha Faithful; Loving and Care
Fahad Panther; Lynx; Lion; Leopard
Fahamitha A Perceptive Young Woman
Fahari A Girl Who Is Very Smart
Fahd Panther; Lynx; Leopard; Lion
Faheem Intelligent; Judicious
Fahid Panther
Fahima Intelligent; Learned; Understands;
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise; Scholarly;
Fahmidha Scholarly; Intelligent; Wise
Fahzin Add Meaning
Fainu Glowing; Shining; Fairy; Crown or Garland
Fairoz Turquoise
Fairusa Woman of Triumph; Turquoise
Faisal Decisive; The Judge; Resolute;
Faisha A Blessing to All
Faiyaz Artistic
Faiz Gain; Knight; Grace; Favour;
Faiza Gain; Victorious; Winner; Successful
Faizaan Favour; Grace; Favourite
Faizan Great Grace / Beneficence;
Faizin Champion; Creative;
Fajyaz Artistic
Fakar Proud
Faleesha Indian Tulip
Falgu Lovely
Falgun Month in the Hindu Calendar
Falguni Beautiful; Grater Flower;
Falina Bearing Fruit; Fruitful; Fluffy;
Falini Bearing Fruit; A Species of Plant
Falish Indian Tulip
Falisha Happiness; Lucky; Female Version
Falita A Menstruous Woman
Faloni Short; Idol
Famitha Gift of God
Faneemdra Lord Shiva
Faneesh Lord Shiva, The cosmic serpent Shesh
Fani Snake
Fanibhusan The one who wears a serpent as An ornament
Fanibhushan The one who wears a serpent as An ornament
Fanikeshar The Ruler Of The Snakes.
Fanindra The cosmic serpent Shesh
Fanish Lord Shiva, The cosmic serpent Shesh
Fanishwar Lord of serpents; Vasuki
Fanny Free; Frenchwoman;
Farah Glory; Happiness; Cheerfulness;
Farak Distance
Fareed Unique; Incomparable;
Fareeha Happiness; Happy; Joyful;
Fareen Wanderer; Adventurous; Blessed
Fareena Happiness
Fareeq Distribution; Group; Band; Crew
Farha Happiness
Farha Happiness
Farhad Happiness; Digger of Mines;
Farhan Happiness; Joyful; Glad; Happy;
Farhana Immerse; Beautiful; Happy; Joyful;
Farhin Jubilant; Happiness; Sky Angel;
Farhina Happiness
Fari Pretty; Beautiful
Faria A Caravan; Beautiful;
Farid Wide; Unique; Without Rival;
Farida Turquoise; Unique; Love; Proud;
Farishta Heavenly Messenger
Farishta Angel; Messenger
Fariz Determined; Promising
Farook A Man Of High Moral Standards
Farsana Intelligent Wise
Farseen Love
Farseena Beautiful; Intelligent
Farshad Soul of the Sphere of Mercury;
Farshiya Thanks
Faru Pretty; Happiness
Farukh Power of Discrimination; Happy;
Faruq Divider Between Vice and Virtue;
Farzan Wise
Farzana Intelligence; Wise; Delighted;
Fasal Add Meaning
Faseel Add Meaning
Faseela Distance; Shinning Star; Pretty
Fashil Add Meaning
Fateh A Man Of Big Success
Fathima The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter;
Fatik Crystal; Deadly; Lethal
Fatima The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter;
Fatma The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter;
Favas Successful; Winner; Prince;
Fawaz Always Successful; Prosperous;
Fawiza Successful
Fawzaana Salvation; Successful
Fayaan Belief; Trust
Fayad Benefit; Advantage; Welfare