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Name Meaning
Waffa Faithful; Angel
Wafi Another Name for God; Faithful; Complete; Perfect; Loyal
Wahaj Brightness; Sparkling; Very Bright
Waheeda Beautiful; Sole; Single; Unique;
Waiza To Advise
Wajeeha Eminent; Distinguished
Wajida Finder; Achiever; Excited
Wajir Minister; Assistant
Wakeeta Beautiful Flower
Wakil Warrior; Lawyer; Trustee
Wali Protector
Wali Protector
Walid Newborn Child; Newly-born
Waman The short; Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Wamika Beautiful; Fearless; To become Bright; Aware; Goddess Durga
Wamil Beautiful
Wamil Beautiful
Wani Daring
Waran Given
Warda Rose; Guardian; Beautiful; Giver
Warsa Monsoon; Rain; Also Spelt as Varsa / Varsha
Waruni Leader of Hunters
Wasan Short; Idol
Wasfia Worthy of Praise / Mention
Washean Lucky; God Shiva
Wasi An Executor; Preceptor; Administrator (of a will)
Wasid Engrossed; Great
Wasim Handsome; Honest; Attractive
Wassiq Kindness and Love
Wedansh King
Wedant The scriptures, Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas, Theology, Absolute truth, Hindu philosophy or ultimate wisdom, King of all
Weena A Musical Instrument
Wibushini Paradise
Widit Famous; Knowledge; Lord Indra
Widya Knowledge; Wise; Also Spelt as Vidya
Win Fair; White; Friend
Winesh Godly
Wini Winner
Winmathi Bright Moon
Wisaal Communion in Love
Womayaal Goddess Name
Wrichik Sun
Wriddhi Achievement
Wriddhish Lord Ganesha
Wridhima Full of Love; Goddess Lakshmi
Writam Name of Lord Hanuman
Writi Popularity; Thought
Writtika Beautiful Season Autumn
Writu Season
Wrushali One who Give Happiness; Prosperity
Wyconda Beautiful Stranger