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20 Recipes To Try On Maha Shivratri

Lauki Halwa Recipe, लौकी (दूधी) का हलवा | How to make Dudhi Halwa | Navratri Vrat Special | Boldsky

Today is Maha Shivratri. This festival is a celebration of the lord Shiva's wedding with his consort Devi Parvati. The special feature of Shivratri is that only one meal is permitted on this day. That is why; you have to restrict your feasting to the evening. Some special recipes for Shivratri are always prepared for this festival.

For example, Lord Shiva is very fond of bhang. So thandai, bhang ke pakore, bhang badam burfi etc. are some special Shivratri recipes for today's festivities. As many people fast on Maha Shivratri, sabudana dishes are very popular. Be it sabudana kheer, pakora or khichdi, you can always prepare these delicacies for breaking your fast.


Eating rice or normal salt is not allowed on Shivratri. That is why; vrat ke chawal or samvat rice is used instead. Rock salt or sanda namak replaces normal salt in all Shivratri recipes. According to Hindu traditions, one must aloso avoid onion and garlic on Shivratri. So all these dishes are strictly prepared without using onion and garlic.

Here are some delicacies that are usually prepared on this day to celebrate Shivratri.


Sev Tamater Ki Sabji

Sev tamater ki sabji is originally a Gujrati recipe. It is popular among Gurjati Jains who do not add onions and garlic to their food. The original name for this recipe is sev tamta nu shaak. This recipe can be ideal for Shivratri because it has no onions and garlic in it


Dudhi Kofta

Today, we have a special dudhi kofta recipe which you can try out if you are observing the Shivratri vrat. This recipe is healthy, filling and delicious. Dudhi is nothing but the Indian bottle gourd which is grated and then made into balls or koftas and then cooked in tomato gravy.


Aloo Ka Halwa

A meal or festival is incomplete without sweets and so, we will prepare a Shivratri special, aloo ka halwa. The mashed potatoes are cooked with loads of ghee and the authentic taste of nuts in this halwa can make you salivate! Check out the Shivratri vrat recipe for aloo ka halwa.


Fried Aloo Chips

The Shivratri vrat starts early in the morning and one must eat food items like potatoes, fruits, fruit juices etc. to keep up the energy all day long. Try out this special Shivratri vrat recipe of potato fries in the morning to build up your energy.


Vrat Ka Pulao

Sama ke chawal, or samvat rice or Mordhna are the Hindi names for Barnyard millet. It can be eaten during fasting and is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins.


Fruit Salad

Fruits are the best option for fast. Fruit salads are healthy, oil free vrat recipes which can be consumed anytime in the day.


Aloo Dahi With Hing

This is a tangy side dish which is prepared with curd. The boiled potatoes when mixed with curd gives an aromatic flavour which makes it lip smacking and delicious.


Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a very popular fast recipe especially in the Western part of the country. It is a food you can eat safely when you are fasting for religious purposes. The best part about Sabudana Khichdi is that it is very easy to digest and light on your stomach.


Kuttu Ka Paratha

Kuttu Ka Paratha is a special chapati recipe which can be consumed during the fast. This recipe is prepared using Buckwheat flour and mashed potatoes.


Chatpate Aloo

This spicy and tangy aloo recipe is a huge hit with people of all ages. Just remember not to add garlic to this dish. Also, use rock salt instead of salt.


Small Potato Kachori

The best thing about this Shivratri recipe is that it consists of dry mango which enhances the taste to any dish you make. The potato small kachori is special because of its tiny size therefore it is a most loved treat by children.


Sindh Sai Bhaji

Sindhi sai bhaji is prepared with spinach, dill and fenugreek leaves. The mix of the three kinds of leaves give a unique taste to the recipe. The dill leaves add a dash of tangy flavour to the dish. The absence of onions and garlic does not create much of a difference. The taste of vegetables with chana dal and leafy greens makes this vegetarian recipe an absolute delight.


Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana Kheer is also an interesting Indian dessert recipe. If you have a sweet tooth that gives you craving for that elusive 'something sweet' when you are on a fast then this will be your saving grace.


Aloo Jeera

This aloo jeera recipe is easy to make and not time consuming. The aloo jeera is a side dish which can be combined with any main course. It will only add more variety to your meals. In this aloo jeera recipe, one of the main ingredients is jeera or cumin, which gives a nutty flavour to your dish.


Bhang Badam Burfi

Today, we present you with the tasty Bhang Burfi recipe. Our special pick for Bhang burfi is the delicious badam burfi (almond burfi) for Shivratri. Take a look at how to go about making this tasty bhang badam burfi recipe.


Singhara Ka Halwa

Singhara ka halwa is a sweet vrat recipe. This sweet dish is served to people on fast. Singhara ka halwa is made with water chestnut flour.


Aloo Methi Subzi

Methi aloo is a very easy and simple preparation made in Indian households using fresh fenugreek leaves and baby potatoes. If baby potatoes are not available, you can use normal potatoes cut into small pieces. It is very nutritious for Shivratri, but make sure you do not add garlic to it.


Pralahari Kadai Paneer

A perfect recipe to try on this Shivratri is the Pahalahari Kadai paneer. The juicy paneer is cooked in a tomato gravy without onions or garlic.


Vrat Ke Chawal

Nothing like rice when it comes to filling your stomach. This is why Varat Ke Chawal make such a great Shivratri fast recipe. It keeps you full for a long time so that you can battle those hunger pangs. Samvat chawal gets a little soggy on cooking so it is best to cook it as an Indian microwave recipe. The ingredients are simple and healthy so try it without a second thought.



Thandai is an essential ingredient of both your Shivratri and Holi celebrations. This lassi recipe is prepared in combination with intoxicants like bhang as an offering to the deity Shiva. However, the basic lassi recipe for thandai can be made with milk, dry fruits and some spices.

Story first published: Thursday, February 27, 2014, 14:31 [IST]
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