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LMIFWSS20: Iconic Hairstyles That Ruled The Ramp

The Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week SS20 is going on in full swing. It is just day two of the fashion week we already have a couple of iconic hairstyles that ruled the ramp these two days.

Looking broadly at these fashion weeks, we can't help but feel that in the last couple of years these fashion parades have become more inclusive, especially with respect to the beauty aspect of it.

We have seen make-up looks and hairstyles that can be worn by us with ease, with some tweaks here and there of course. For anyone looking for new make-up looks and hairstyles to try, the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week had plenty to offer.

That being said, today we have some hairstyles that were pretty evident and iconic on day 1 and day 2 of the fashion week. Read on to find out what these are.

1. The Multi Braids

The multi braids trend was seen in the opening shows Ikai by Ragini Ahuja and Pramaa by Pratima Pandey in association with EbixCash. Sectioning the hair in the front, the different sections were weaved in regular three-strands braids, which were then gathered together and tied in a braided ponytail. It was a refreshing and funky hairstyle. If you are bored with your regular braid any ponytail hairdos and want to try something new and different, this seems to be a pretty good option to try.

This bold hairstyle added a touch of vigour to the look. You can add different coloured ribbons to the braids to make this hairstyle even more funky.

2. The Retro Bun

On day 2 of the fashion show, to celebrate the varied hues of spring the models wore a touch of green in their make-up looks which they paired with chunky retro buns. These buns looked super stunning and you could try them out when you are feeling like wearing an over the top look.

The retro bun was a mesh of chunky curls roled and pined together to give it a bun shape. You can play with different shape and sizes of the curls to get different buns each time. And that alone makes this hairdo a must-try.

3. The Accessorised Bun

Another hairstyle that was prominent on day 1 of the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week was accessorised sleek buns. The models in the Samant Chahuhan's show slew this hairdo. The bun was a pretty regular sleek bun but what made this look interesting was the netted accessory. The accessory that curved around the bun and then again around the side of the face almost looked like a hat. This look gave us pretty hard English vibes and we loved this hairdo.

These were the hairstyles that ruled the ramp on day 1 and day 2 of the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week. Be sure to tell us your favourite in the comment setion below and stay tuned for more updates from the show!

Story first published: Thursday, October 10, 2019, 15:46 [IST]