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Urvashi Rautela In The Nudest Make-up Look Ever Fails To Make The Intended Impact

Urvashi Rautela has always been one of the celebrities we look forward to for some crazy beauty inspiration. One look at the actress' Instagram and you can tell there is no dull moment when it comes to her. Always seen in impeccable make-up look, hairstyles and attires, you would never think she would do a beauty faux ever. But, no one can escape them. And from her latest Instagram post, it seems Urvashi Rautela has done one.

In the post, Urvashi can be seen wearing an exotic and bold swimsuit looking phenomenal. The only accessory she has on is the green chained neckpiece made up od a towel-like material. The hair is styled in a wet pulled-pack manner giving her 'just out of the pool' look. It is her make-up, however, that does not do it for us.

Urvashi can be seen in the nudest make-up look ever and is it too bland for it to make an impact. The base is perfect and flawless and we feel it lacks the natural colour that a bronzer or contour provides to the face. The natural essence of the face is kind of lacking. Another element that would immediately catch your attention is her eyebrows. There are too much done and fake. Now, we don't have an issue with going hard with your make-up, but it should look natural. Which seems to be the look she was going for. The eyelashes are way too dramatic but with the stunning eye make-up, you can let it slide. Lastly, the lips. The nude lip colour is beautiful, but it just does not translate well with the full-coverage base. The face and the lips seem blended and that is not a great look. All this look needs is a bit of colour and it would be perfect.

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That being said, we know this is one of those rare instances when we haven't fallen in love with Urvashi's make-up. Whether it is the smokey eye or the monochromatic look, Urvashi has dazzled in each look. We love all the amazing make-up looks Urvashi shares with us on the Gram and we hope she continues to do so. What did you think about her make-up? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.