Most Inspiring Moustache Styles

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A lot can be said about a man by the kind of moustache he wears. In some cultures it is also considered as an object of pride. In many countries like Egypt and India the style of the moustache is very important as it is considered as an integral part of their culture.

A moustache always draws attention, be it from a man or woman. Most women show disgust while men on the contrary are proud of it. Some men even go up to the extent of displaying the type of their moustache among each other.

Moustache Styles

Some of the greatest characters in history and cinema carried the most popular moustaches ever. Let's explore the moustache style of some of the most popular heroes of time.

Charlie Chaplin And Hitler- Both of them were revolutionary characters in their own sphere. They had a small box shaped moustache. Charlie Chaplin was a comedian and Hitler a dictator. They sported the toothbrush moustache style which has become very popular over time. While Charlie Chaplin wore it in the silent era of Hollywood, Hitler donned this amazing moustache during the Second World War.

Marlon Brando- The Hollywood hero of the epic crime film 'The Godfather' showed off a thin line moustache type with grace. Considered as one of the greatest actors ever in Hollywood he carried an eccentric moustache style in the movie. He marked an awesome style statement with it.

George Harrison- A rock star of all times George Harrison had the typical ass push broom moustache. This continues to be one of the most aspiring moustache type ever. Some other rock and toll artists like Frank Zappa also sported this moustache style. In this moustache type a thick layer of hair on the upper lip often comes down to the chin. After Zappa died his relatives replicated this moustache type.

Salvadore Dali- He was a famous surrealist painter from Spain. He is more popularly known for the bizzare images he created and the spaghetti moustache that he kept. The tips of this moustache is like a brush. He looked an eccentric in this moustache style.

Veerappan- A Highwayman or a robber in India, he is also known as the Sandalwood Veerappan. Veerappan was popular both for his notorious activities and his huge moustache. He had a huge moustache that almost covered half of the lower portion of his face. This is one of the most popular moustaches ever.

All these people created history and are well known for their personal style statements which also includes the popular moustaches that they carried.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 13:14 [IST]
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