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Is Magnesium Necessary For Your Body?

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We know that minerals play an important role in our health. The human body is like a factory in which thousands of biochemical reactions take place. So, magnesium is said to have a role in three hundred different bio-chemical reactions.

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Generally, this mineral can be seen in bones, teeth and red blood cells. This mineral is crucial for muscles, nerves and heart.

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Deficiency may cause irritability, irregular rhythms of the heart and weakness. It is important to ensure that our diet supplies you enough of magnesium.


Benefit #1

Magnesium is a mineral which regulates certain functions in the body. It is necessary for blood and also the heart function. Deficiency of magnesium could also cause cardiovascular issues.


Benefit #2

Many studies claim that eating foods rich in magnesium could minimise the risk of colon cancer.


Benefit #3

Certain studies indicate that diabetics lack enough of magnesium in their blood stream. Maintaining right levels of magnesium could also prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Benefit #4

After Calcium and Vitamin D, magnesium is important for stronger bones and teeth. Your bone density gets enhanced when you have enough magnesium. Osteoporosis is associated with low levels of this mineral.


Benefit #5

Certain PMS symptoms like breast tenderness, bloating, insomnia can be relieved by consuming diet rich in magnesium and vitamin B6.


Benefit #6

Magnesium deficiency could also cause a dip in serotonin levels according to a study. Having sufficient levels of magnesium could prevent depression.


Benefit #7

Studies show that Calcium and magnesium are important for people suffering from fibromyalgia.

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