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Tips For Juice Lovers

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Most of us love to live a lifestyle that makes us feel healthy. Well, juicing is one important way to maintain good health. But still, there are certain things you may need to know before you get into juicing.

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If proper care isn't taken, juicing may not help you in any way. Also, if you don't follow certain basics, juicing may totally prove to be counterproductive.

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If you are wondering what those basics are, read on to know about some simple tips and facts...


Tip #1

Juicing involves frequent use of juicers, grinders and blenders. If you don't wash them carefully, bacteria may breed inside your very juicer making all of your juices unhealthy! So, wash them well.


Tip #2

When it comes to fruit juices, we tend to add sugar for taste. This increases your sugar intake unknowingly. Therefore, avoid adding sugar to all of your juices.


Tip #3

If you are into juicing, drink only fresh juices. Don't store them in the fridge. Most of the juices are healthy only when they are consumed immediately.


Tip #4

Another thing that juicers need to know is about healthy and unhealthy combinations. Not all combinations of fruits and vegetables tend to be healthy. Consult your dietitian to know about healthy combinations of fruits and vegetables.


Tip #5

Not all vegetables are good in their raw form. Some of them need to be cooked in order to make them healthier. So, you must first know about such nutrition facts before you get into hardcore juicing.


Tip #6

The risk of infections like salmonella may be high for those who eat raw foods. So, you may need to wash your foods carefully if you are into juicing.


Tip #7

Also, juicers miss out on fibre content especially if they filter out all the pulp. So, ensure that you drink juices along with the pulp to gain more health benefits.

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