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Best Superfoods For Men And Women Over 40
Dietary characteristics and nutritional requirements change when people age. Nutrients like vitamin D, proteins, calcium and vitamin B12 become important for men and women at or over 40 as these nutrients may help maintain their physical and cognitive functions later in ...
Is Consumption Of Raw Food Diet Beneficial In Diabetes?
The consumption of raw foods to treat various ailments, including diabetes, has been practised since the 1800s. Raw food diet, commonly known as 'raw foodism and rawism' is a diet type that includes the consumption of foods in their natural state ...
Is Consumption Of Raw Food Diet Beneficial In Diabetes
Are Papayas A Healthy Choice For People With Diabetes?
Diabetes is a progressive chronic disease that can negatively affect human health and overall wellbeing. Combating hyperglycemia or say managing high glucose levels in the body is highly associated with lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. Certain fruits such as ...
Are Papayas A Healthy Choice For People With Diabetes
Things To Do And Avoid After Eating High-Cholesterol Foods
Cholesterol has major functions in the human body, from cellular signalling to apoptosis and from improving cell membrane fluidity to acting as a precursor of steroid hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. [1] However, dietary cholesterol is considered the leading cause ...
Are Oranges Good For Diabetics?
Winter is the season of oranges. It is among the most consumed winter fruits in the country which has a plethora of health benefits. According to a study, oranges contain many potent antioxidants and phytochemicals such as carotenoids, flavonoids. folate and ...
Are Oranges Good For Diabetics
Can Cucumber Helps Prevent And Manage Diabetes?
Diabetes is a serious metabolic disease and its rate is rapidly increasing across the globe. Consumption of high-calorie foods, sedentary lifestyle and weight gain are some of the common risk factors of diabetes. Change in lifestyle and diet can help prevent ...
Can Cucumber Helps Prevent And Manage Diabetes
Are Berries Effective In Preventing And Managing Diabetes?
Berries are packed with many nutrients and phytochemicals. Several studies claim the importance of berries in reducing the risk of chronic diseases or metabolic syndromes, including diabetes. Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, cranberries are among the commonly consumed varieties of ...
11 Healthy Calcium-Rich Foods For Pregnant Women
Calcium is a vital mineral required for the healthy development of the foetus. It helps build strong bones and teeth of the baby and is also required to foster the healthy heart, nerves, and muscles of both the mother and baby. ...
Calcium Rich Foods For Pregnant Women
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