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Wisdom Tooth Pain: Important Things You Need To Know
Almost everyone has experienced the wisdom tooth pain at some point in their lives. Your gums become inflamed, the affected tooth area may bleed accompanied with headaches on the side where you have wisdom tooth. What Is Wisdom Teeth? It is ...
Wisdom Tooth Pain Important Things You Need To Know
Is It Safe To Masturbate During Pregnancy?
Is it safe to masturbate during pregnancy? Pregnancy is a phase when hormones can play havoc. Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are responsible for many moods, cravings and feelings during pregnancy. In certain times during pregnancy, even the cravings for intercourse may ...
How To Recognize A Good & Trustworthy Doctor?
Finding out a good doctor to treat you is a very important thing, as it plays a crucial role in determining the good and bad outcomes of your health. Gone are the times when your parents used to push you to ...
How To Recognize A Good Trustworthy Doctor
Doctor’s Secret Diet Tips To Stay Fit As You Age
Have you ever come across a doctor who is unhealthy? This is something which you would have hardly witnessed. A healthy diet is one of the most important factors that helps in keeping a doctor healthy. Well, if you want to ...
Is Your Child's Heart Beat Normal?
The human heart beat has a particular rhythm. The heart has a particular way of beating which allows it to function normally. If the heart beats too fast or skips a beat, it is considered as abnormal. Abnormal heart rate in ...
Folk Remedies For Snake Bite
In case of a snake bite, the person should immediately be rushed to the nearest hospital. Though all snakes bite, only a few of them are poisonous and life threatening. The venom of some snakes like cobra impacts the nervous system ...
Remedies For Snake Bite
Online Health Information May Cut Trust In Doctors
People who check up health information on the internet may seldom trust a diagnosis made by their doctor, a study has showed.The study showed that although there are many advantages of having easily accessible medical information available on the internet, it ...
Herbs That Cure Malaria
Malaria is a parasitic infection and yes, it is contagious too. What are its symptoms? Vomiting, nausea, chills, muscle pains, fatigue, headache and fever are some of its symptoms. If you see those symptoms, it is advisable to rush to a ...
Herbs That Cure Malaria
A Married Couple Realised They Are Twins!!
Life is so perfect when we find the right partner in our lives. Everything seems magical and when it comes to conceiving, it's not a piece of cake for all. Men and women these days are advised to get their health ...
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