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Kidney Stone Diet: Which Foods Can Cause Kidney Stones
Kidney stones occur when substances such as calcium oxalate, uric acid, and cystine start forming in high amounts in the urine and don't get dissolved. Kidney stones can also develop in your urethra, bladder and ureters. There are different types of ...
Foods That Cause Kidney Stones

9 Foods That Make You Hallucinate
There is no doubt that foods can cause all sorts of emotions ranging from happiness to confusion. Despite making our tummies feel full and happy, there are certain foods that excite us, make us feel tired, cause bad dreams and other ...
60 Healthiest Foods You Should Eat Every Day
Whatever you eat as a part of your daily diet reflects on your overall health. If you consume healthy foods brimming with various disease-fighting nutrients, you are more likely to stay fit and healthy. Healthy foods are ones that are rich ...
22 Foods Rich In Sodium And Alternative Healthier Options
Sodium is an essential mineral which plays a vital role in maintaining the fluid balance in the body. Sodium helps contract and relax the muscles and aids in nerve transmission. Sodium works with other minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium to ...
Foods Rich In Sodium
20 Best Foods Rich In Vitamin K
Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that plays a vital part in blood clotting and helps build and maintain strong bones. Apart from this, vitamin K has many health benefits like preventing heart disease, lowering blood sugar levels, improving cognitive health ...
Foods Rich In Vitamin K
17 Foods To Eat And Avoid Before Travelling
Eating well before travelling is as important as eating during the flight or after the flight. The right diet will keep you 100% healthy even when you are more than twenty thousand feet up in the air while the wrong ones ...
Vitamin K: Types, Health Benefits, And Sources
Vitamin K, also known as the blood-clotting vitamin is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that play a vital role in blood clotting and preserving bone health. The K in vitamin K comes from the German word koagulation meaning clotting of the blood. ...
Vitamin K Types Benefits Sources And Risks
Vitamin D: Health Benefits, Sources And How Much To Take
Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin because the body produces it when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D can also be obtained from foods and supplements to ensure adequate levels of vitamin in the body. Vitamin D has a number ...
15 Foods That May Help Lower The Risk Of Cancer
Cancer is a common health disease that affects millions of people worldwide. From lung, breast and ovarian cancer to blood, skin and stomach cancer, this disease can strike people at any time. The major risk factor of developing cancer is a ...
Foods For Cancer Prevention
World Cancer Day: 10 Foods To Eat And Avoid For Lung Cancer
Among both men and women, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death and there are many factors that give rise to lung cancer like smoking, secondhand smoke and inhaling harmful toxins.  In order to lower your chance of getting ...
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