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11 Effective Ways to Lower Your Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Resting heart rate (RHR) is an important marker of your heart's health, longevity and diseases. An individual's RHR varies throughout the day. It is normal between 60-100 beats per minutes, faster when greater than 100 and slower when less than 60 ...
Ways To Lower Your Resting Heart Rate

Multiple Sclerosis Diet Plan: Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the brain and central nervous system (CNS). It ruptures myelin (an insulating layer around nerves) of the brain cells and spinal cord and interrupts the signal exchange between the brain and different ...
Foods to Eat And Avoid For Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a group of metabolic disorders such as dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, weakened glucose tolerance, compensatory hyperinsulinemia and the accumulation of fat around the abdomen [1]. People with metabolic syndrome are at an increased risk of atherosclerosis, which leads ...
15 Tips To Kickstart The Recovery Process After An Injury
Getting injured is a horrible experience but what's more troublesome is waiting weeks to get recovered. When a person gets injured in an accident or sports, the time between the accident and getting back to normal sometimes take way too long, ...
Tips To Speed Up Injury Recovery
Haemophilia Nutrition Tips: Foods To Eat And Avoid
Haemophilia is a rare, inherited condition in which your blood does not clot normally due to the lack of sufficient blood-clotting proteins or clotting factors. An individual with haemophilia will have excessive bleeding, as the blood doesn't clot properly. If an ...
Foods To Eat And Avoid For Hemophilia
World Health Day: Tips To Make Your Diet A Healthy One
World Health Day is observed on 7 April every year. The global health awareness day is celebrated under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO). In 1948, in the event of the First World Health Assembly, WHO marked 7 April ...
How To Gain Weight In A Healthy Way?
While the majority of the world is running behind diets and exercises that help promote weight loss, there are some looking for a diet that would help them gain weight - and that too in a healthy way. Because as well ...
How To Gain Weight In A Healthy Way
7 Different Ways To Eat Honey For Weight Loss
Several means can help promote a healthy weight loss and one such measure is the use of honey. Considered as one of the best ingredients for weight loss, honey can help reduce and burn fat with close to no side effects. ...
Ways To Use Mint (Pudina) Leaves For Weight Loss
Mint leaves, commonly known as pudina is one of the widely used aromatic plants. Pudina is not just used for culinary purposes but also for medicinal purposes. The plant also possess therepuetic properties. Pudina has been used as one of the ...
Mint Leaves For Weight Loss
Top 21 Foods To Build Muscle
Muscle building, improving muscle mass and muscle toning are perhaps the most elusive aspects of bodybuilding. While fitness experts recommend that proteins are the key, it isn't just proteins that make up for 'foods that build muscle mass'.   The ...
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