How Salmon Benefits Health

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Salmon is one of the popular fishes that has a high nutritional value. It is one of the tastiest and healthiest sea foods to consume. It is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and is full of digestible proteins. The nutrients present in salmon offer various health benefits.

This sea food ensures a proper cardiovascular health, prevents chronic inflammation, aids in muscle development, prevents arthritis, boosts eye health and also promotes the body metabolism. So, guys there's no way you can not include this amazing beneficial food for life.

Salmon contains bio-active peptides that joint cartilage and other types of tissue are made of. The vitamin D content in it also prevents the risk of certain types of cancer. The omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon maintain skin and hair health too.

Salmon is also packed with vitamins A, D and E. It contains minerals such as zinc, selenium, phosphorous, calcium and iron. Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the health benefits of consuming salmon on a regular basis. Read on to know more about it.

How Salmon Benefits Health

Good For Bones: Salmon is one of the best foods for a good bone health. It contains abundant levels of calcium that is necessary to maintain the health of the bones. Consuming salmon as a part of a healthy diet reduces the risk of osteoporosis too.

Reduces The Risk Of A Heart Attack: Salmon betters the cardiovascular system. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that assist in the reduction of hypertension and heart attacks. It also prevents atherosclerosis by making the arteries less prone to a blockage.

How Salmon Benefits Health

Improves Brain Function: Including salmon, as a part of your diet, increases memory and enhances the function of the brain. The rich amount of omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon keeps the function of the brain intact and working well.

Improves Vision: Salmon is one of the best foods that can boost the vision. It protects the eyes in the long run. It also keeps eye ailments, like dry eyes and macular degeneration, at bay. The flavonoids and fatty acids present in salmon help in maintaining a good health of the eyes.

Aids In Weight Loss: Salmon is ideal for weight loss. Consuming salmon provides a feeling of fullness, and thereby helps in keeping a check on body weight. Therefore, make it a point to consume more of salmon if you are looking forward to lose weight faster.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 9, 2016, 18:01 [IST]
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