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15 Indian Foods For Heart Patients To Have A Healthy Heart

By Neha

These days, cardiovascular diseases are becoming an increasing health concern due to various reasons like unhealthy eating habits, stressful life, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.

If a person starts eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish, it will lower the risk of him dying from a heart attack or stroke by almost 35 percent, as found by a study. And also you will be less likely to develop congestive heart failure by 28 percent.

Studies have shown that up to 70 percent of heart diseases can be avoided with the right regimen. Heart problems also get worse with high cholesterol levels and blood pressure too.

Only exercising isn't sufficient to maintain a healthy heart. A few changes in your lifestyle and diet will do the trick. You can enjoy a variety of delicious foods that will diversify your culinary experiences.

Here's a list of 15 Indian foods for heart patients that will prevent one from further heart problems.


1. Salmon

Fatty fishes like sardines, mackerel and salmon are great heart-healthy foods. It is due to the high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that lower the risk of irregular heart beat and plaque build-up in the arteries.


2. Oats

Oats is high in soluble fibre, which helps to lower the cholesterol. It works as a sponge in the digestive tract and soaks up the cholesterol, so it is eliminated from the body and not absorbed into the bloodstream.


3. Blueberries

According to a study, people who consumed blueberries a week had a 32 percent lower risk of heart attack. It is because blueberries contain anthocyanins and antioxidants that may decrease blood pressure and dilate the blood vessels.


4. Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are known to benefit your heart. The daily consumption of chocolates could reduce non-fatal heart attacks and stroke. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which may help in reducing blood pressure, clotting and inflammation.


5. Citrus Fruits

People who consume high amounts of flavonoids, those found in oranges and grape fruits, have a 19 percent lower risk of ischaemic stroke. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which has been linked with a lower risk of heart disease.


6. Soy

Soy products like tofu and soy milk are one of the best ways to add protein in your diet. They contain high levels of polyunsaturated fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Soy also helps in reducing blood pressure in people who eat a diet high in carbohydrates.


7. Potatoes

Potatoes are good for your heart, as they are rich in potassium, which can help lower blood pressure. They are also high in fibre that can lower the risk of heart problems. But, avoid consuming deep-fried potatoes.


8. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are also high in heart-healthy potassium. They are a good source of antioxidant called lycopene, which may help to get rid of bad cholesterol, keep the blood vessels open and lower the risk of heart attack. They are also low in calories and sugar, which is a perfect food for a heart patient.


9. Nuts

Nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts all are good for your heart. They contain vitamin E, which helps in lowering bad cholesterol. In addition, they are high in omega-3 fatty acids that lower the risk of heart problems.


10. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy veggies like spinach, radish leaves, lettuce, etc., are healthy and are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The leafy vegetables are extremely low in fat, calories and high in dietary fibre that is beneficial for the optimum functioning of the heart.


11. Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most healthiest oils, which is actually good for your heart. Regular consumption of olive oil helps to lower the bad cholesterol and contains monounsaturated fats that are good for your heart.

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12. Red Wine

Red wine when drunk in moderation can be very good for your heart. It contains a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol and flavonoids that benefit your heart by increasing the good cholesterol, which helps to prevent plaque.


13. Lentils

Lentils are an excellent source of protein, which doesn't consist of unhealthy fat. People who consume lentils four times a week had a 22 percent lower risk of heart disease compared to those whom consumed them less.


14. Apples

Apples contain quercetin, a photochemical containing anti-inflammatory properties that help in the prevention of blood clots. You can eat apples for breakfast or as a snack.


15. Pomegranate

Pomegranates contain many antioxidants, including heart-promoting polyphenols and anthocyanins that may prevent the hardening of the arteries. It is hence very good for the heart patients and they must make sure to consume this every day.

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Story first published: Friday, December 29, 2017, 15:48 [IST]
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