Nargis Fakhri Birthday Special: Nargis' Fetish For Evening Gowns

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"Is Nargis Fakhri hot?"
If I ask 10 friends this question, none of them will have no for an answer. And half of them would be girls.
So it is established that almost everyone thinks that Nargis is outright sexy.
Though Nargis has not amassed a lot of attention for her acting and we don't blame her. She was a model and for a model the most important thing is to look good and get clicked, which she does quite naturally.

And about her acting, it has minor loopholes, which can be improved over time. And one of the perks of working in Bollywood is one doesn't need to have a degree from an acting school.

Nargis turned 36 today and we can't be happier. She has knocked the door of her late 30s and still aging hasn't even touched her skin. In better words, Nargis is the Megan Fox of India. Am I wrong? I bet I am not.

Nargis Fakhri made her Bollywood debut with the movie Rockstar. Her pairing with Ranbir Kapoor was a treat to the eyes, however she was not celebrated enough for her acting. But we couldn't care less, because when it comes to fashion, Nargis checks everything on our list.

Her height, perfectly-shaped lips, and her jet-black eyes make her a full ten. And when it comes to wardrobe choices, Nargis is not easy; we can see she puts in a lot of thought before she picks up an outfit. Following a thorough research on Nargis' public appearances and runway outfits, we have concluded Nargis has fetish for evening gowns. And trust our research, when we say this -- Her gown choices are remarkable. Since it's her birthday today, it couldn't be a better day to cover the best gowns she has ever accoutered:


The Divine Red Gown

Nargis Fakhri wore this cheerfully red gown at the premier of Spy movie in London. The neck is pleasantly tailored, and slit on the right side has enhanced the entire gown. Nargis cleverly chose to style her hair in a ponytail.


Shine Like A Diamond

Nargis flaunted her well-kept body in this shimmering strapless Komal Sood gown. She wore it at the red carpet of Times Of India Film Awards 2013.


The Perfect Peach

Here Nargis Fahkri is bragging this Gauri and Nainika skirt-gown ensemble with a Dior bag.


Indianized Narnia Look

Nargis lookes absolutely stunning in black and golden gown. She looks plain jaw-dropping in Abu Sandeep.


Silver Sequinned Gown

Here Nargis is in Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna's silver sequinned gown. Her wrist watch is an added accessory, and let's say, it did not disappoint the look of gown.


The Raven Black Gown

Nargis accoutered this ravishing black gown on the occasion of GQ Best Dressed Men awards, 2014.


The Raven Black Gown - Part 2

You saw the front of this enthralling gown, and we cannot help ourselves from adding the back. Since back is as good as front.


Classic Hepburn Gown

Here Nargis is pulling classic Audrey Hepburn style. We loved the neat sleeve cut-outs, and of course Nargis' blunt hairdo.


Classic Hepburn Gown - Part 2

Nargis wore this dark blue gown at the red carpet event of Spy movie premier in London. Since the back cut-out was so good, we needed to add it.

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