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Christmas 2019: Best Cake Recipes To Try This Festive Season!

Christmas and cakes are synonymous. A Christmas without cakes is simply unimaginable. Whether you buy it from the market or you bake it at home, cake forms an essential part of the Christmas celebrations. Baking a cake at home is a great way to celebrate Christmas. So, try baking a cake on this Christmas for your friends and family.

If you are thinking that how will you manage to bake a cake without professional help, then we are here to help you out with that.

We have this collection of some of the exotic recipes of Christmas cakes which you can try out at home. These cakes are sure to make your taste-buds go crazy for more.

So, set aside the calorie count for now and take a look at these delightful Christmas cake recipes.


Butter Sponge Vanilla With Nuts

Festive season is back! With Christmas knocking on the door, it is time to make delicacies and celebrate the occasion with cakes. So, try out this yummy butter sponge vanilla cake on this Christmas and have a delightful treat.


Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Chocolates and raspberry is one of the best combinations for a delicious dessert. Combine these delicacies and make this awesome chocolate raspberry cake on this Christmas.


Ginger Bread Loaf Cake

This traditional Ginger bread is also the synonym of happiness. Moist, spicy with the very flavour of Christmas, this is a must make.


Irish Whiskey Cake

If you are tired of making plum cake every Christmas, then why not try whiskey Christmas cake recipe? This is also known as Irish whiskey Christmas cake recipe which is very soft, delicious and light with the flavour of whiskey!


Black Forest

Black Forest, being one of the most popular cake flavours derived its name from the popular German dessert 'Black Forest cherry torte'. Black Forest cake has several layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream in between and additional whipped cream, cherries and chocolate on top. Although in the traditional recipes, liquor is added to its preparation, it can even be prepared without using alcohol.


Sugarless Christmas Cake

This Christmas, stay healthy by eating healthy food and if you suffer from diabetes then this sugarless Christmas cake recipe can help in keeping your diabetic levels under control. This Christmas cake recipe is also called fruit cake since it has no sugar in its ingredients.


Eggless Cake

Making eggless cakes is comparatively difficult as the fluffiness is hard to achieve without eggs. This eggless cake recipe is extremely simple and very tasty, just as good as what they serve in a bakery.


Chocolate & Orange Cake

Chocolate and orange go hand in hand, so here is chocolate whipped cream to frost the cake. The cake turns out very moist and soft and the frosting is light and airy. Candied orange peel has also been used to decorate the cake. It also gives a slight crunch in each bite.


Christmas Plum Cake

The rich dark colour comes from the use of brown sugar and caramel and the rum and brandy soaked fruits and nuts gives it an amazing flavour.


Chococlate Cheesecake

Chocolate cheese cake is a challenging recipe just like baking any dessert. However, you can turn out a perfect chocolate cheesecake in a couple of hours with this microwave recipe.


Chocolate Cupcakes

Most of us don't even think about making chocolate cupcakes at home since it is much easier to rush to a cake shop and buy some yummy chocolate cupcakes. However, you should know it is easy to prepare this easy chocolate cake recipe. Here is a simple recipe.

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