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10 Common Yet Funny Misspellings!

These days people invent their own convenient spellings on social networks and sms language has taken on it's own meaning. If you are to avoid misspelling words, that too common ones, then you have to be extra watchful. We need to stop mutilating some of words that we misspell out of habit. Some of these commonly misspelt words originate from our typing patterns on the keyboard and are thus called typos.

A single letter can alter the meaning of a word most bizarrely and thus we need to stop misspelling this ten words.

10 Bizarre Yet Common Misspellings:

1. Public And Pubic: Embarrassing to say the least and hilarious if want to make the most of this commonly misspelt word. It is the difference of that one vital 'l' and the meaning takes a comic turn, especially in context. Imagine writing, 'pubic display of affection'!

2. Bye And Buy: When you say 'bye one and get one free', your customers will actually wave you goodbye. The difference between 'buy' (which is to purchase something), 'bye' (to bid adieu) and 'by' is what you need to stop confusing if you do not want to sound ridiculous.

3. Chinese: It is neither Chiense nor Cheinise. You need to stop misspelling the name of the country that has the highest population in the world. Sometimes you get to see three different spellings of 'Chinese' on the same menu card. It is a mystery how the Chinese do not attack us for mutilating their name!

4. Loose And Lose: There are countless billboards you will see that promise that you will 'loose' your weight. Usually people use 'loose' for 'lose' more often. It one of those typos that refuse to go away.

5. Bother And Brother: Even if your brother in law is really bothersome, should you call him, 'bother in law'? Not the best marital advise, is it?

6. Cheater: This word is neither a typing mistake nor sms language. It is our own concoction that has become more famous than the real word. There is no word called 'cheater', it's 'cheat'.

7. Sale And Sell: When you put up a board saying that your house is on 'sale' then the buyers will come in expecting a hefty discount. These are very commonly misspelt words because it is often used in similar contexts.

8. School Instead Of Shcool: Due to some weird optical illusion you won't notice the error at once. And when you do, you will hope that they teach spelling in it!

9. Sexist For Sexiest: Not only does this spelling error defeat the purpose of your statement, it doesn't even show a error on spell check!

10. Rape For Drape or Grape: This typing mistake really takes the cake. Miss the first letter and it becomes a crime!

These misspelling can embarrass you, so just stop making them.

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Story first published: Monday, March 26, 2012, 16:08 [IST]