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Exotic French Names n Their Pronunciation


Exotic French names sound very suave and classy. However, they are difficult to pronounce. Once my little nephew was trying pronounce an exotic French name, 'Follett' to be precise. And in his childish tongue he pronounced it just according to the spelling. I corrected him and said, "it is supposed to be 'folle'"

He shrugged and said, "They have used 2 't's and are not pronouncing even one! What a waste of alphabets". That childish grudge sums up the concept behind French spellings. Most French names are not pronounced the way they are spelled. That is what makes them all the more interesting.

French is one of the most romantic languages in the world. So here some of the most romantic and exotic French names you will come across.


The second 'e' in Renee comes with a sedila on top. This means that the 'e' will be pronounced with an elongated 'a' sound. This French name is very common among both boys and girls.


Almost every French character in an English novel is named Pierre. And that is how this name has become famous. This is a relatively simple French name to pronounce because it is said as it is spelled.


This name again has a sedila on the last 'e' which changes the pronunciation of the name. This name is now being used pretty often among English speaking people. The perfect example would be Khloe Kardashian.


According to French pronunciation, 'Louis' becomes 'Loui'. You will see many exotic French names in which the 's' in the end is silent. Remembering this thumb rule makes it easy to speak out many French words.


Renesmee is the name of the part vampire and part human child from the Twilight series. That is why it has now become famous. The last two 'e's in this name are pronounced as 'ay'. So the name becomes 'Renesmay'.


Sophie is a patent French name for girls but is easy to pronounce; no hidden surprises. It is derived from the original 'Sophiya' in Hebrew.


You will be surprised that Antoine is a name for men and not women. When it becomes 'Antoinette' it can be a lady's name. Surely you remember the ill-fated French queen Marie Antoinette!


This is a French version of the common English name 'Juliet'. But the 'j's in French are pronounced as 'zaz'. So the name sounds quite different on French tongues. And I still don't know why it has two 't's and an 'e' at the end!

These are some of the most exotic French names and their bizarrely interesting pronunciations. If you know any other interesting French names then do share it with us.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 18, 2013, 7:04 [IST]