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526 Teeth Removed From A 7-Year-Old Boy In Chennai
In a surprising and jaw-dropping incident in Chennai, doctors have extracted 526 teeth from the mouth of a seven-year-old boy named Ravindranath at the city's Saveetha Dental College and Hospital. The abnormal teeth weren't visible from outside the mouth. It was ...
Man Spends $30,000 To Look Like Michael Jackson
Many of us are fans of celebrities. But what happens when you love a celeb to such an extent that you would like to do anything to just look like him/her? Sounds crazy? Well, after reading about this youngster who wishes ...
Man Spends 30000 Dollar To Look Like Michael Jackson
This Man Survived Without Eating Food For 382 Days
The first thing that strikes our mind while trying to lose weight is fasting or giving up our most favourite foods to lose weight. Though giving up favourite food seems to be a huge task, eating less food can be easy. ...
Hong Kong Woman Loses 10 Years Of Memory Due To Constipation
Short-term memory loss can be related to several health conditions. Understanding the reasons and causes of short-term memory loss can be tough. In this article, we are sharing the details of the bizarre case of a woman who had lost her ...
Hong Kong Woman Loses 10 Years Of Memory Due To Constipation
Woman Makes Money By Cuddling Total Strangers
Sometimes all that we need is a simple hug and we are good to go! Being heard or a simple hug has the power of changing the state of mind to a great extent. After all, cuddling is known as the ...
Woman Makes Money By Hugging Strangers
Man Ate Expired Food For One Year!
The first thing that we do while shopping groceries is look for the expiry dates of the products. We avoid picking up foods that are nearing the expiry date. We also buy foods in a limited quantity for items that have ...
Man Ate Expired For One Year
Youngster Finds Instagram Success By Posing As A Girl
For being an successful influencer, you need to put in a lot of hard work, dedication and constant effort. You also have to be ready to accept the hatred from online bullies. This is one such case of a young talented ...
Man Suffers From Gout Due To Beer Addiction
Anything you do in excess can be dangerous. Here is the case of a man who drank beer in excess was left with gout! Check out the whole case which reveals the danger of drinking beer in excess. This is the ...
Man Suffers From Gout Due To Beer Addiction
Doctor Found A Live Lizard In The Patient’s Ear
You might have heard of people finding cockroaches and beetles in their ears. These cases generally send chills down our spines. But this particular case will surely give you chills for a lifetime! A young doctor who was reporting on her ...
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